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Some facts and comments about Esperanto

Why do we have to use it for the progress of humanity

After reading about plenty of prejudice about Esperanto, or for visible ignorance, I built a web page to inform about the value of Esperanto. This web page exists in Esperanto, English, and Spanish versions.

20 Kialoj por lerni kaj uzi Esperanton     http://esperantofre.com/faktoj/kiale.htm

20 Reasons to learn and use Esperanto     http://esperantofre.com/faktoj/index.htm

20 Razones para aprender y usar Esperanto     http://esperantofre.com/faktoj/kialh.htm

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Claude Piron wrote a story about himself, about the value of the use of Esperanto. He wrote it especially for me (Enrique), on January 5, 2006.
He sent me the original written in English. I needed it in 3 languages. Should I translate it to English, and say that it was written by Claude Piron? ... I asked him, please translate it to English. He did.

Multaj agrablaj memoroj     http://esperantofre.com/book/booke.htm#piron

So many pleasant memories     http://esperantofre.com/book/index.htm#piron

Tantos recuerdos agradables     http://esperantofre.com/book/bookh.htm#piron

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    Comments and opinions from Esperanto speakers:
    (from BBC voices, March 2007)

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About the comment by Christopher Culver:

"I was active in the Esperanto movement for a decade, traveling widely for Esperanto congresses and even volunteering for a year in the central office of World Esperanto Association."

He enjoyed the use of Esperanto during 10 years.

"In early 2005, however, I left the movement entirely, because while Esperantists claim to care about language diversity, they in fact mandate the use of Esperanto everywhere"

If I spend plenty of money and time to travel to an Esperanto meeting or convention, I would prefer that all speaking be in Esperanto. In most Esperanto meetings, the only common language is Esperanto. Any other language being spoken wouldn't be understood by most of the participants, and there aren't any interpreters nor translators.

"and scold people who want to use Esperanto as a bridge to learning some of the many languages in the world."

Most Esperanto speakers emphasize the fact that after knowing Esperanto, learning other languages become easier:

    Springboard… to Languages

"Esperanto threatens minority languages just as much as English, though on a smaller scale."

Esperanto   Protects Language Diversity   and the Right to One's Own Language.   (From Esperanto USA)

Christopher never complained against the language Esperanto ... only about some of its users. (not all the users have equal opinions)

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Becoming a member of UEA/TEJO
UEA:   Universala Esperanto-Asocio.
              World Esperanto Association.
TEJO: Tutmonda Esperantista Junulara Organizo.
              World Esperanto Youth Organization.

If you want
- to belong to the universal unity of Esperanto speakers,
which has members in 112 countries;
- according to your own possibilities to contribute to the
development of Esperanto in all five continents;
- Add an international level to your for-Esperanto action

and if you support
the purposes of UEA, then you are invited to become an
individual member of UEA or of its youth section TEJO!

    Don't forget to become a member of UEA.
    (You can become a member UEA through its
    National Association)

    Esperanto needs us.
    Esperanto needs UEA.

    Also become a member of the National Association,
    and the local Association.

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    20 Kialoj por lerni kaj uzi Esperanton (3 lingvoj)
    Esperanto could help to improve the world (3 lingvoj)
    Mirindaj libroj verkitaj de Doktoro Márkus Gábor (diversaj lingvoj)
    We should use Esperanto for progress in Europe and other countries  en  eo  es
        (More details about the book Trans la Flava Maro and Dr. Márkus Gábor activities)
    Rebuttals about Esperanto, ligiloj (kelkaj lingvoj)
    Some facts and comments about Esperanto (English)

    Homepage: http://esperantofre.com (3 lingvoj)

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