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Learn Esperanto:   listening    

This page is already working in   Spanish   ... just the first part.

The English version will take some time to be ready.

We put the emphasis on learning by listening, so that you can learn Esperanto just listening, without reading. We also include the full text of the sound files.

Our aim is to complete all 25 chapters, first in Esperanto and Spanish and, later in Esperanto and English.

Gerda Malaperis   written by   Claude Piron   (26 Feb 1931 - 22 Jan 2008)

This course is based on this book. Some years ago, Emilio Cid, led a cast of Brazilian Esperanto speakers to read and record this book.

Recently I started translating the book to Spanish and English. Now I'm reading the text in Spanish and combining it with the reading in Esperanto. The new sound files take a line from the book and let you hear:

    1. The line in Esperanto.
    2. Its translation into Spanish.   (Eventually into English)
    3. Again in Esperanto.
    4. Silence, to repeat what was just heard in Esperanto.

You may sample the Spanish version:

    Grammar     Text   Sound   Spanish only.
    Chapter 01   Text   Sound   Esperanto and Spanish.

Acknowledgments to

Claude Piron (1931 - 2008). Original text in Esperanto.

Emilio Cid and his Brazilian team. The Esperanto recording.

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