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    Reasons to learn and use Esperanto
  About 20 reasons ... more than 140 links
    What time is it?   Time in other countries.


Basic Vocabulary   Academy of Esperanto,   in Esperanto.

Reta Vortaro   Mainly in Esperanto, also other languages.

Esperanto-English Dictionary.   Contains more than 15000 words.
Esperanto-English Glossary.   All grammatical endings,
    Prefixes, Suffixes, correlatives.

Richardson Vortaro   Esperanto - English Vocabulary.

Freelang   English-Esperanto online dictionary, and download.
Freelang   Esperanto-English dictionary, download.

Online Bilingual Dictionaries   wordreference.com  

Komputada leksikono
  de Sergio Pokrovskij. (Computer dictionary)
Marista terminaro   M. Rollet de L'Isle,
  hidrografista ĉefinĝeniero de la franca maristaro. (Dictionary of marina)
Hejma vortaro.   To speak Esperanto at home.
    Editor: Jouko Lindstedt.
Wouter F. Pilger's dictionaries,   birds, animals, plants, legumes.
Esperanto Rhyming Dictionary,   and other languages.

Download Aulex dictionaries   Esperanto - Español   Español - Esperanto  

Italian-Esperanto Vocabulary,   by C. Minnaja.
  Click on "Primi 10" to see other dictionaries.

Dictionary German-Esperanto   Vortaro Info   de Armin Baldemair.
  Download   German-Esperanto   Esperanto-German
Leo, German to
  English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese

Dictionaries on other sites.   Majstro


Google translate.     Translator Toolkit (List)
Apertium   Translator.
Traduku.net   Translator en-eo kaj eo-en.
Kafejo.com   Translator eo-en   (word by word)
Gramtrans.com   multilingual translator.
About Elitrad,   computer translator, and many links
about dictionaries, translators, Special English and other.

Babelfish   Translator, Yahoo.   Digital.com asked us to add   this explanation.  


Tajpi     EK, Esperanta Klavaro   To write the special Esperanto letters  
Esperantilo   Editor to write using the Esperanto letters  
Esperantaj literoj en TTT.   Unikodo, de Bertilo.
Type Esperanto characters,   without an Esperanto keyboard,
    and IPA phonetic symbols for English,
    and special letters for other languages.

  Rudimentary translation program. (multilingual)
    Here you can enter text (maximum size: 5,000 characters) and have
    it "translated", that is the program will try to find translations of each
    individual word. The results will subsequently be shown as an
    alphabetically ordered list of the words with their translations.
Multilingual  spell-checker.

  for the cell phone.


Basic courses:
"Kurso de Esperanto",
by Karlo Pereira.   Interactive course.
"¿Sabe Usted Esperanto?", book by Jorge Hess, for Spanish speakers.
    With sound   in T35.   in Reo.

Intermediate level:   La Gerda Kurso.
Advanced course:   Vojaĝo en Esperanto-Lando. 

Information on these pages:


Basic and intermediate level courses.

Gerda malaperis.   Advice for students that finished the course.

Lernu.net   is a site with many courses in several levels
and other means in more than 20 languages.

One of the best courses in the world, now at the
San Diego University, in the southwest of USA
NASK   Nord-Amerika Somera Kursaro
  on Facebook, pictures.
Nask, 40 Anniversary   51 pictures.

English sentences.  

    Video Courses

77 + 80 + 15 minutes, with the full text.

Esperanto, Pasporto al la Tuta Mondo  
with actors from 12 countries. More than 7 hours of video.

    Simple Courses

It is possible to learn Esperanto reading ... but it is necessary
to know the correct pronunciation and to read aloud.


Listen to the sound
of each letter from the pages of Lernu.net:
    1   2   full alphabet.  
Listen to the sound,   from the page of Don Harlow.  
  The sound of "R" is rolled too much, like the "rr" in Spanish.
  It should roll just once. Remember that each letter has just one
  sound, the same at the beginning or in the middle of the word.

Courses to read straight,  following the pronunciation rules.

Tuj: Esperanto in Context   by Sylvan Zaft.
This course is all in Esperanto.
Just read aloud, and maybe you can understand a lot.
It is better to repeat. You may select a lesson at the top of the window.


Zamenhof Institute
in Lome, Togo, Africa.
Even if you don't understand, you may see many pictures.
Roll the page all the way to the bottom.

Jagelona Universitato   Cracow, Poland.

Lernejo Domenico Tinozzi Peskaro, Italio.
  Klaso 1° G, 2007/2008.

Bona Espero.   Alto Paraíso de Goiás, Brazil.
Informo.   En Vikipedio  
Bona Espero idealo kaj realo
  Book by Roman Dobrzynski
Read part of the foreword   from the book.
Listen to Alejandro Cossavella singing Bona Espero  
while you read the lyrics.
Cossavella, Strika Tango   in youtube  
Bienlernejo   Lernejo Bona Espero  
02/07/2007 - Viver em Esperanto   Lingua Portuguesa magazine.
Dec 2009 - O Esperanto Ainda Respira   Lingua Portuguesa magazine.

Kastelo Greziljono.  Luar-regiono, Francio.
    Château Grésillon (Castle), Luar-region, France.
    Kulturdomo de Esperanto.

International Academy of Sciences   AIS in Esperanto  
    (AIS) Akademio Internacia de la Sciencoj, San-Marino.
What is the AIS?
Kio estas AIS?   En Esperanto.
International Academy of Sciences
    Book in Esperanto and German, by Helmar G. Frank

Springboard ... to Languages.
Esperanto is an ideal 'apprentice' or 'starter' language bringing
together elements from other languages and with structures and
word-building features which appeal to young learners. Many of its
words and phrases are instantly recognisable.
Several primary schools are participating in the United Kingdom.

    Esperanto Purpose

  There are many reasons to study Esperanto.
  See also   "Esperanto Use".  

Language learners know that the first language learned
after infancy, is the most difficult. After learning this first
language, it becomes a little easier to learn the next.

Esperanto is the most appropriate language to study first,
for several reasons:

1. Esperanto can be learned in a small fraction of the time
    it takes to learn other languages.

2. Esperanto is a structured language. Its rules don't have
    exceptions. Grammatical functions are evident. You will
    better understand grammar, including English grammar.

3. You can start using Esperanto after only 15 - 20 hours of
    study time. Then you can contact Esperanto speakers in
    other countries. They will help you chose your next language.
    They will help you practice Esperanto and also to learn and
    practice their language.

Many Esperanto speakers have experimented the advantage
of learning Esperanto before learning another language.
This is known as   "the propaedeutic value of Esperanto".

  Language acquisition.
  Springboard to Languages.

    Other reasons to learn Esperanto

Esperanto is a language. Its main purpose is communication.
Because the short time that takes to learn it, compared to other
languages, it is the ideal language to contact people from other
countries. Everybody need some short time to learn Esperanto.
It is not the usual case, where one of the parties had to invest
many years to learn the language of the other party, who
doesn't need to do anything to allow this contact.

    Other ways to use Esperanto

Visit Esperanto speakers in their countries.
Receive Esperanto-speaker-visitors from other countries.
Contact them by Internet: email, Skype, instant messengers,
Second Life, forums: Yahoo Groups, Google Groups, and others.
Read or watch on the web: web pages from many countries,
videos in Youtube and other sites. Listen to radios and pod casts.
Read thousands of books, magazines, poetry, jokes.
Play Scrable, and other games.
Read books and magazines at home.
Start a group of Esperanto speakers in your neighborhood.

Note: Most of this page is dedicated to different ways
to use Esperanto. The rest is to learn Esperanto.

    Esperantio     Esperanto World

An Update on Esperanto.          in English.
Ĝisdate pri Esperanto.                en Esperanto.
El esperanto en la actualidad.      en español.

Esperanto Information   Esperanto.info   en Esperanto   in English  
Lingva Prismo   Lingo.info   en Esperanto   in English  

Vikipedio.   in Esperanto.
WikiTrans.   English Wikipedia translated into Esperanto.
DMoz.   Open directory project.
Virtuala Esperanto-Biblioteko.  

UEA, en Esperanto.   Universala Esperanto-Asocio.
UEA, in English.   World Esperanto Association.
UEA, en Español.   Asociación Mundial de Esperanto.

TEJO,   Tutmonda Esperantista Junulara Organizo.
World Esperanto Youth Organization.

USEJ,   USA Esperantista Junulara Organizo,   in English.
USEJ,   Basic information.
USEJ,   Usona Esperantista Junulara Organizo,   en Esperanto.
USEJ,   Baza informado.

Esperanto-USA, in English.
Ameriko.org,   en Esperanto

KEA, Kanada Esperanto-Asocio   en Esperanto   in English
Esperanto-Asocio de Britio, (in English)
Argentina Esperanto-Ligo   en Español   en Esperanto  
Esperanto Colombia,   en español.
Esperanto España,   en español.
Asociación Chilena de Esperanto,   en español.
Kultura Kooperativo de Esperantistoj   Brazilo.
Radio Havano Kubo,   en Esperanto.
Esperanto in Africa   Bulletins

ILEI   Internacia Ligo de Esperantistaj Instruistoj.
AAIE   ILEI USA and Canada,   Association of Teachers of Esperanto.
Brazilei   ILEI Brazil

E@I. Edukado@Interreto   Education @ Internet

Esperantic Studies Foundation  

    Conventions   and other meetings

World Conventions:

2010   Havana,   Cuba.   July 17-24, 2010
95 Universala Kongreso de Esperanto, Havana 2010.
UEA's page.   Participants   and other information.
What happened at the 2010 convention.   (Kongresa Kuriero)
Havana Karavano   last issue.
Pictures   from the convention and Havana, Cuba.

2011   Kopenhagen,   Denmark
96 Universala Kongreso de Esperanto, July 23 - 30, 2011

2012   Hanoj,   Vietnam
97 Universala Kongreso de Esperanto, Hanoj, Vietnam.

National Conventions:

2010   Washington,   D. C.   Usono,   May 28-31, 2010
La 58a Landa Kongreso de Esperanto-USA.
Washington, DC.

Hyatt Regency Hotel
7400 Wisconsin Ave
Bethesda, Maryland 20814 Usono.
Telefono: +1 301 657 1234

Esperanto-Societo de Vaŝingtono   (organizers)
    in Ipernity   in Facebook

    Conventions for young people

IJF. Internacia Junulara Festivalo,
    March 31 to April 6, 2010   Easter
    International Youth Festival,     Roncegno, Trentino, Italio.

IJK. Internacia Junulara Kongreso,   July 24 - 31, 2010
    International Youth Convention,     Santa Cruz del Norte, Cuba.  
    More information.     Previous IJK,

IJS. Internacia Junulara Semajno,   August 3 - 9, 2010
    International Youth Week,     Pécs, Hungary.
    What is IJS?   In Esperanto.

SES. Summer Esperanto Study.   July 2 - 10, 2010
    The third lernu! meeting

SKI. Semajno de Kulturo Internacia.
    International Cultural Week

MJS. Montara Junulara Semajnfino.
    Youth weekend at the mountains

    Pen Pals

From the beginning, Esperanto was being used like a means 
of communication with people from other countries by paper 
postal mail. 

I learned Esperanto fifty years ago. Few weeks after my 
beginning, I began correspondence with friends from other 
countries. Then I would write with ink in a paper, put it in an 
envelope, bought color stamps at the post office, took the 
letter to the mailbox… and waited long enough until receiving 
an answer. Those letters moved in freight ships. Airmail was 
beyond our reach.

36 years later I initiated a list of pen pals so that the new 
students of Esperanto could communicate with people of 
other countries, and thus I took care of the

EKS. Esperanto Koresponda Servo. 
Where Esperantists write their requests asking for pen pals. 
You may also participate. Read some the other requests. Write 
your own reflecting those you liked more, and send it to me. 

You will find my email address clicking my name Enrique at 
the top or bottom of my pages. 

    Other pen pal services

Koresponda Servo de Edukado.net  
From November 2003.

Koresponda Servo Mondskala
BP 6
55000 Longeville en Barrois
(Only by paper mail)

Koresponda servo, China Esperanto-Ligo,
Baiwan Zhuang Lu 24 Hao,
Fucheng Men Wai,
Beijing, Ĉinio, CN-100037.
(Only by paper mail)

Verda Reto 2009.  
Listo de ĉinaj korespondantoj, ordigita laŭ la urbo en kie ili loĝas.
Je 12 decembro 2009, estis 190 adresoj.
    List of Chinese pen pals, ordered by the city where they live.
    By December 12, 2009, there were 190 addresses.

KSU. Koresponda Servo Universala.   by Viktor Kudrjavcev
Email address:   esperantoplus ĉe mail punkto ru
Many requests have pictures. Not only pen pal requests,
but also other kind of ads or information.

    Libraries (Paper books):

EAB.   Biblioteko Montagu Butler,   England   English   Esperanto  
UEA,   Biblioteko Hector Hodler,  
Rotterdam, Nederlando
Esperanto-Biblioteko,   Aalen, Germanio   Regularo
Biblioteko de   La Ondo de Esperanto   Kaliningrado, Rusio
The Esperanto Museum   of the Austrian National Library   in English
More libraries   in English
Otras bibliotecas   en español

Hispana Esperanto-Muzeo, San Pablo de Ordal, Spain.
Fondaĵo Vanbiervliet, Kortrijk, Belgium.
CDELI, The Center for Documentation and Exploration of the
    International Language, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

    Books.   Libraries: Most of these pages have many links to several literary forms. Try to spend some time reviewing these possibilities. In the technical library they are: dictionaries, natural sciences, physics, chemistry, mathematics, astronomy, geology, biology, botany, zoology, inventions, medicine, engineering, hydrology, electro technic, computers, telecommunications, construction, traffic and transport, agriculture, nutrition, enterprise management, metallurgy, archaeology, education, sports, law, and something more.
Don Harlow Literaturo.   Many books, poems, and others.
Literaturo.   Poems, fiction, magazines ...
Magazines, by Don Harlow.  
Virtuala Esperanto-Biblioteko,   something more than books.
Virtuala biblioteko, Federación Española de Esperanto
    Many books and many links.
211 Books   elerno.cn   China.
Many Books  
Books by Claude Piron.   To read online, or download.
Sherlock Holmes books.   by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Project Gutenberg   Books in Esperanto.
Esperanto-Kafejo   Books in Esperanto.
Kálmán Kalocsay   Several books.
Julio Baghy   Several books.
Originala Literaturo Esperanta   Many books,
author's biography, book reviews (recenzoj).
Esperanta literaturo   by Jurij Finkel.
La Esperanta Librejo   Some books.
Sinjoro Tadeo; Medalionoj; La faraono; La lanternisto;
Quo vadis?; Tra dezerto kaj praarbaro; and others.
La Ondo de Esperanto   Some books and magazines.

Several books   including:
La Sankta Biblio.
La Faraono (3 volumens) by B. Prus (translated by Kazimierz Bein)
    (also known as KaBe)
Elektitaj Fabeloj, by the Grimm brothers (translated by Kazimierz Bein)
Fabeloj de H. C. Andersen, 4 parts, translated by L. L. Zamenhof
And other books.
In Pola Radio they are reading the book "La Faraono" at about
2 ten-minute segments each week. (December 2009)
I believe they will need 2 years to read the 3 volumes.

This Russian page   has a lot of material.
The Esperanto books are on the last frame near the bottom
of the page, with the title: "Nia Biblioteko". In other parts of this
page, green texts will link to readings in Esperanto.

At the bottom of   Ulrich Matthias's page  there are some books.

    Books.   Technical books:

S. T. E. B.
  Scienca kaj Teknika Esperanto-Biblioteko.
    Faka literaturo en Esperanto.
Technical and Scientific Library in Esperanto.
These books and other articles allow you to learn technical
vocabulary if you want to write about these subjects.

Fundamentoj de lineara algebro   (1995)   by Ulrich Matthias

    Books.   To study:

Plena Manlibro de Esperanta Gramatiko.
  by Bertilo Wennergren

Vojaĝo en Esperanto-Lando   from Wikipedia
  Description     in English     en Esperanto
  Forewords   Lesons:   01   02   03   07   22

La plej oftaj morfemoj   de parolata Esperanto.

    Books.   For beginners:

Fundamenta Krestomatio
  by Zamenhof. (210 paĝoj)
Fundamenta Krestomatio   by Zamenhof. (Rakontoj, 115 paĝoj)
Fundamenta Krestomatio   by Zamenhof. (ManyBooks, 210 paĝoj)
Gerda Malaperis.   by Claude Piron.   With sound.
Lasu min paroli plu.   by Claude Piron.
    This page is written in French. At the bottom of the page
    there are links to the 35 chapters, in Esperanto.
Lasu min paroli plu.   Book report by Sten Johansson,   in Esperanto.
Vere aŭ Fantazie   by Claude Piron.
    Listen   to the first 5 chapters. Click "Elektu".
Dankon, amiko!   by Claude Piron.   .htm   .pdf
Claude Piron.
  Other books.   To read online or download.
Claude Piron.   More books and documents.
Karlo.   by Edmond Privat.
La Junaj Detektivoj.   by J. H. Sullivan.
13 Oktobro 1582.   Rakonto de Luiz Portella.
Fajron sentas mi interne   by Ulrich Matthias  (1990)   .htm   .pdf

Kontakto.   Magazine for young people.

    Books.   Stories

On the pages of   Infanoj Ĉirkaŭ la Mondo
  (Children Around the World)
there are some books, stories and songs for children.

La Eta Princo   de Antoine de Saint Exupery. (The Little Prince)
La Mirinda Sorcxisto de Oz   (The Wizard of Oz)
Fabeloj de Ezopo   Volume   1   2   3  
Fabeloj de Andersen.  
Fabeloj de Fratoj Grimm.

Children's books in Esperanto

Stories for children

Vikio por esperantaj familioj   (Sama)
  Information about books, songs, and films for children, in Esperanto.
  Information useful for parents whose children speak Esperanto.
  Many links.

Children 3 - 6 years old

Ĉu vi scias kiom mi amas vin?
La tre okupita araneo.   Araneo.
Paco... finfine.   Ursoj.
La bunta kameleono.   Kameleono.
Bib la koalido.   Koalido.
Mifi ĉe la marbordo.   Kuniklo.
Ni trovis vin, Vombato!.   Vombato.
La spaco.  

    Other books:

Esperanto vivos malgraŭ la esperantistoj
  by Zlatko Tishljar.
    (Esperanto will live despite the Esperantists)
Esperanto, la nova latino de la Eklezio   (2001)   by Ulrich Matthias
La Origino de Specioj   by Darwin. (The Origin of the Species)
Kruko kaj Baniko el Bervalo   by Louis Beaucaire
    Maldecaj anekdotoj por neprudaj legantoj.
Murdo en la Orienta Ekspreso   by Agatha Christie.
    (Murder on the Orient Express)

    Magazines   in Esperanto

Gazetejo   As of February 11th, 2011, there were 1907 issues of
117 different magazines   (click numbers 1 to 8 at the bottom of the page)

Internacia Gazeto.   Hundreds of articles since December 2004.
Click the year to get more than a hundred articles each year,
or go down the page to find other subjects.   Year 2009.

Eventoj Revuo,   Ret-Info
  and many other documents.

La Ondo de Esperanto

Espero.   El Popola Ĉinio.

Mikrofone.   Ĉina Radio Internacia.
18   19   20   21   22   23   24   25   26   27   28  

Libera Folio.

Brazilei   (ILEI: Internacia Ligo de Esperantistaj Instruistoj)
    Brazilian magazine with subjects about Esperanto learning.
Year 2009   # 12   # 11   # 10   Other years and more links.

La Scintilena.   Pri speleologia (underground exploration)

Eventeo.   Novaĵejo: Alia vidpunkto pri nia mondo.



To learn Esperanto:

  To learn Esperanto.
77 + 80 + 15 minutes, with full text.
Animations at  Youtube   18 parts.

Esperanto, Pasporto al la Tuta Mondo   Esperanto Course,
with actors from 12 countries. More than 7 hours of video.

Other videos:

Claude Piron
  The language challenge -- facing up to reality.

UEA Galery   Videos from the Esperanto World Association.

TV Esperanto Bialystok, Poland   Przemek Wierzbowski

Rondo Familia   Renkontiĝo de esperantaj familioj.
Meetings of Esperanto families, whose children speak Esperanto.

Claude Piron.   Videos at bottom of page.
The One Show.   January 11, 2010. In this BBC program,
    the host, comedian Arthur Smith, presented Tim Morley,
    British Esperanto speaker.

FarbSkatol   Many videos.
La Gefianĉoj.   The Engaged Couple, video in 3 parts.
Vocale   Many videos, some long, some educational,
    some in Portuguese, some religious.
KIS TV   Kataluna Inform-Servo. Many videos.
Paula   "La Vojo"

Verda Filmejo   de Aleksander Osincev, Rusio.
Some films in Esperanto, some have subtitles in Esperanto.

Intervjuo with Petra Smidéliusz   En Sao Pablo, Brazilo. Aprilo 2011.

    Radios, podcasts, and blogs


Brazila Muzikaro  
Floro kaj Papilio   Short song, with very clear pronunciation.
Songs and stories   for children.
Kantaro 1   Kantaro 2   (More than a thousand songs)
Vinilkosmo   To listen to music and buy CD's.
Tendar-kluba Rusa-Esperanta folkloro
    Texts and mp3 files,   Jurij Finkel.

    Music Groups

Kajto   in Music Express.
    Kajto estas muzikgrupo el nordo de Nederlando,
    pli specife el Frislando, kiu kantas en esperanto.
    Nanne Kalma, Marita Kruijswijk, Ankie van der Meer,
    kaj Marian Nesse.
    They play: guitar, mandolin, banjo, violin, acordion,
    flute, harmonica, zither, other.
    All these songs in Youtube have the lyrics (text):
Rankvarteto   Masko   Dormu Milde   La Velŝipo Magdalena  
Dancanta Ĉevalo   Mi Memoras   Tosto   Melankolia Trajn-kanzono  
Pupoj   Konko   Baleno   Tohuvabohuo   Ni Hisu La Velojn  
La Malnova Balancilo  
Angers, 29 feb 2004.
  Several songs, no text.

La Porkoj   in Music Express.
    Alejandro Cossavella, voice; Ignacio Mendizabal, guitar;
    Salvador Agustoni, bassguitar; Pablo Ciancio, drums.
    All these songs in Youtube have the lyrics (text):
Jen.   with text.   Jen,   different pictures, no text.
Knabino el Ipanema,   pictures from Ipanema beach, Brazil.
Unutona Sambo   Bona Espero   Pro nur unu kapo, tango, no text  

Dolchamar   in Music Express.
    Dolchamar is a group from Finnland: Patrik Austin (voice),
    Pieĉjo (keyboard and voice), Stoedoe Salo (bass),
    Hipo Ohvo (guitar), Doktor Esperanto (drums).
Presentation   2 videos
    Trejn tu noŭer, "Train to Nowhere", their last album in Youtube:
La Fariseo   Des Pli   -if-   Ho Abio   La Pordisto  
Experimento Música   Ni Festis Unu Nokton   River  
Clavis   M.T.R.   2Gether 4Awhile   Trejn Tu Nouer  


Ludoj por trejni cerbon,   de György Dénes.
Skrablo,   de Argilo.
70 ludoj en Esperanto,   de Mihail Povorin

    Esperanto Use

Pasporta Servo,
  estas adresaro de homoj el la tuta
    mondo, kiuj ofertas al uzantoj de tiu listo gasti en
    iliaj hejmoj senpage.
Pasporta Servo,   antaŭa paĝaro.

Nia vojaĝo en Esperanto   Maryvonne kaj Bruno ROBINEAU.

Around the world by bicycle   Cirille and Rose.   Another page  
After they visited Asia and Australia, I met them in San Francisco,
in April 2010. After visiting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for Carnival,
February 2011, they returned to France.


Most of these sites have lots of links, and it is
necessary to try them in order to see what they have.

Infanoj Ĉirkaŭ la Mondo   (Children Around the World)
Books, stories and songs for children.

Eventoj   Esperanto-centro
  Retpoŝta Esperanto-novaĵservo!
  Internacia Kalendaro,   de Esperanto-aranĝoj.
  Faka literaturo en Esperanto, S.T.E.B.
  Virtuala ekspozicio pri Esperantaj bildkartoj.
  Internacia Scienca Asocio Esperantista, ISAE - kaj Scienca Revuo.
  EVENTOJ revuo - plena arkivo, 1992-2002.
  Esperanto-Asocio ĉe Eventoj (KEA) .
  Informoj pri la hungaria E-movado:.
  Servoj de Eventoj en la hungaria E-movado.
  Kolekto de   interesaj Esperantaj retpaĝoj.
  Turismaj informoj pri Hungario.
  Esperantlingvaj   dissendolistoj,   retlistoj.

Edukado.net   to help the teaching and the learning
    of Esperanto. Lots of exercises and other materials.

Lernu.net   to inform about and teach Esperanto. Lots of
    courses and other materials, in many languages.

E@I   Edukado@Interreto.   En Esperanto.
E@I   Education@Internet.   In English.
E@I   Educación@Internet.   En español.
    Vikio de E@I   Projektoj.  

CRI   China Radio Internacional.
Club de Esperanto.   Esperanto en Marŝo.  
Enrique kun argentinaj gejunuloj kaj en Barcelono.  
Enrique kun Lina Chen en CRI   1    2

El Popola Ĉinio   150-a Datreveno de la naskiĝo de L. L. Zamenhof.
Enrique en El Popola Ĉinio.  

Herzberg am Harz.   La Esperanto-Urbo, en Germanio.
Hejmpaĝo.   in English.  


Most of these sites have lots of links, and it is
necessary to try them in order to see what they have.

Enrique's pages   More resources   Map of the site (in Esperanto)

La Pironejo,   Claude Piron's documents.
Claude Piron.   Another site.

Aloisio Sartorato's gallery  
Gaŭĉaj Muzikoj   Feliĉo   Fotoj   Audio   Video   Other  

Esperanto Land   NIS, Novjara Internacia Semajno
    Lu Wunsch-Rolshoven,   Germany.

La TTT-ejo de Bertilo   Bertilo Wennergren.  

Esperanto-TTTejo   Jurij Finkel,   Russia.

Esperanto Panorama   Xavier Godivier,   France.

Kafejo.com   William Patterson (Ailanto)   Many links

Mondeto   Penny Vos,   Australia.

Bonvenon   Other pages   from Sylvan Zaft.   USA

James of Arion's Home.   Esperanto sites selected by
  James E. O'Neill IV.   Audio and video on the bottom.

Amanda Higley,   young lady from California, USA,
who in 1999 visited Esperanto speakers in more than
10 countries during 16 months.   More details.

Alia flanko.   Robert Bogenschneider, Finnland.

Tonio del Barrio,   España.   Blog.

    For Children  

Infanoj Ĉirkaŭ la Mondo.   Some books, stories and songs for children.

Rondo Familia,  
Meetings of Esperanto families, whose children speak Esperanto.

Denaska.   Discusion group for families in which Esperanto is one
of the languages spoken at home.

Vikio por Familioj,   books, songs, videos.

Blogo de Marion.   Games for very young children (0 to 3 years)

    Lulkantoj - Lullaby

Dormu Milde, Kajto.     Another version.   Text:   01     02

Siberia lulkanto.     Text

Isreala Lulkanto.  
Alberta Casey     Text and partiture

Lulkanto, P. Moĵajev.


Petra Smidéliusz
Visit to Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. March to July 2011.
Interview with Petra   En Sao Paulo, Brazil. April 2011.   (video)

Esperanto-USA   Blogaro.
  Some blogs in Esperanto, some in English.

Ĉilia Esperantista Junurala Organizo
Juventud Esperantista Chilena,   In Spanish.
Blogs from associations from many regions in Chile.

E-Planedo   has the last posts from many blogs
of Esperanto speakers around the world, and a long
list of individual blogs.

Neil Blonstein  


gallery   Universala Esperanto-Asocio
Frank Hounsounou's  
Aloisio Sartorato's  
Reza Torabi's  
gallery     blog  
Thierry Salomon's   blog

    To buy books,   discs, DVDs, and other materials.

Esperanto USA   Ret-butiko  
A pound of used books   for 3 dollars.  
There are more than 1000 different titles, new books,
at their office in Emeryville, near San Francisco.

UEA, Universala Esperanto-Asocio   Ret-butiko  

Flandra Esperanto-Ligo   Ret-butiko  
The Esperanto web store,
  in English
Institucio Hodler
Frankrijklei 140,
B-2000 Antwerpen, Belgio.

Esperanto Argentina   Ret-butiko  

    Vilma and Enrique travel to the Orient,   Sep-Oct 2009

During the whole day that we visited Busan, Korea and
most of the five days that we were in Beijing, China,
we were enjoying the company of Esperanto speakers.

Liu Zijia, editor of the   El Popola Ĉinio,   published  
our picture   on her web page.

Lina Chen, announcer of   Radio China International,  
published her interviews with me.   Interview 1   Interview 2

To see more than 300 pictures from our trip:
Use a new version of the browser Firefox.
Click F11 to show a full screen.   Click [Ctrl +] or [Ctrl -]
several times to adjust the picture to best size.

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