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Is it possible to learn a language just watching videos?

It seems possible, if the language is Esperanto.

      Listen to "Gerda Malaperis" in Esperanto, mp3.

    To improve your Esperanto pronunciation.
    Two animations and one monologue.
    Here they speak only in Esperanto.

  Read and download  
the text of the 3 videos:

    Download the videos in .avi format

You can copy them into a DVD, and watch them on the TV set using the DVD player.

    Video 1.avi   270 MB     Video 2.avi   277 MB

The files Video 1 have the 77-minute first video. The files Video 2 which last 95 minutes, have the 80-minute second video and the 15-minute third video.

    Video 1.mp4   78 MB     Video 2.mp4   91 MB

The .mp4 file size is one third the .avi size, but they have lower quality and they work only in computers.

  To watch or download the videos from YouTube

Parts 01 - 08 make the 77-minute video 1. Parts 09 - 17 make the 80-minute video 2. In part 17 also begins the 15-minute video 3. The total is 173 minutes, in 18 parts. Each part lasts about 10 minutes. These are files between 21 and 24 MB.

        Part 01   02   03   04   05   06   07   08   09
        Part 10   11   12   13   14   15   16   17   18

YouTube   full play list   (18 videos)

Mazi en Gondolando
  (Ĉiuj ses lecionoj kun subtitoloj!!) (1h20m)
Mazi revenas al Gondolando
  (Ĉiuj ses lecionoj kun subtitoloj!!) (1h35m20sec)
ankaŭ "Mazi kaj la Mistera Planto" (la lastaj 15 minutoj)

      Esperanto, Pasporto al la Tuta Mondo
This video lasts 7 hours and a half.

Esperanto course consisting of 15 video lessons (almost 30 minutes each), intended for individual or group study, plus a 16th lesson with a summary, history and original music. The pedagogically based entertaining story line makes learning Esperanto easier and more fun. Each lesson is presented entirely in Esperanto and consists of three parts: introduction, drama, recapitulation.

Watch and hear people from more than 12 countries.
You can watch it in YouTube, divided in 47 parts of about 10 minutes each.

    YouTube play list       List by lesson number

A DVD version is now available for sale, consisting of 4 DVD disks with 4 lessons each, plus 2 CDs; one with the lesson texts in PDF format, the other with the accompanying exercises, also in PDF format.

Listen to "Gerda Malaperis" in Esperanto, mp3

Listen to a group of Brazilian Esperantists
reading the book "Gerda Malaperis"

The translation of the first 3 chapters in English.

25 mp3 files in Esperanto, one for each chapter.
and some learning materials in English.

All the text from "Gerda Malaperis", its vocabulary
(Vortaro), courses, and something more, are in
the file DktA0004.zip.

To improve your Esperanto pronunciation

Practice and check your own pronunciation.

Professor Emilio Cid, instructor
from Brazil, prepared a program called
  "Pronunciation Laboratory" ...
But this page is written in Portuguese.
Download the program straight from here:
and install it in your computer.

The instructions are also in Portuguese ... But you don't need them. On the first window, lower right, select a lesson (1 - 5)

To start, press the green little triangle on the left side of the next window. You will hear the Esperanto sentence written on the middle of the window. Then you will have a chance to repeat into your microphone what you just heard. The program will repeat first the voice of the instructor, and then your own voice, so you can compare.

There are 3 icons on the right side:
Microphone: it will repeat the process with the same sentence.
Headset: you will hear the sentence again.
Arrow: it will repeat the process with a new sentence.

On the first window, at the lower left there is an icon to show instructions in Portuguese.

Instructions in Spanish are in this page.

To exit the program, wait for the program to stop and click the upper right "x". Clicking it when the program is trying to repeat or to record, will produce an exit with error.

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