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To download courses, videos, sound files, and other programs.

Basic Kurso de Esperanto, by Karlo Pereira (Brazil)

Intermediate level course: La Gerda Kurso.
"Gerda Malaperis", Book, course, sound

In Spanish
"¿Sabe Usted Esperanto?", libro de Jorge Hess

International Correspondence

  Help and many links to
learn and use Esperanto.

Videos and their text. (Here, a little bit down the page)
They are part of the Rochester University course.

Practice and check your own pronunciation.

Description of some materials

There are some videos and sound files that help very much to learn Esperanto and they are easy to download.

Three videos based on the same subject, with a progressive vocabulary, that is, at the beginning the vocabulary is very reduced, but keeps adding new words, with some repetition to make them easier to remember.

"Gerda Malaperis" y "La Gerda Kurso"

The book "Gerda Malaperis" was also written that way. It is easy to understand the first chapter after finishing a basic course. Each following chapter adds 20 to 40 new words, for a total of 25 chapters, and near 1200 word-roots.

These 1200 roots allow you to use the language at the same level for what you would need 5000 - 10000 words in other languages.

Sound mp3

The book "Gerda Malaperis" was read by a team of Brazilian Esperantists. You can download the text and the sound.

The book "Gerda Malaperis" and "La Gerda Kurso" are in Esperanto. Only the introduction and the vocabulary are in Spanish or English.

"Gerda Malaperis",   Español   English
Book in Esperanto by Claude Piron

The first 3 chapters translated to
Español   English.

La Gerda Kurso   Español   English   pdf
Esperanto course, intermediate level.
Vocabulary   Esperanto - Español - English

To download text of the book, the course and the vocabulary,download the file DktA0004.zip   (258 KB)   which also have the book "Karlo" de Edmond Privat, and a few other things.

I can correct your lessons from the course (25). You have to read the whole vocabulary for each chapter, before reading that chapter.

If you want to send me the exercises for me to correct them, you have to copy them from this page. They are more up to date than the ones in the course.

Listen to the "Gerda Malaperis" C D in Esperanto
(91 minutes in total)

Download or listen each chapter:

  01   02   03   04   05   06   07   08   09
  10   11   12   13   14   15   16   17   18
  19   20   21   22   23   24   25

To listen, click any of the 25 chapters. To download, click with the right hand button, and select "Save as".

To download the sound files for all the chapters and the book complete text and the course "La Gerda Kurso" in pdf format, download the file GerdaSon.zip   (10.2 MB)

Note:   These sound files are "mono", low quality.
They take only
    10.4 MB = 10 941 120 bytes,
about one tenth of the original files.

The original files are stereo with CD quality
and take   105 MB = 110 383 085 bytes
You can download them from



Links to download videos and their text

You can download the videos in several formats. The .avi format shows better quality and can be copied into a CD or DVD to watch it on the TV set. Other formats come in smaller files. All formats can be watched on the computer.

There are 3 videos of 77 + 80 + 15 = 173 minutes, in 2 files of 77 and 95 minutes.

Video 1.avi   270 MB     77 minutes
Video 2.avi   277 MB     95 minutes

Lower quality, smaller files:

Video 1.mp4   78 MB     77 minutes
Video 2.mp4   91 MB     95 minutes

In youtube: there are 18 parts of about 10 minutes each and have between 21 and 24 MB.
    Video 1, parts 01 - 08
    Video 2, parts 09 - 17
    Video 3, parts 17 - 18

  01   02   03   04   05   06   07   08   09
  10   11   12   13   14   15   16   17   18

To read and download the text of the video:

This is the text of the first video, of 77 minutes. The text is in 12 pdf files with 4 pages in each file, 52 pages in total. The pages are half size. It will print 2 pages on one side of a paper sheet. The text of the video is all in Esperanto, buy some indications are in English.

Pages   (scenes)   (size in KB)

01-04 (1.1-1.2) (319)       05-08 (1.3-1.7) (297)
09-15 (1.8-2.2) (448)     (print page 15 from the next file)
15-20 (2.3-2.9) (222)       21-24 (2.10-3.2) (208)
25-28 (3.3-3.8) (256)       29-32 (3.9-4.1) (184)
33-36 (4.2-4.7) (177)       37-40 (5.1-5.8) (190)
41-44 (5.9-6.2) (219)       45-48 (6.3-6.8) (232)
49-52 (6.9-6.13) (202)

To download the vocabulary for the scenes:

Memory help (memorigilo - pictures) (2324 KB)

Scenes (size in KB)
Vocabularies Esperanto-English

1.1-1.6 (056)     1.7-2.2   (073)
2.3-2.9 (068)     2.10-3.2 (1540)
3.3-3.8 (243)     3.9-4.1   (074)
4.2-4.7 (069)     5.1-5.8   (196)
5.9-6.2 (190)     6.3-6.13 (201)  

Text in Esperanto, to translate to English.

To download the quizzes:   (size in KB)

       1  (111)      2  (97)      3  (109)      4  (111)

The course description, using the materials already described, is on the web pages of
Esperanto course at the Rochester University, in New York State, USA, during the fall semester in 2006.

      September  (18 KB)   October     (28 KB)
      November   (16 KB)   December  (7 KB)

The videos are only in Esperanto. You can see the 6 parts in small windows. It is better to download the .avi files already mentioned. They have 2 extra videos.

    Basic courses:

"Kurso de Esperanto" by Karlo Pereira.
Interactive course with sound. Works in 28 languages.
Download the course (13 MB)

First message   to my students.

Directions   to use the course.

Help   for the lessons.

Read this before sending me the first lesson.

To send /a> your lessons

To listen   to "Gerda Malaperis" first 3 chapters, with translation to English.

To watch   Video to learn Esperanto

"¿Sabe Usted Esperanto?",  book by Jorge Hess.

Basic textbook for Spanish speakers. Even if the instructions are in Spanish, the Esperanto-text is helpful. It could be used as exercises. Specially useful if you want to learn more about participles. Just read chapter 16. (in Esperanto)

In my site With pronunciation (sound files)
Download (700 KB, includes other materials)

International Correspondence

Since July 1996   Esperanto Koresponda Servo.   publish its web page with requests for Esperanto pen pals from many countries. This page is updated 2 or 3 times each month.

Edukado.net   has a Pen Pal service for individuals and groups.

Practice and evaluate your own pronunciation.

There is a page called "Pronunciation Laboratory"
But this page is written in Portuguese.
Download the program straight from here:   PrononcoSetup.exe
and install it in your computer.

Some instructions in English, with pictures.

The instructions are also in Portuguese ... But you don't need them. On the first window, lower right, select a lesson (1 - 5)

To start, press the green little triangle on the left side of the next window. You will hear the Esperanto sentence written on the middle of the window. Then you will have a chance to repeat into your microphone what you just heard. The program will repeat first the voice of the instructor, and then your own voice, so you can compare.

There are 3 icons on the right side:
Microphone: it will repeat the process with the same sentence.
Headset: you will hear the sentence again.
Arrow: it will repeat the process with a new sentence.

To exit the program, wait for the program to stop and click the upper right "x". Clicking it when the program is trying to repeat or to record, will produce an exit with error.


Esperantilo   Esperanto Editor and spelling checker

Ek   Esperanta Klavaro (supersignoj)

ReVo   Reta Vortaro   dictionary

Monda Horo   To know the time in any part of the world

My homepage:   Esperanto Fremont   Español   English   Esperanto

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