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How to use the Pronunciation Lab

This lab will allow you to repeat into the microphone and then compare your pronunciation with the instructor's pronunciation.   It is the best way to improve your pronunciation and also, an excellent exercise in structure.   To do the exercise use a HEAD SET and a MICROPHONE.

On the right side, click Lição 1  (Lesson 1)

On the left side, click the green arrow to begin the exercise.

The head set shows and you hear the sentence in Esperanto written on top of the window.

Now the microphone shows, and you have to repeat that sentence into your microphone.  Soon the program will repeat the voice of the instructor and then the recording of your own voice.

If you doubt about your pronunciation, on the right side click the head set, to listen again.

If you find your pronunciation still not good enough, on the right side click the microphone. to listen and record again.

When your pronunciation is correct, on the lower right side, click the green arrow to continue with the next sentence.

The icons on the right side:

    Microphone:   To listen and record again.
    Head set:   To listen again.
    Green arrow:   To advance to the next sentence.

Fixing problems

If you cannot listen or record, double click on the speaker icon, on the lower right of the Windows screen near the clock.

(Windows XP)                   (Windows 98)


Click in <OPTIONS>



  Select <RECORD>   <OK>


 Select MICROPHONE as recording source.


If you still have doubts, write to       Enrique (at) aol (dot) com