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This web page was prepared specially for the people from the Peace Boat !
(by somebody that doesn't understand the Japanese language)

I know how difficult it is to learn English as a second language ...
I did it. My first language is Spanish.
I also know how easy is to learn Esperanto.
It is not that easy ...
but it is at least ten times easier than to learn English.

I want to help the people from all over the world to learn Esperanto, and then we would all be able to communicate without having to spend half a life learning a language.

The following pages will help you understand the value of Esperanto, and how you can learn it.

My new page   in English   en Español   en Esperanto
My old page   (in English, en Español, en Esperanto)
Steps   for learning and using Esperanto .
Lernu.net   To learn Esperanto from English and many other languages.
Basic Esperanto course   From Nihongo and many other languages.

Japana Esperanto-Instituto

Updated by Enrique,   October  11,  2006