Richardson Vortaro
Esperanto - English

Versio 24 aŭgusto 2005

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This work is derived from "Esperanto: Learning and Using the International Language" by David Richardson (ISBN 0-945742-00-2), which also contains a history of Esperanto, lessons, and readings. This work uses certain conventions to indicate typographical features of the book:

"{" and "}" indicate text that is in boldface in the original. This work uses "^" for all superscripted letters, placed after the letter. The original, as in this file, uses "/" to indicate the end of a root word. The original, as in this file, uses "~" as a substitute for repeating the root word, or sometimes to indicate a suffix.

Page numbers correspond to the original work. All text from here on is from the original work.

David Wolff, projektestro.


This is a necessarily abridged vocabulary for use with the lessons and readings in this book. The serious student is urged to obtain one of the good Esperanto-English and English-Esperanto dictionaries currently available.

{abb.} abbreviation, 			{accus.} accusative,
{anat.} anatomy, 			{arch.} architecture, 
{arith.} arithmetic, 			{conj.} conjunction, 
{correl.} correlative, 			{den.} denoting, 
{elec.} electricity/electronics,	{fin.} finance, 
{intr.} intransitive verb, 		{mech.} mechanics, 
{mil.} military, 			{mus.} music, 
{naut.} nautical, 			{phot.} photography, 
{pol.} politics, 			{pref.} prefix, 
{relig.} religion, 			{suff.} suffix, 
{tech.} technology, 			{tr.} transitive verb.

{abak/o} abacus
{abat/o} abbott
{abdik/i} abdicate, resign
{abel/o} bee, {~ujo} beehive
{abi/o} fir (tree)
{abism/o} abyss, chasm
{abol(ici)/i} abolish
{abomen/i} abhor, loathe, {~aj^o} abomination, {~inda} abominable
{abon/i} subscribe, {~o} subscription
{abort/i} miscarry, {~igi} abort
{abrupt/a} abrupt
{absces/o} abscess
{absolut/a} absolute, {~e} absolutely
{absolv/i} absolve, {~o} absolution
{absorb/i} absorb
{abstin/i} abstain
{absurd/a} absurd
{abund/a} abundant, {mal~a} in short supply, {~i} abound
{acer/o} maple
{acid/a} acid, sour, {~o} acid, {dolc^~a} bittersweet
{-ac^/} (suffix denoting disparagement; see p. 277),
   {~a} no good, "lousy"
{ac^et/i} buy, {~(aj^)o} purchase, {el~i} redeem, ransom, {sub~i} bribe
{-ad/} (suffix denoting continuation; see p. 143) {~e} continually
{adapt/i} adapt (transitive verb.)
{adept/o} adept
{adiau^} farewell
{adici/i} add (arithmetic)
{adjektiv/o} adjective
{administr/i} manage, administer
{admir/i} admire, {~ant(in)o} admirer, {~inda} admirable
{admon/i} admonish, scold, "tell off"
{adopt/i} adopt
{ador/i} adore, worship
{adres/o} address, {~aro} address list
{adult/i} commit adultery
{adverb/o} adverb
{advokat/o} lawyer
{aer/o} air, {~umi} air out, ventilate, {~vojo} airway
{aeroplan/o} airplane
{afabl/a} kind, good-natured, {~eco} kindness
{afer/o} matter, thing, affair, business deal, {~isto} businessman
{afis^/o} poster, sign(board), notice
{aflikt/i} afflict, {~o} affliction
{afrank/i} prepay (letter or package), put on stamp(s)
{Afrik/o} Africa
{ag/i, ~o} act, {~ema} active, {~ado} activity, {re~i} react
{agend/o} agenda, appointment book
{agit/i} agitate, stir up
{agl/o} eagle
{agnosk/i} acknowledge, formally recognize
{agoni/o} death throes, {~i} be near death
{agord/i} tune (transitive verb.)
{agrabl/a} pleasant, agreeable
{agraf/o} hook, clasp
{agres/o} aggression, {~i} commit aggression, {~(em)a} aggressive
{ag^/o} age, {pli~a} older, elder, {plen~a} grown-up, {grand~a} elderly
{ah^!} oh! ow! (dismay)
{aj!} ouch! (pain)
{ajl/o} garlic
{ajn} -ever, -at all (see p. 164)
{-aj^/} (suffix denoting concrete thing; see p. 154), {~o} a thing
{akademi/o} academy
{akapar/i} monopolize, corner
{akcel/i} accelerate, speed (somebody or something) up,
   {~ilo} accelerator
{akcent/o} accent, stress
{akcept/i} accept, receive (guest, etc.)
{akcident/o} accident, {~i} have an accident
{akcipitr/o} hawk
{akir/i} acquire, get, {~ebla} obtainable
{aklam/o, ~i} acclaim
{akn/o} pimple, passing blemish
{akomod/i} accommodate (transitive verb.)
{akompan/i} accompany, {~(aj^)o} accompaniment
{akord/o} chord, accord
{akr/a} sharp, {~atona} sharp-toned, shrill, {~igi} sharpen
{akr(e)/o} acre
{akrid/o} locust
{aks/o} axle, axis
{aksel/o} armpit
{aktiv/a} active, {~o} assets
{aktor/o} actor, {~i} act
{aktual/a} current, present-day
{akupunktur/o} acupuncture
{akurat/a} punctual, on time
{akustik/o} acoustics
{akus^/i} labor (giving birth), {~istino} midwife
{akuz/i} accuse, {~o} accusation
{akv/o} water, {~umi} water, irrigate, {~ero} drop (of water), 
   {fal~o, ~falo} waterfall
{akvari/o} aquarium
{al} to(wards), {~veni} arrive, {~ig^i} join, {~porti} bring, fetch, 
   {~doni} add, {~meti} attach, put onto, {~terig^i} land, 
   {~trudi} impose upon, force, {~proksimigi} bring close together
{alfabet/o} alphabet
{algebr/o} algebra
{ali/a} (an)other, else, {~igi, ~ig^i} change, alter, 
   {~landano} citizen of another country, alien
{alk/o} elk, moose
{alkohol/o} alcohol
{almenau^} at least
{almoz/o} alms, "handout," {~ulo} beggar
{alp/o} alp, mountain pasture, {~ismo} mountaineering
{alt/a} high, tall, {~eco} height, {~statura} lanky, of high stature, 
   {~en} into the heights
{altern/i} alternate, {~a} alternating
{alternativ/o} alternative, option
{alud/i} allude, refer to, {~o} allusion
{alumet/o} match (fire)
{alumini/o} aluminum
{am/i, ~o} love, {~ant(in)o} lover, {mal~i} hate, {~inda} lovable, 
   {~indumi} woo, court, {pac~a} peaceloving
{amar/a} bitter
{amas/o} heap, pile, mass, {hom~o} crowd, {~igi} pile up, 
   {~fabriki} mass produce
{amator/o, ~a} amateur
{Amazon/o} Amazon
{ambasad/o} embassy
{ambasador/o} ambassador
{ambau^} both
{ambici/o} ambition, {~a} ambitious
{Amerik/o} America
{amik/o} friend, {~a} friendly, {~eco} friendship, {mal~o} enemy
{amor/o} sexual love, {~i} make love
{amortiz/i} amortize, deaden, {~ilo} shock absorber
{ampleks/o} extent, dimension, {~a} extensive, ample
{ampol/o} bulb (elec.)
{amput/i} amputate
{amuz/a} amusing, funny, {~i} amuse, {~(ad)o} amusement, fun, 
   {~ig^i} have a good time
{-an/} (suffix denoting citizen, member; see p. 94), 
   {~o} citizen, member, {c^ikag~o} Chicagoan, 
   {uson~o} U.S. citizen, {krist~o, krist~a} Christian
{analfabet/a, ~o} illiterate
{analiz/i} analyze, {~o} analysis
{analog/a} analogous
{ananas/o} pineapple
{anas/o} duck
{anemi/o} anemia, {~a} anemic
{anemon/o} anemone
{angil/o} eel
{angl/o} Englishman, {~a} English, {~e} in English, 
   {~ujo, ~io, ~olando} England, {~ismo} anglicism
{angor/o} anguish, agony
{angul/o} corner, angle
{ang^el/o} angel, {~a} angelic
{anim/o} soul, {grand~a} magnanimous, {unu~a} unanimous, 
   {~i} animate, act as master of ceremonies
{ankau^} also, too, {ankau^ mi} me too
{ankorau^} still, yet, {ankorau^ ne} not yet, {~foje} once more
{ankr/o, ~i} anchor
{Ann/o, ~a} Anne
{anonc/i} announce, advertise, give notice, {~isto} announcer, 
   {~eto} want ad
{anonim/a} anonymous
{ans/o} handle
{anser/o} goose, {~vice} single file
{anstatau^} instead of, {~e} instead, {~i} take the place of, 
   {~igi} substitute, replace
{antau^} before, in front of, {~e} formerly, in front, {~vidi} foresee, 
   {~parolo} foreword, {~g^oji} look forward to, {~tagmeze} a.m., 
   {mal~} behind, {~ ol} before (conj), {~ tri tagoj} 3 days ago
{anten/o} antenna
{anticip/i} anticipate, think or act ahead
{antikv/a} antique, ancient
{Antverpen/o} Antwerp
{apac^/o} apache, ruffian, "hood"
{aparat/o} apparatus, set
{apart/a} apart, separate, special, {~igi} separate
{apartament/o} apartment
{aparten/i} belong
{apati/o} apathy, {~a} apathetic
{apel(aci)/i, ~o} appeal (law, etc.)
{apenau^} just barely, hardly
{apendic/o} appendix, {~ito} appendicitis
{aper/i} appear, be published, {mal~i} disappear, {~o} appearance
{apetit/o} appetite, {bonan ~on} enjoy your meal
{aplau^d/i} applaud, clap
{aplik/i} apply (transitive verb.)
{aplomb/o} aplomb, self-assurance, "nerve"
{apog/i} lean, support, rest against (trans verb.), {~ilo} support, prop
{apostol/o} apostle
{apotek/o} pharmacy, drugstore
{aprec/i, aprez/i} appreciate (as a connoisseur)
{April/o} April
{aprob/i} approve, {~o} approval
{apud} by, beside, {~e} nearby
{-ar/} (suffix denoting collection; see p. 132)
{arab/o} Arab, {~a} Arabic, Arabian, {~e} in Arabic, {~io, ~ujo} Arabia
{arakid/o} peanut
{arane/o} spider, {~aj^o} spiderweb
{arang^/i} arrange, {~o} arrangement
{arb/o} tree, {~aro} forest, woods, {~eto} shrub, bush
{arbust/o} shrub, bush, {~aro} shrubbery
{ard/i} glow with heat, {~a} ardent, {~o} heat, passion
{are/o} area
{arest/i} arrest
{argan/o} crane (mechanics)
{argil/o} clay
{arg^ent/a, ~o} silver
{arh^iv/o = arkivo}
{arkaik/a} archaic, obsolete
{arkitekt/o} architect
{arkiv/o} archives, records, files, {~ejo} record office
{arkt/a} Arctic, {~o} the Arctic
{arleken/o} jester, buffoon
{arm/i} arm (weapons), {~ilo} weapon, {sen~a} unarmed, 
   {sen~igi, sen~ig^i} disarm
{arme/o} army, {mar~o} navy, {flug~o} air force
{arogant/a} arrogant
{art/o} art, {~a} artificial, artistic, {~efarita} artificial
{artifik/o} subterfuge, trick(ery), {~a} contrived, by trickery
{artik/o} joint (anatomy, technology), {el~igi} dislocate
{artikol/o} article
{artis^ok/o} artichoke
{as/o} ace (cards, etc.)
{asert/i} assert
{asfalt/o} asphalt
{asist/i} assist (officially)
{asoci/o} association
{aspekt/i} appear, look, {~o} aspect, appearance
{aspir/i} aspire (to), hope for
{astm/o} asthma
{astr/o} heavenly body, {~onau^to} astronaut, spaceman
{atak/i, ~o} attack, assault
{atenc/i} assault, violate
{atend/i} wait (for), expect, {~ejo} waiting room
{atent/i} pay attention, {~igi} draw attention to, point out, 
   {~on!} attention! look out!
{atest/i} attest, testify, bear witness, {~anto} witness, 
   {~o} testimony, certificate
{ating/i} attain, reach
{atlet/o} athlete, {~a} athletic, {~ismo} athletics
{atm = antau^tagmeze,} a.m.
{atmosfer/o} atmosphere
{atom/o} atom, {~a} atomic, {~bombo} atom bomb
{atut/o, ~i} trump (cards, etc.)
{au^} or, {au^... au^... } either... or...
{au^d/i} hear, {~antaro} audience, {~ig^i} be heard, 
   {au^d-vida} audio-visual, {dis~igi} broadcast
{au^dac/i} dare, {~a} daring
{Au^gust/o} August
{au^kci/o} auction
{au^roro} aurora, dawn
{au^skult/i} listen, {~ilo} earphone
{au^str/o} Austrian, {~ujo/io} Austria
{Au^strali/o} Australia, {~ano} Australian
{au^t(omobil)/o} car, {~vojo} freeway, expressway
{au^tobus/o} bus, {~haltejo} bus stop
{au^tomat/a} automatic, {~igi} automate
{au^tor/o} author
{au^toritat/o} authority, {~a} authoritative
{au^tun/o} autumn
{av/o} grandfather, {~ino} grandmother, {pra~o} great-grandfather
{avantag^/o} advantage
{avar/a} miserly, stingy, {mal~a} generous
{aventur/o} adventure
{avenu/o} avenue
{avert/i} warn, caution, {~o} warning
{aviad/o} aviation, {~ilo} aircraft
{avid/a} eager for, greedy, {~i} covet
{aviz/i} notify, advise, {~o} notification
{azen/o} donkey
{Azi/o} Asia, {~a} Asian, Asiatic, {Mez~o} Central Asia
{azil/o} asylum, sanctuary

{ba!} "nuts!"
{babil/i} chatter, "shoot the breeze"
{babord/o} port side (nautical)
{bagatel/a} trifling, insignificant
{bak/i} bake, {~aj^o} baked goods, {~ejo} bakery
{bal/o} dance, ball
{bala/i} sweep, {~ilo} broom
{balanc/i} rock, swing (see p. 214)
{balast/o} ballast
{balbut/i} stammer, stutter
{baldau^} soon
{Baldearaj Insuloj} Balearic Islands
{baled/o} ballet
{balen/o} whale
{balkon/o} balcony
{balon/o} balloon
{ban/o} bath, {~i} bathe (transitive verb.), {~c^ambro} bathroom, 
   {~kostumo} bathing suit, {~urbo} spa
{banal/a} trite, commonplace
{banan/o} banana
{band/o} band, gang
{bandag^/o} bandage
{banderol/o} wrapper (for mailing, etc.)
{bangal/o} bungalow
{bang^/o} banjo
{banjan/o} banyan (tree)
{bank/o} bank, {~noto, ~bileto} bank note, paper money
{banked/o} banquet, {~c^ambro} banquet room
{bankrot/i} go broke, be bankrupt
{bapt/i} baptize, christen, {~opatro} godfather
{bar/i} bar, obstruct, {~ilo} fence, barrier, {~ilpordo} gate
{barak/o} barrack, shanty, shack
{barakt/i} writhe, flounder, move convulsively
{barb/o} beard, {~isto} barber
{barbar/o} barbarian, {~a} barbarianic
{barbiro = barbisto}
{Barbr/o, ~a} Barbara
{barc^/o} borscht (soup)
{barel/o} barrel
{baston/o} stick, cane, baton, {lam~o} crutch
{bat/i} hit, beat, {~o} a blow
{batal/o, ~i} battle
{baz/o} base, basis, {~i} base (transitive verb.)
{bazar/o} bazaar, fair, street market
{beb/o} baby
{bedau^r/i} regret, be sorry about, {~inde} unfortunately, regrettably
{bek/o} beak, bill
{bel/a} pretty, fine, good-looking, {~ega} exquisite, gorgeous, 
   {~sona} pretty-sounding
{belg/o, ~a} Belgian, {~ujo, ~io} Belgium
{bemol/o} flat (music)
{ben/i} bless, {~o} blessing, {mal~i} curse
{bend/o} tape (recording, adhesive, etc.), strip, binding, 
   {~i} tape (transitive verb.)
{benk/o} bench
{benzin/o} gasoline, {~ujo} gas tank
{ber/o} berry
{best/o} animal, beast
{bet/o} beet
{betul/o} birch (tree)
{bezon/i} need, require
{Bibli/o} Bible
{bibliotek/o} library
{bicikl/o} bicycle
{bien/o} estate, farm, property, ranch, {~isto} rancher, farmer
{bier/o} beer
{bifstek/o} (beef)steak
{bikin/o} bikini
{bilard/o} billiards
{bild/o} picture
{bilet/o} ticket, bill, note
{bind/i} bind (books)
{binokl/o} binoculars
{bird/o} bird
{bis!} encore! one more time!
{bizar/a} bizarre, odd, weird
{blag/i} kid, pull someone's leg, {~o} sly joke
{blank/a} white, blank
{blanket/o} blank check, carte blanche
{blasfem/i} cuss, blaspheme
{blek/i} bleat, bellow, neigh, etc. (general word for animal cries)
{blind/a} blind, {~ulo} sightless person, {~umi} dazzle
{blok/i} block, {~o} block, pad (paper)
{blond/a} blond, fair, {~ul(in)o} a blond
{blov/i blow, {~instrumento} wind instrument
{blu/a} blue
{bo/} (prefix denoting relation by marriage; see p. 193)
{boa/o} boa (snake)
{boat/o} boat
{bobel/o, ~i} bubble
{boben/o} bobbin, spool, coil
{boj/i} bark
{boks/i} box, {~o} boxing
{bol/i} boil (intransitive verb.), {~eti} simmer
{Bolivi/o} Bolivia
{bols^evik/o, bols^evist/o} Bolshevik
{bomb/o, ~i} bomb
{bombon/o} bonbon, piece of candy
{bon/a} good, nice, {~e} well, OK, {~ega} excellent, 
   {~ulo} nice guy, {~eco} goodness, {~volu, ~vole} please, 
   {~venon} welcome, {~s^ancon} good luck, 
   {~deziroj} good wishes, {pli~igi} improve, {mal~a} bad
{bor/i} bore, drill
{bord/o} bank (of river), shore, edge
{bors/o} stock exchange
{bot/o} boot
{botel/o} bottle, {en~igi} to bottle
{bov/o} bovine animal: ox, cow, etc., {~aj^o} beef, {~ido} calf
{brajl/o} Braille
{brak/o} arm, {~umi} embrace, {~seg^o} armchair
{branc^/o} branch, bough, {~eto} twig
{brand/o} brandy
{brankard/o} stretcher
{brasik/o} cabbage
{brav/a} gallant, worthy, {~e!} bravo!
{Brazil/o} Brazil
{brec^/o} breach, gap
{brems/o} brakes, {~i} brake
{bret/o} shelf, {~aro} set of shelves, cabinet
{brid/o, ~i} bridle, restrain(t), check
{brik/o, ~a} brick, {~eto} bar (candy etc.)
{bril/i} shine (intransitive verb.), {~a} bright, brilliant, {ek~i} flash
{brit/a} British, {~ujo/io} Britain
{brod/i} embroider
{brog/i} scald
{brokant/a} secondhand, {~i} deal in secondhand goods, 
   {~isto} secondhand dealer
{bronz/o, ~a} bronze
{bros/o, ~i} brush
{bros^ur/o} paperback booklet, pamphlet, leaflet, {~(it)a} paperbacked
{brov/o} (eye)brow
{bru/o} noise, {~i} make a noise, {~a} noisy
{brul/i} burn (intransitive verb.), {~aj^o} fuel, {~ema} flammable
{brun/a} brown, {~hara} brunette, {~okula} browneyed
{brust/o} chest, breast
{brut/o} head of cattle, {~aro} livestock
{bub/o} kid, brat, urchin; jack (cards)
{buc^/i} butcher, slaughter, {~isto} butcher
{bud/o} booth, stall
{budg^et/o, bug^et/o} budget
{buf/o} toad
{bufed/o} buffet
{buk/o, ~i} buckle
{buked/o} bouquet
{bukl/o, ~i} curl (hair)
{bul/o} lump, clod, chunk
{buldoz/o} bulldozer
{bulk/o} roll (bread)
{bulten/o} bulletin
{bulvard/o} boulevard
{bunkr/o} bunker, shelter (military)
{bunt/a} multicolored
{burd/o} bumblebee
{burg^/a} middleclass, {~o} middleclass citizen, 
   {et~a} lower middleclass, {~aro} bourgeoisie
{burg^on/o, ~i} bud
{bus/o} bus
{bus^o} mouth, {~a} oral, {~umi} muzzle, {~tuko} napkin
{buter/o} butter, {~pano} bread and butter
{butik/o} boutique, shop, store, {~umi} go shopping
{buton/o} button, {~(um)i} button (transitive verb.)

{car/o} czar
{ced/i} give way, yield, give up
{cedr/o} cedar
{cel/o} aim, goal, purpose, {~i} aim (gun, etc.), intend,
   {~ilo} (gun)sight
{celebr/i} celebrate
{cend/o} cent
{cent} hundred, {~milo} 100,000, {jar~o} century, centennial
{centr/o} center, {~a} central
{central/o} power station; telephone or telegraph exchange,
   "nerve center"
{cenzur/i, ~o} censor
{cep/o} onion
{cerb/o} brain, {~umi} puzzle over, rack one's brains
{ceremoni/o} ceremony
{cert/a} certain, {~e} certainly, {~igi} make certain, certify, 
   {~(a)grade} to a certain degree
{cerv/o} deer
{ceter/a} rest of, additional, remaining, 
   {~e} besides, moreover, what's more, {~o} remainder
{ci} thou (see p. 302)
{cibernetik/o} cybernetics
{cic/o} nipple (human), {~umo} nipple (artificial)
{cidr/o} cider
{cifer/o} numeral, digit, {~plato} dial, {rond~e} in round numbers
{cigan/o, ~a} Gypsy
{cigar/o} cigar, {~eto} cigarillo
{cigared/o} cigarette
{cign/o} swan
{cikatr/o} scar
{cikl/o} cycle
{cikoni/o} stork
{cilindr/o} cylinder; roller (printing press, etc.)
{cim/o} bug; bedbug
{cindr/o} ash, cinder, {~ujo} ashtray, {~igi} incinerate
{cinik/a} cynical
{cir/o, ~i} wax, polish
{cirk/o} circus
{cirkl/o} circle
{cirkonstanc/o} circumstance
{cirkul/i} circulate (intransitive verb.), {~ado} circulation; traffic
{cirkumcid/i} circumcise
{cirkvit/o} circuit (electricity/electronics)
{cit/i} cite, quote, {~aj^o} quotation
{citron/o} lemon
{civil/a} civilian, non-military
{civiliz/i} civilize, {~(ad)o} civilization
{civit/a} civic, {~o} incorporated town; city-state, {~ano} citizen
{col/o} inch

{c^agren/i} annoy, grieve (transitive verb.), 
   {~o} annoyance, grief, disappointment
{c^am/o} chamois (European mountain antelope)
{c^ambr/o} room, chamber, {~aro} apartments
{c^ampan/o} champagne
{c^ampion/o} champion
{c^an/o} trigger
{c^ap/o} cap
{c^apel/o} hat
{c^apitr/o} chapter (book, etc.)
{c^ar} because, since, for
{c^ar/o} cart, chariot, {~eto} carriage (typewriter), {~umo} wheelbarrow
{c^arlatan/o} charlatan, quack, imposter
{c^arm/o, ~i} charm, {~a} charming
{c^arpent/i} build from wood, {~isto} carpenter
{c^as/i} hunt, chase, {~isto} hunter
{c^e} at, with, {~esti} be present, attend
{c^ef/a} chief, main, {~o} "boss," {~urbo} capital city, 
   {~ministro} prime minister
{c^eh^(oslovaki)/a, ~o} Czech(oslovakian)
{c^ek/o} check (bank)
{c^el/o} cell
{c^emiz/o} shirt
{c^en/o} chain, {~ero} link
{c^eriz/o} cherry
{c^erk/o} coffin
{c^erp/i} draw (from a source--water, etc.), 
   {el~ita} exhausted, used up; out of print
{c^es/i} cease, stop (intransitive verb.)
{c^eval/o} horse, {~ejo} stable
{c^i} (denoting nearness; see p. 127) {~kune} herewith, 
   {~momente} at this moment
{c^i/} (forms correlative; see p. 127)
{c^iel/o} sky, heaven, {~(glor)a} heavenly, {~arko} rainbow
{c^if/i} crumple (transitive verb.), crease
{c^ifon/o} rag, scrap, {~isto} ragpicker
{c^ifr/o} secret code, {en~i} encipher, {de~i} decipher
{C^ikag/o} Chicago, {~ano} Chicagan
{c^ikan/i} quibble about, carp at; haze
{C^ili/o} Chile
{c^in/o, ~a} Chinese, {~ujo, ~io} China
{c^irkau^} around, about, {~i} surround, {~e} roundabout, 
   {~aj^oj} surroundings, {~preni} embrace, hug
{c^iz/i} chisel, carve, {~ilo} chisel, graving tool
{-c^j/} (suffix used with names; see p. 168)
{c^okolad/o, ~a} chocolate
{c^u} whether; makes a question (see p. 174) {C^u ne?} Isn't that so?

{da} of (with expressions of quantity; see p. 123)
{dafn/o} daphne
{daktil/o} date (fruit)
{dam/o} dame (notable lady), queen (cards, chess), 
   king (checkers), {~oj, ~ludo} checkers
{damag^i, ~o} damage
{damn/i} damn, {~e} damn!
{dan/o} Dane, {~a} Danish, {~ujo, ~io, ~lando} Denmark
{danc/i, ~o} dance, {~ist(in)o,} dancer
{dand/o} dandy, fop, dude
{dang^er/o} danger, {~a} dangerous
{dank/i} thank, {~on} thanks, {~' al} thanks to, 
   {~(em)a} thankful, {ne~inde} don't mention it, you're welcome
{dat/o} date (time), {~i} date (letter, etc.), {~reveno} anniversary
{dau^r/i} endure, last, continue on (intransitive verb.), 
   {~e} continuously, {~a} lasting, {~igi} continue (trans. verb.), 
   {~igota} to be continued, {mallong~a} short-lived
{de} of, from, by (see p. 293), {~longe} for a long time now, 
   {~post} since, {~meti} put/take off, 
   {~preni} take away, deduct, {~nove} (all over) again, 
   {~veni} originate, come from
{dec/a} fitting, proper, {~e} decently, properly, {~i} be fitting
{Decembr/o} December
{decid/i} decide, {~o} decision, {~ig^i} make up one's mind, 
   {~(ig)a} decisive
{dedic^/i} dedicate, devote
{defend/i} defend, {(sin)~o} defense
{defi/o, ~i} challenge
{definitiv/a} definite, definitive, {~e} definitely, positively
{degel/i} thaw, melt (intransitive verb.), {~(ig^)o} thaw, melting
{dej^or/i} be on duty
{dek} ten, {~a, ~ono} tenth, {~ope} by tens
{dekan/o} dean (college, etc.)
{deklam/i} recite (poetry, etc.), declaim
{deklar/i} declare, state, {~o} declaration, statement
{deklar(aci)/o} declaration, proclamation
{dekliv/o} slope, hillside
{dekor/i} decorate
{dekor(aci)/o} decor, decoration
{dekret/o, ~i} decree
{dekstr/a} right(hand), {~en} to the right, {mal~a} left, 
   {~ulo} right-hander, {~ume} clockwise
{deleg/i} to delegate, {~ito} a delegate
{delegaci/o} delegation
{delikat/a} delicate, fine, dainty, {mal~a} coarse, crude
{delir/i} be delirious, {~o} delirium
{demand/i} ask (question), {pri~i} interrogate
{demisi/i} resign (an office)
{demokrat/o} democrat, {~a} democratic
{demokrati/o} democracy
{demon/o} demon, {~a} demonic
{demonstr(aci)/i} demonstrate, {~o} demonstration
{dens/a} dense, thick, concentrated
{dent/o} tooth, {~a} dental, {~isto} dentist, {~rado} cogwheel, gear
{departement/o} department (gov't, etc.)
{depend/i = de/pendi} depend
{deprim/i} depress, {~o} depression
{depost = de/post} (ever) since
{des} (see {ju}), {des pli} all the more
{desegn/i} draw, design, {~(aj^)o} drawing, design
{desert/o} dessert
{destin/i} destine, ordain, earmark, {~o} (usually with
   {la}) fate, destiny
{detal/o} detail, {~e} in detail, retail, {(po)~isto} retailer
{detektiv/o} detective
{determin/i} determine, fix
{detru/i} destroy, {~(ad)o} destruction
{dev/o} a duty, {~i} have to, must, {~igi} compel, {~iga} compulsory
{deviz/o} watchword, motto, slogan; foreign exchange, 
   draft on foreign bank
{dezert/o} desert
{dezir/o, ~i} desire, wish, want
{Di/o} God, {~a} divine, {~servo} worship service
{diabl/o} devil, {~a} devilish, diabolical, {~e!} darn! the dickens!
{diafilm/o} film strip
{diakon/o} deacon
{dialekt/o} dialect
{dialog/o} dialog
{diamant/o} diamond
{diboc^/i} live or act dissolutely, {~o} loose living, dissipation, 
   debauchery, {~igi} corrupt
{dies/o, ~a} sharp (music)
{diet/o} diet, {~a} dietary
{difekt/i} spoil, damage, injure
{diferenc/i} differ, be different, {~o} difference, {~igi} differentiate
{difin/i} define, {~o} definition, {~ita} definite
{dig/o} dike, embankment, {~i} dam up, form an embankment
{dign/o} dignity, {~a} dignified
{dik/a} thick; corpulent; bold (type), {~eco} thickness, 
   {mal~a} thin, {~fingro} thumb
{dikt/i} dictate
{diktator/o} dictator
{diktatur/o} dictatorship
{dilem/o} dilemma
{diletant/o} dilettante, dabbler
{diligent/a} diligent, hardworking
{diluv/o} flood, deluge, {antau^~a} antediluvian; very ancient
{dimanc^/o} Sunday
{diplom/o} diploma, {~ito} a graduate, {~ig^i} graduate, 
   {~ita} certificated
{diplomat/o} diplomat
{dir/i} say, tell, {antau^~i} foretell, {kontrau^~i} contradict, 
   {lau^~e} allegedly, so-called, {oni~o} rumor
{direkt/i} direct, manage, steer, {~ilo} rudder, helm, handlebars, 
   {~o} direction
{direktor/o} director, manager
{dis/} (prefix denoting dispersal or separation; see p. 179) 
   {~igi} separate, divide
{disciplin/o} discipline
{disc^ipl/o} disciple
{disk/o} disc, (phonograph) record, (telephone) dial, 
   {~i} dial (on telephone)
{diskut/i} discuss, {~(ad)o} discussion
{dispon/i (pri)} have at one's disposal, have available to 
   use or dispose of, {~o} disposition, {~igi} make available
{disput/i} dispute, argue
{distanc/o} distance
{disting/i} distinguish, {~a} distinctive, {~o} renown, distinction
{distr/i} distract, divert, entertain, {~ita} distracted, absent-minded
{distribu/i} distribute
{distrikt/o} district
{divan/o} divan, couch
{diven/i} guess right, find out by guessing
{divers/a} varied, various
{divid/i} divide, separate; share
{divizi/o} division (military)
{do} so, then, therefore
{dogan/o} customs, duty (at border), {~ejo} customshouse
{dogm/o} dogma
{dok/o} dock
{doktor/o} doctor (title)
{dokument/o} document
{dolar/o} dollar
{dolc^/a} sweet; gentle, soft, tender, {~aj^o} candy, 
   {~ul(in)o} sweetheart, {~e!} take it easy!
{dolor/o} pain, {~i} be painful, hurt (intransitive verb.), 
   {~igi} hurt (transitive verb.); N.B. {La dorso doloras al mi,}
   or {La dorso doloras min,} My back is hurting me; but 
   {Mi dolorigis la dorson,} I've hurt my back.
{dom/o} house, building, {~eto} cottage, {~ego} mansion
{domag^/i} begrudge or regret; wish to spare (some misfortune, 
   expense, etc.), {~o} a pity, {~e} what a pity, that's too bad
{don/i} give, {el~i} publish, issue, {re~i} give back, return, 
   {al~i} add, {dis~i} distribute, deal (cards), 
   {sin~(em)a} devoted, selfless
{donac/i} give (present), {~o} gift, present, {~e} as a gift, gratis
{Donjuan/o, donj^uan/o} a Don Juan, woman-chaser
{dorlot/i} pamper, pet, coddle
{dorm/i, ~o} sleep, {~ema} sleepy, {~igi} put to sleep, 
   {en~ig^i} go to sleep, {~eti} nap
{dorn/o} thorn
{dors/o} back
{dot/o} dowry, {~i} endow
{doz/o} dose, {~i} measure out (medicine, etc.)
{drak/o} dragon
{dram/o} drama
{drap/o} (woolen) cloth
{drapir/o} drape(ry), cloth covering (window, bed, etc.), {~i} drape
{drast/a} drastic
{dras^/i} thresh
{drat/o} wire, {pik~o} barbed wire
{dres/i} tame, train (animals)
{drink/i} drink (to excess), {~aj^o} "booze," 
   {~(em)ulo} a boozer, alcoholic
{driv/i} drift
{drog/o} drug
{dron/i} drown (intransitive verb.), {~igi} drown (transitive verb.)
{du} two, {~a} second, {~ono} half, {~ope} by twos, 
   {~obla, ~obligi} double
{dub/i, ~o} doubt, {~inda} doubtful, {sen~e} no doubt
{duk/o} duke
{dum} during, while, {~e} meanwhile, in the meantime
{dung/i} hire, employ, {mal~i} fire, {~ito} employee
{dus^/o} shower, {~ejo} showerstall, {~ilo} showerhead, 
   {sin~i} take a shower

{eben/a} level, even, smooth, {~aj^o} plain
{ebl/a} possible, {~(ec)o} possibility, {~i} be possible, 
   {~e} maybe (also as suffix; see p. 154), 
   {Kiel eble plej baldau^} As soon as possible
{ebri/a} drunk, {~o} drunkenness, {~ulo} a drunk, {~ig^i} get drunk
{-ec/} (suffix denoting a quality; see p. 186), {~o} a quality
{ec^} even
{edelvejs/o} edelweiss
{eduk/i} educate, bring up
{edz/o} husband, {~ino} wife, {~(in)ig^i} get married, 
   {eks~ig^i} get divorced, {ge~oj} married people, a couple
{efekt/o} effect, impression produced
{efektiv/a} actual, real, {~e} in fact, actually, {~igi} bring about, 
   {~ig^i} come to pass, come true
{efik/i} have effect, be effective, {~o} effect
{-eg/} (suffix denoting augmentation; see p. 104) {~e} extremely
{egal/a, ~i} equal, {~e} equally, all the same; it doesn't matter, 
   {~eco} equality; a draw (tied score)
{eh^/o} echo
{-ej/} (suffix denoting place; see p. 82) {~o} place
{ek/} (prefix denoting moment of beginning; see pp. 92, 211) 
   {ek!} away we go, let's start! {~de} since, beginning as of
{ekip/i} equip, {~(aj^)o} equipment
{eklezi/a} ecclesiastic, {~o} church (institution, not building)
{ekonomi/o} economy
{ekonomik/o} economics, {~a} economical
{ekran/o} screen
{eks/} (prefix denoting former, ex-; see p. 220) {~ig^i} resign, 
   {~igi} fire, discharge
{ekscit/i} excite, {~a} exciting, {~o} excitation, excitement
{eksklud/i} exclude
{ekskluziv/a} exclusive
{ekskurs/o} excursion, sightseeing trip, outing
{eksped/i} dispatch, ship, send off
{ekspedici/o} expedition
{eksperiment/o, ~i} experiment, {~a} experimental
{ekspert/o} expert, specialist
{eksplod/i} explode (intransitive verb.), {~o} explosion, 
   {~motoro} internal combustion engine, {~ilo} explosive device, 
   {~aj^o} explosive, {~igi} blow up (transitive verb.)
{ekspluat/i} exploit, utilize
{ekspon/i} exhibit, demonstrate; expose (photography)
{eksport/i} export
{ekspres/o} express (train, messenger)
{ekstaz/o} ecstasy, {~a} ecstatic
{ekster} outside of, {~a} outer, external, {~(aj^)o} exterior, 
   {~e} outside, {~lando, ~lande} abroad, {~ordinara} extraordinary
{ekstravaganc/a} extravagant, high-flown
{ekstrem/a} extreme
{ekvator/o} equator
{ekvilibr/o} equilibrium, balance
{ekvivalent/o, ~a} equivalent
{ekz.} abbreviation for {ekzemple}
{ekzamen/i} examine, {~o} examination, test
{ekzekut/i} execute (criminal)
{ekzempl/o} example, {~e} for example
{ekzempler/o} copy (of book, etc.)
{ekzerc/i, ~o} exercise, {sin ~i} practice
{ekzist/i} exist, {~o} existence
{ekzotik/a} exotic
{el} out of, from (also as prefix; see p. 253), {~iri} exit, go out, 
   {~uzi} use up, wear out, {~paroli} pronounce, 
   {~lerni} master (learn completely)
{elast/a} elastic
{elegant/a} elegant, {mal~a} coarse, crude
{elekt/i} choose, elect, pick out, {~o} choice, election
{elektr/a} electric, {~o} electricity
{elektron/o} electron
{elektronik/a} electronic, {~o} electronics
{element/o} element, {~a} elementary, elemental
{elimin/i} eliminate
{elizi/i} elide, {~o} elision
{elokvent/a} eloquent
{-em/} (suffix denoting inclination; see p. 197) {~i} have a tendency to
{embaras/o} embarrassment, perplexity, difficult situation, 
   {~i} embarrass, put in a "difficult spot"
{embusk/o, ~i} ambush
{emerit/a} retired, {~o} retired person
{emfaz/o} emphasis, {~a} emphatic, {~i} emphasize
{eminent/a} eminent
{emoci/o} emotion, {~i} move, stir emotionally
{en} in, into, {~iri} enter, go in, {~landa} domestic, 
   {~havi} contain, include, {~havo} contents, {~ig^i} get in, 
   {~igi} insert, {~migri} immigrate
{enciklopedi/o} encyclopedia
{-end/} (suffix denoting compulsion; see p. 245) 
   {far~aj^oj} things that need to be done
{energi/o} energy, {~a} energetic
{enigm/o} enigma, puzzle, riddle
{enket/o} inquiry, investigation, {~i} investigate
{entrepren/i} undertake, take it upon oneself to do, 
   {~o} enterprise, {~ema} enterprising
{entuziasm/o} enthusiasm, {~a} enthusiastic
{enu/i} be bored, be tired (of something), {~ig^i} get bored, 
   {~(ig)a} boring
{envi/i, ~o} envy, {~a} envious
{episkop/o} bishop, {~a} episcopal
{epizod/o} episode
{epok/o} epoch, era, age
{epope/o} epic poem, {~a} epic
{-er/} (suffix denoting single element; see p. 154) 
   {~o} item, particle, element {dis~igi} disintegrate
{erar/i} err, make a mistake, {~o} error
{erik/o} heather, {~ejo} heath
{ermit/o} hermit
{erotik/a} erotic
{escept/i} except, exclude, {~o} exception, {~e de} with the 
   exception of
{esenc/o} essence, {~a} essential
{eskal/o} ladder, {~i} scale (walls, etc.)
{eskalator/o} escalator
{eskap/i, ~o} escape
{eskort/i, ~o} escort
{esper/i, ~o} hope, {~anto} Esperanto, {~eble} hopefully, {mal~i} despair
{esplor/i} explore, investigate, research, {~(ad)o} exploration, etc.
{esprim/i} express, {~o} expression
{est/as} am, is, are, {~i} to be, {kio ~as?} what's wrong?, 
   {~onta, ~ont(ec)o} future, {for~o} absence
{establ/i} establish, {~o} establishment
{estim/i} esteem, think well of, {~ata Sinjoro} Dear Sir, 
   {mal~i} despise, {mal~o} contempt
{esting/i} extinguish, put out (light, fire, etc.)
{-estr/} (suffix denoting chief person; see p. 212) 
   {~o} leader, chief, "boss," {~i} head up, {~aro} board of directors
{estrad/o} platform, stage
{es^afod/o} scaffold (for executions)
{-et/} (suffix denoting diminution; see p. 104) {~a} tiny
{etag^/o} story, floor, {tri~a} 3-storied, {ter~o} ground floor
{etap/o} stage in a process or trip
{etend/i} extend, stretch out (transitive verb.)
{etern/a} eternal, {~(ec)o} eternality, {La Eternulo} The Lord
{etik/o} ethic(s), {~a} ethical
{etiked/o} label
{etiket/o} etiquette
{etos/o} atmosphere, mood (of a place, etc.)
{Eu^rop/o} Europe, {~a} European
{evaku/i} evacuate (transitive verb.)
{evangeli/o} gospel, {~a} evangelical
{event/o} event
{eventual/o} eventuality, contingency, {~e} if the occasion 
   arises, "if and when," {~a} contingent, possible under certain 
   circumstances, "if any"
{evident/a} obvious, evident
{evit/i} avoid, evade
{evolu/i} evolve, develop (intransitive verb.), {~(ad)o} evolution, 
   {~lando} developing nation

{fab/o} bean
{fabel/o} story, (fairy)tale
{fabrik/o} factory, {~i} manufacture, fabricate
{facil/a} easy, {~igi} facilitate, {~anima} impulsive, flighty
{faden/o} thread
{fajf/i} whistle
{fag/o} beech
{fajr/o} fire, {~ero} spark, {~ilo} lighter, {~aj^o} fireworks, 
   {~ujo} ~box, {donu al mi ~on} give me a light
{fak/o} compartment, pigeonhole, department, speciality, 
   {~ulo} specialist, expert, {~aro} files (cabinet, etc.)
{fakt/o} fact, {~a} factual, {~e} in fact
{faktur/o, ~i} invoice
{fakultat/o} faculty (university, etc.)
{fal/i} fall (down), drop (intransitive verb.), 
   {~igi} drop (transitive verb.), {~eti} stumble
{falc^/i} mow, cut (hay, etc.), {~ilo} scythe
{fals/a} false, {~igi} falsify, {~aj^o} counterfeit
{fam/o} fame, repute; hearsay, {~a} famous, {bon~a} of good repute
{famili/o} family
{fanatik/a} fanatical
{fand/i} melt (transitive verb.)
{fanfar/o} fanfare, flourish
{fanfaron/i} brag
{fantazi/o} fantasy, {~a} fantastic, of fantasy
{fantom/o} ghost, phantom, {~i} haunt
{far/i} make, do, {~o} deed, {~ig^i} be(come)(made); 
   (for {far, far', fare de} see p. 293)
{farb/i, ~o} paint (house, etc.)
{farc^/i} stuff (cooking), {~o} stuffing
{farm/i, ~o} farm, {~igi} farm out, 
   {~isto} farmer (properly refers to working land for another)
{fart/i} fare, {kiel vi ~as?} how are you? {bon~o} well-being
{farun/o} flour, meal, {~aj^o} pastry; bakery item 
   (any food made from flour)
{fasad/o} facade, "front"
{fascin/i} fascinate, {~a} fascinating
{fask/o} bundle, sheaf
{fatal/o} (ill) fate, {~a} ill-fated
{fau^k/o} jaws, maw, {~i} gape, yawn
{favor/o, ~i} favor, {~a} favorable, advantageous, {~ata} favorite
{faz/o} phase
{fe(in)/o, ~a} fairy
{febr/o} fever, {~a} feverish, {~i} have a fever
{Februar/o} February
{federaci/o} federation
{federal/a} federal
{fek/i} defecate, {~(aj^)o} excrement, dung
{fekund/a} fertile
{fel/o} fur, hide, skin (animal)
{felic^/a} happy, {~(ec)o} happyness
{femur/o} thigh
{fend/i} split (transitive verb.), {~(aj^)o} crack, crevice
{fenestr/o} window, {~umo} shutter
{fenomen/o} phenomenon, {~a} phenomenal
{fer/o, ~a} iron, {~vojo} railway
{ferdek/o} deck (ship, etc.)
{feri/o} holiday, {la ~oj} vacation
{ferm/i} close (transitive verb.), {~ig^i} close (intransitive verb.), 
   {mal~i} open
{ferment/i} ferment, {~ilo} yeast, leaven, {~aj^o} "starter" dough
{feroc/a} fierce
{fervor/o} zeal, fervor, {~a} zealous, {~i} be zealous
{fest/i} celebrate, {~o} celebration, party
{festen/o} banquet, feast
{feu^d/o} fief, {~a} feudal, {~ulo} vassal
{fi!} shame! {~rakonto} dirty story, {~fama} of ill repute (see p. 277)
{fianc^(in)/o} fiance(e)
{fiask/o} fiasco, failure, {~i} fail
{fibol/o} safety pin
{fibr/o} fiber
{fid/o} faith, trust, {~i (je)} have faith (in), rely on, 
   {~inda} trustworthy, reliable, {mem~a} confident, self-assured
{fidel/a} faithful
{fier/a} proud, {~o} pride, {~i (pri)} be proud (of)
{figur/o} figure; representation, image, diagram, {~i} represent, 
   depict, {~a} figurative, {~anto} extra (performer in a play, etc.)
{fikci/o} fiction, {~a} fictional, fictitious
{fiks/i} make fast, attach, determine, fix (incl. photography),
   {~a} fixed
{fil/o} son, {~ino} daughter
{filatel(i)/o} philately (stamp-collecting)
{fili/o} branch, affiliate, {~igi, ig^i} affiliate
{filik/o} fern
{film/o} film
{filozof/o} philosopher, {~i} philosophize, {~io} philosophy
{filtr/i, ~ilo} filter
{fin/i} finish, end (transitive verb.), {~o} end, {~aj^o} ending, 
   {~a} final, {~e} finally, at last, {fin~fine} at long last, 
   {~ig^i} end up, come to the end, {~stacio} end-of-the-line
{financ/o, ~i} finance, {~a} financial
{fingr/o} finger, {dik~o} thumb, {pied~o} toe, {~ingo} thimble, 
   {~umi} finger, handle
{finn/o} Finn, {~a} ~ish, {~ujo, ~io, ~lando} Finland
{firm/a} firm, stable, {~(a)o} a firm (commercial business)
{fis^/o, ~i} fish, {~kapti} go ~ing
{fizik/o} physics, {~a} physical
{fizionomi/o} physiognomy (face)
{fjord/o} fjord, inlet
{flag/o} flag, banner
{flagr/i} flare (up), {ek~i} burst into flames, {~eti} flicker
{flam/o, ~i} flame, {~kapa} hot-headed
{flan/o} any flat, thin pastry (pancake, etc.)
{flanel/o, ~a} flannel
{flank/o} side, {~a} side, incidental, {~en} to the side, 
   {~e(n) de} alongside, {de~ig^i} go astray, get off the 
   subject, {~okupo} sideline, {unu~a} unilateral
{flar/i} smell (with nose)
{flat/i} flatter, {~(ad)o} ~y
{flav/a, ~o} yellow
{fleg/i} nurse, tend to, {~ist(in)o} nurse
{flegm/o} phlegm; indifference, {~a} passive, stolid, indifferent
{fleks/i} bend (transitive verb.), {~ebla} flexible
{flik/i} patch (up), mend, {~aj^o} patch
{flirt/i} flutter, flit; flirt
{flor/o, ~i} flower, bloom, {ek~i} come into bloom
{flos/o} raft, {~i} float
{flu/i} flow, {~o} current, stream, {~a} fluent, {~aj^o} fluid, 
   {~linia} streamlined, {super~a} overflowing; superfluous
{flug/i} fly, {~o} flight, {~ilo} wing, {~haveno} airport, 
   {~mas^ino} aircraft, {~folio} flier (leaflet)
{fluid/a, ~(aj^)o} liquid
{flus/o, ~a} flood (tide), {mal~a, mal~o} ebb
{flustr/i, ~o} whisper
{foir/o} fair (market)
{foj/o} time, occasion, {~a} occasional, {~e} on occasion, once, 
   sometimes, {unu~e} on one occasion, one time, 
   {unua~e} for the first time, {kelk~e} several times
{fojn/o} hay, {~amaso} ~stack
{fok/o} seal (animal)
{fokus/o} focus
{foli/o} leaf, sheet (paper), {~aro} foliage, {~umi} leaf through
{folklor/o} folklore
{fon/o} background
{fond/i} found, establish, {~aj^o} foundation
{fondus/o} fund
{fonetik/a} phonetic, {~o} ~s
{fonograf/o} cylinder phonograph
{font/o} source, spring, {~i} spring, well up, {~oplumo} fountain pen
{fontan/o} fountain
{for} away, {~a} distant, {~igi} remove, get rid of, {~iri} go away, 
   {~preni} take away, {~lasi} leave, abandon, {~mang^i} eat up, 
   {~esti} be absent, {~permeso} furlough, leave
{forges/i} forget
{fork/o} fork
{form/o, ~i} form, shape, {re~i} reform, {ali~igi, trans~i} transform, 
   {unu~a} uniform
{formal/a} formal
{formik/o} ant, {~i} feel "pins and needles"
{formul/o} formula, {~i} formulate, {~aro} blank, form (to be filled in)
{forn/o} stove, oven, furnace, kiln
{fort/a} strong, {~(ec)o} strength, force, {(pli)~igi} fortify, 
   {super~i} prevail over, {per~i} violate, {per~o} violence, 
   {~ostrec^o} exertion
{fortik/a} sturdy, robust, {~aj^o} fortification
{Fortun/o} Fortune
{forum/o} forum
{fos/i} dig, {~aj^o} pit, hole, ditch, etc., {~ilo} spade, 
   {sub~i} undermine, subvert, {sub~a} subversive
{fosfor/o} phosphorus
{fosforesk/a} phosphorescent, {~i} glow in the dark
{fost/o} post, stake, stanchion (any such vertical support)
{fot(ograf)/i} photograph, {~isto} ~er, {fot(ografaj^)o} photo
{frag/o} strawberry
{fragment/o} fragment, {~a} ~ary
{frak/o} evening dress, "tails"
{frakas/i} shatter, smash
{frakci/o} fraction
{fraksen/o} ash (tree)
{framason/o} (free)mason, {~a} masonic
{framb/o} raspberry
{franc/o} Frenchman, {~a} French, {~ujo, ~io} France
{frand/i} relish, eat (some delicacy) for pleasure,
   {~aj^o} tidbit, delicacy
{frang^/o} fringe
{frap/i} hit, knock, {~eti} tap
{frat/o} brother, {~ino} sister
{frau^d/i} defraud, swindle
{frau^l/o} bachelor, {~ino} unmarried woman, Miss
{fraz/o} sentence
{frekvent/i} frequent, visit regularly
{fremd/a} foreign, strange, {~ulo} foreigner, stranger
{frenez/a} crazy, insane, {~i} rave, act crazy, {~ig^i} go crazy, 
   {~ulo} lunatic, {~ulejo} insane asylum
{fres^/a} fresh, recent, {mal~a} stale, {re~igi} refresh
{frid/a} frigid, cold, {~igi} refrigerate, {~ujo} refrigerator
{fripon/o} crook, cheat(er), {~i} do something crooked, cheat 
   (intransitive verb.), {pri~i} cheat (transitive verb.)
{frit/i} fry (transitive verb.)
{frivol/a} frivolous, {~o} frivolity
{friz/i} curl, "do" (hair), {~o} hair-do, {~isto} hairdresser
{fromag^/o} cheese
{front/o} (battle)front, frontage, {(al)~i} face
{frost/o, ~a} freezing cold, {~igi} freeze, {~igilo} freezer, 
   {~ovundo} frostbite
{frot/i} rub, {~(ad)o} friction
{fru/a} early, {mal~a} late, {mal~i} be late, {pli mal~e} later (on)
{frukt/o} fruit, {~i} bear fruit, {~odona, ~oporta} fruitful
{frunt/o} forehead
{frustr/i} frustrate
{fug^/i} flee, run away
{fulg/o} soot
{fulm/o} lightning
{fum/o, ~i} smoke, {~tubo} ~stack, {ne fumi} no smoking
{fund/o} bottom, foundation, {g^is~a} thoroughgoing
{fundament/a} fundamental, {~o} foundation
{funebr/i} mourn, {~a} ~ful, {~o} ~ing, {~aj^oj} funeral services
{funel/o, ~i} funnel
{fung/o} mushroom, fungus
{funkci/i} function, "work," {~o} function, {~ulo} functionary,
   {mal~(ig^)i} be/go on the blink, malfunction
{funt/o} pound
{furioz/a} furious
{furor/o} hit, craze, an "in thing," {~i} be a hit, be "in,"
   {~libro} bestseller
{furz/i, ~o} fart
{fusil/o} rifle
{fus^/i} bungle, botch, "screw up"
{fut/o} foot (12 inches)
{futbal/o} soccer, {usona ~o} football

{gabardin/o} gabardine
{gael/a} Gaelic
{gaj/a} cheerful, merry, {mal~a} sad, dreary
{gajn/i} gain, earn, win
{gal/o} gall, bile
{galeri/o} gallery
{galjon/o} galloon, gold braid; stripe (uniform)
{galop/i, ~o} gallop
{galos^/o} galosh, overshoe
{gam/o} gamut, scale, key (music)
{gamb/o} whole leg (see p. 278)
{gangster/o} gangster, hoodlum
{gant/o} glove, mitten
{gap/i} gape, gawk, look about stupidly
{garag^/o} garage, {~i} put away (car), dock (boat)
{garanti/o, ~i} guarantee, warrant, {~aj^o} pledge (pawn),
   security (loan), {~ulo} hostage
{gard/i} guard, watch over, {sin~i} take care, {sin~ema} cautious,
   careful, {~u vin!} look out! (military: "Atten-tion!")
{gargar/i} gargle; rinse (dishes, etc.)
{garn/i} garnish, trim, fit out
{garnizon/o} garrison
{gast/o} guest, {~i} be a guest, receive hospitality, stay with, 
   {~igi} entertain, put (somebody) up, {~iganto} host, 
   {~ama} hospitable, {~ameco} hospitality, {~ejo} inn, hostel
{gazet/o} gazette, periodical, (small) magazine, {~aro} press
{gazon/o} lawn
{ge/} (prefix denoting both sexes; see p. 167)
{gencian/o} gentian
{gener/i} generate, beget, {~a} genital
{generaci/o} generation
{general/o} general (military)
{geni/o} genius, {~a} ingenious, {~ulo} genius
{gent/o} clan, race, ethnic group
{genu/o} knee, {~(ig^)i} kneel
{geograf/o} geographer
{geografi/o} geography
{geolog/o} geologist
{geologi/o} geology
{german/o, ~a} German, {~ujo, ~io} ~y
{gest/o, ~i} gesture, {~lingvo} sign language
{gic^et/o} window (ticket-seller's, bank, etc.)
{gigant/o} giant, {~a} gigantic
{gimnazi/o} secondary school (see p. 258)
{gingiv/o} gum (mouth)
{gips/o} gypsum, plaster of Paris
{girland/o} garland, wreath
{gist/o} yeast
{gitar/o} guitar
{glaci/o} ice, {~a} icy, {~aj^o} ~cream, {~monto} ~berg, {~ejo} glacier
{glad/i} iron (clothes), {~ilo} iron, {~otabulo} ~ing board
{glas/o} glass (also plastic, metal, etc., for drinking)
{glat/a} smooth, {~igi} (make) smooth, {~umi} pet, rub soothingly, stroke
{glav/o} sword, {~ingo} scabbard
{glazur/o, ~i} glaze (pottery)
{glis/i} glide (through air), {~ilo} glider, sailplane,
   {pend~ilo} hang-glider
{glit/i} slide, slip, {~kuri, ~(kur)ilo} skate, {~(ig)a} slippery,
   {~pilko} hockey
{glob/o} globe; ball (billiard, bowling, etc.); ball-bearing; 
   {~eto} marble; corpuscle, {~krajon/o} ballpoint pen, {~lud(ad)o}
   bowling, {~trotulo} globe-trotter, {ter~o} the globe (earth)
{glor/o} glory, {~a} glorious, {~i} glorify (transitive verb.),
   {~kanto} paean
{glos/o} a gloss, {~aro} glossary
{glu/i} glue, stick (transitive verb.), {~(aj^)o} glue, {~marko} sticker
{glut/i} swallow, {en~i} swallow up, engulf, {~egi} gulp down
{golf/o} gulf, bay; golf
{gorg^/o} throat
{goril/o} gorilla
{grac/o} grace (of God)
{graci/a} graceful, {~(ec)o} grace(fulness), {mal~a} awkward
{grad/o} degree, grade, {(lau^)~a} gradual
{graf/o} count, {~lando} ~y (in Europe)
{grafik/o} graphic arts, {~a} graphic, {~aj^o} graph
{grajn/o} grain
{grak/i} caw, croak
{gram/o} gram (weight)
{gramatik/o} grammar
{gramofon/o} phonograph, record-player
{grand/a} big, great, {~ega} huge, {mal~a} small, {~(ec)o} size,
   {po~e} wholesale, {~anima} magnanimous, {pli~igi} enlarge
{gras/o} grease, fat, {~a} greasy, fatty, {~i} grease
{grat/i} scratch
{gratul/i} congratulate, {~o} congratulation
{grav/a} important, serious, {ne ~as} it doesn't matter
{graved/a} pregnant, {~ig^i} conceive
{gravit/o} gravity
{gravur/i} engrave, {~(aj^)o} engraving
{greg/o} flock, herd
{grek/o, ~a} Greek, {~ujo, ~io} Greece
{gren/o} grain (of wheat, etc.)
{grenad/o} grenade
{gril/o} cricket (insect)
{grimac/o, ~i} grimace
{grimp/i} climb
{grinc/i} grind, gnash (teeth), grate, creak
{grip/o} flu, influenza
{griz/o, ~a} gray
{gros^/o} groschen (small coin)
{grot/o} grotto, cave
{grotesk/a} grotesque
{gru/o} crane (bird, machine)
{grumbl/i} grumble, growl
{grund/o} ground, soil
{grup/o} group
{gruz/o} gravel, grit
{guberni/o} province (E. Europe)
{gudr/o, ~i} tar
{gulas^/o} goulash, stew
{gulden/o} guilder (Dutch money)
{gum/i} erase, {~o} ~r, gum, {mac^~o} chewing gum
{gurd/o} hurdy-gurdy, barrel organ, {~isto} organ grinder, 
   {~ita} hackneyed, "corny"
{gust/o} taste, {~i} taste (intransitive verb.), {~igi} season, flavor,
   {~umi} taste (food, etc.), {bon~o} good taste, {bon~a} tasty,
   {sen~a} tasteless, {~umo} (sense of) taste (see p.228).
{gut/o} drip, drop, {~i} drip, {~eto} droplet
{guvern/i} teach privately, coach, {~isto} tutor, {~istino} governess
{gvardi/o} guard (elite military corps, not sentry)
{gvat/i} spy on, keep an eye on, {~sekvi} shadow, "tail"
{gvid/i} guide, lead, show the way, {~ilo} guide-book, {~isto} guide

{g^angal/o} jungle
{g^arden/o} garden
{g^em/i} groan, moan
{g^emel/o, ~a} twin
{g^en/i} bother, trouble, disturb, {sen~a} free and easy,
   without ceremony, {sin~a} shy, self-conscious
{g^endarm/o} gendarme, patrolman
{g^eneral/a} general
{g^enr/o} genre
{g^entil/a} polite, courteous, well brought up
{g^erm/o} germ (beginning of growth), {~i} ~inate
{g^i} it, {~a} ~s
{g^ib/o} hump, {~(hav)a} hunch-backed, {~ulo} hunchback
{g^in/o} gin (drink)
{g^ir/i} endorse (check, etc.), {~o} ~ment, {~anto} ~r, {~ato} ~e
{g^is} until, {g^is la revido} so long, goodbye,
   {g^is morgau^} until tomorrow, by tomorrow, {g^is!} So long!
{g^oj/i} be glad, {~(ec)o} gladness, joy, {~a} glad, {mal~a} sad,
   {mal~o} sorrow, sadness, {~igi} make (someone) glad
{g^u/i} enjoy, delight in
{g^ust/a} right, exact, {~e} just, exactly, {(al)~igi} put right,
   adjust, {mal~a} wrong, {~atempe} at the right time

{ha!} ah! {Ha lo?} Hello? (telephone)
{Hag/o} The Hague
{hajl/o} hail, {~ero} ~stone
{hak/i} chop, hack, {~ilo} axe, {~eti} mince, dice, chop (food),
   {~viando} hamburger meat
{hal/o} hall (great room)
{haladz/o} fume(s), gassy odor, {~a} fumy, gassy,
   {~i} fume, give off a noxious odor
{halt/i} come to a halt, {~o} stop, {bus~ejo} busstop,
   {~igi} stop (transitive verb.)
{hant/i} haunt
{har/o} a hair, {~oj, ~aro} hair
{hard/i} harden, temper
{harem/o} harem
{harmoni/o} harmony, {~a} harmonious, {~i} harmonize
{harp/o} harp
{has^is^/o} hashish, marijuana
{hau^t/o} skin, {sen~igi} skin
{hav/i} have, {mal~i} lack, {~igi} procure, get, {~ebla} available,
   {en~o} contents, {nemal~ebla} indispensable
{haven/o} harbor, port
{hazard/o} chance, "luck of the draw," {~e} by chance,
   {~a} random, chance
{he!} hey!
{hebre/o, ~a} Hebrew, Jew(ish)
{heder/o} ivy
{heg^/o} hedge
{hejm/o} home, {~e} at home, {~eca} ~y
{hejt/i} heat; stoke, {~ilo} heater, {~aj^o} fuel
{hel/a} bright, clear, light(colored), {mal~a} dark
{helebor/o} hellebore
{helic/o} helix, propeller
{helik/o} snail
{help/i} help, {~o} aid, {unua ~o} first aid, {~a} auxiliary,
   {~ema} ~ful, {mal~i} hinder
{hemisfer/o} hemisphere
{hen/i} whinny
{hepat/o} liver
{herb/o} grass, {~ejo} ~y place, meadow
{hered/i} inherit, {~aj^o} ~ance, {~igi} bequeath, leave
{herez/o} heresy, {~a} heretical, {~ulo} heretic
{hero/o} hero, {~a} ~ic, {~ino} ~ine
{heroin/o} heroin
{herold/o, ~i} herald
{herpet/o} herpes
{hezit/i} hesitate, {~o} hesitation
{hierau^} yesterday, {antau^~} day-before-yesterday, {~a} of yesterday
{higien/o} hygiene, {~a} hygienic
{himn/o} hymn, anthem
{hind/o, ~a} Indian (Asia), {~ujo, ~io} India
{hindu/o, ~a} Hindu
{hipnot/o} hypnotic trance, {~igi} hypnotize, {~isto} hypnotist
{hipokrit/i} dissemble, {~a} hypocritical, {~ulo} hypocrite
{hipotez/o} hypothesis, {~a} hypothetical, {~i} hypothesize
{hirt/i} bristle (hair, etc.), {~a} bristling, untidy, standing on end,
   {~igi} tousle
{hirund/o} swallow (bird)
{his/i} hoist, run up (flag, etc.), {~ilo} halyard
{hispan/o} Spaniard, {~a} Spanish, {~ujo, ~io, ~lando} Spain
{histeri/o} hysteria, {~a} hysterical
{histori/o} history, story
{hmm!} hmm!
{ho!} oh!
{hobi/o} hobby
{hoboj/o} oboe
{hodiau^} today, {~a} present-day, {la ~a tempo} nowadays
{hoj!} ahoy!
{hok/o, ~a} hook
{hoke/o} hockey
{hola!} hey, there! hold on!
{Holand/o} Holland, {~ano} ~er, Dutchman, {~a} Dutch
{hom/o} human being, "man," {~aro} mankind, humanity,
   {~amaso} crowd
{honest/a} honest
{honor/i, ~o} honor
{hont/i} be ashamed, {~o} shame, {~a} ashamed, {~igi} put to
   shame, {~inda} shameful, {~e al... } shame on...
{hor/o} hour, time (of day), {~aro} time-table, schedule (bus, etc.)
{horde/o} barley
{horizont/o} horizon
{horizontal/a} horizontal
{horlog^/o} clock, watch, {brak~} wrist-watch
{horor/o} horror, {~i} be horrified
{hospital/o} hospital
{hotel/o} hotel
{hu!} boo!
{huf/o} hoof, {~fero} horseshoe
{human/a} humane, {~isto} humanist
{humid/a} humid, moist, damp
{humil/a} humble, {~eco} humility
{humor/o} humor (mood, temper)
{humur/o} humor (wit), {~a} ~ous
{hund/o} dog, {~a} canine
{hungar/o, ~a} Hungarian, {~ujo, ~io/-lando} Hungary
{hura!} hurrah! {~i, ~o} cheer
{hurl/i, ~o} howl

{h^aos/o} chaos, {~a} chaotic
{h^emi/o} chemistry, {~isto} chemist (preferred form: {kemio,} etc.)
{h^imer/o} chimera, {~a} chimerical
{h^in/o, ~a} Chinese (preferred form: {c^ino,} etc.)
{h^irurg/o} surgeon, {~a} surgical, {~io} surgery (the science)
{h^oler/o} cholera
{h^or/o} choir, chorus, {~ejo} choir loft

{i-} (forms correlative; see p. 127)
{-id/} (suffix denoting offspring; see p. 212), {~aro} descendants
{ide/o} idea
{ideal/o, ~a} ideal, {~isto} idealist
{ident/o} identity, {~a} identical, {~igi} identify
{ideografi/o} picture writing
{ideologi/o} ideology
{idiom/o} tongue, language
{idiot/o} idiot, {~a} ~ic, {~eco} idiocy
{idiotism/o} idiom
{idol/o} idol, {~ano} ~ator
{-ig/} (suffix denoting cause; see pp. 103, 201),
   {~i} cause (to be), make
{ignor/i} ignore
{-ig^/} (suffix denoting becoming; see pp. 117, 208), {~i} become, "get"
{iks/o} the letter X, {~radioj} X-rays
{-il/} (suffix denoting instrument; see p. 117), {~o} tool
{ileks/o} holly
{ili} they, {~a} their
{ilumin/i} illuminate, enlighten
{ilustr/i} illustrate, {~aj^o} illustration
{iluzi/o} illusion, {~a} misleading, {~i} delude, {~isto} magician,
   {sen~igi} set (someone) straight, {sen~ig^i} become disillusioned
{imag/i} imagine, {~o} imagination
{imit/i} imitate, {~(ad)o, ~aj^o} imitation
{imperi/o} empire, {~estro} emperor, {~ismo} imperialism,
   {~isto} imperialist
{imperialism/o} imperialism
{impertinent/a} impertinent, {~eco} impertinence, {~ulo} boor
{impet/o} rapid or strong forward movement, {~i} move
   forward with great energy
{implic/i} imply
{implik/i} implicate, entangle
{impon/i} impress forcibly, strike, {~a} imposing
{impost/o, ~i} tax, {~isto} tax collector, revenue agent,
   {~ebla} subject to tax
{impres/o} impression, {~i} make an impression on,
   {~ebla, ~ig^ema} ~able
{impuls/o} impulse, impetus, {~i} impel
{imun/a} immune
{-in/} (suffix denoting feminine; see p. 82), {~o, ~a} female
{inau^gur(aci)/i} inaugurate, {~o} inauguration, {~a} inaugural
{incendi/o} conflagration, fire, {~a} incendiary
{incens/o} incense
{incit/i} incite, provoke, excite, {~eti} tease
{-ind/} (suffix denoting worth; see p. 154), {~a} worthy
{indeks/o, ~i} index (by alphabet)
{indian/o, ~a} (American) Indian
{indiferent/a} indifferent; immaterial
{indign/i} be indignant
{indig^en/o, ~a} native
{indik/i} indicate, {~o} indication
{individu/o, ~a} individual
{indulg/i} indulge, be lenient with, spare
{industri/o} industry, {~a} industrial, {~isto} industrialist
{inert/a} inert
{infan/o} child, {~(ec)a} ~ish
{infanteri/o} infantry
{infekt/i} infect, {~o} ~ion, {sen~igi} dis~
{infer/o} hell, {~a} infernal
{infest/i} infest, {~o} ~ation
{inflaci/o} inflation (finance)
{influ/o, ~i} influence
{inform/i} inform, make known, {~(aj^)o} information,
   {~ig^i} find out, be advised, {~ado} publicity
{-ing/} (suffix denoting holder or socket), {glav~o} scabbard,
   {kandel~o} candlestick, {fingr~o} thimble, {~o} socket, holder
{ingven/o} groin
{ing^enier/o} engineer
{iniciat/i} initiate (a thing), start
{injekt/i} inject, {~ilo} (hypodermic) syringe
{ink/o} ink, {~ujo} well
{inkandesk/a} incandescent
{inklin/o} inclination, disposal (toward), {~i} be inclined
   (toward something)
{inkluziv/i} include, {~a} inclusive, {~e} inclusively,
   {~e} (+ accusative), {~e de} including
{inkub/o} incubus; nightmare, {~a} nightmarish
{insekt/o} insect
{insid/a} insidious, {~o} snare, {~i} set a snare or trap (for)
{insign/o} badge; coat-of-arms
{insist/i} insist
{inspekt/i} inspect, {~(ad)o} ~ion, {~isto} ~or
{inspektor/o = inspektisto}
{inspir/i} inspire, {~a} inspiring, {~(aj^)o} inspiration
{instanc/o} court, competent official authority
{instig/i} urge, spur on, impel, encourage to
{instinkt/o} instinct
{instituci/o} institution
{institut/o} institute
{instru/i} instruct, teach, {~isto} teacher
{instrukci/o} instructions, directions
{instrument/o} instrument
{insul/o} island, {duon~o} peninsula, {~aro} archipelago
{insult/i} "cuss out," insult, {~o} verbal abuse
{integr/a} integral
{intelekt/o} intellect, {~a, ~ulo} ~ual
{inteligent/a} intelligent, {~o} intelligence
{intenc/i} intend, {~o} intention, {~a} intentional, {~e} on purpose
{intendant/o} superintendent, steward, {~ino} matron
{intens/a} intense, intensive
{inter} between, among, {~nacia} international,
   {~s^ang^i} exchange, {~rompi} interrupt, {~paroli} converse,
   {~kompreno} mutual understanding, {~veni} intervene
{interes/i, ~o} interest, {~a} ~ing, {~ig^i} take an interest (in);
   see p. 287
{intermit/a} intermittent, {~i} occur intermittently, go on and off
{intern/a} internal, inner, {~o} inside, interior
{interpret/i} interpret, {~o} ~ation, {~isto} ~or
{interpunkci/o} punctuation, {~i} punctuate
{interval/o} interval
{intervju/i, ~o} interview
{intest/o} intestine
{intim/a} intimate, close
{intransitive verb.ig/i} intrigue, {~o} plot
{inund/i, ~o} flood
{invad/i} invade, {~o} invasion
{invalid/o} disabled person, {~a} disabled
{invent/i} invent, {~aj^o} ~ion, {~isto} ~or
{inventar/o} inventory
{invers/a} the other way around, reversed, {~e} vice-versa
{invit/i} invite, {~o} invitation
{ipsilon/o} the letter Y
{ir/i} go, {al~i} approach, {antau^en~i} go forward,
   {c^irkau^~i} go around, circumvent, {ek~i} start out, {el~i} go
   out, exit, {El~o} Exodus, {en~i} enter, go in, {for~i} leave, go 
   away, {re~i} go back, return, {sub~i} go down, set (sun),
   {supren~i} go up, ascend, {trans~i} cross, {el~ejo} exit, way
   out, {pied~i} go on foot, {pied~anto} pedestrian
{Iran/o} Iran, {~a, ~ano} ~ian
{Irland/o} Ireland, {~a} Irish, {~ano} Irishman
{ironi/o} irony, {~a} ironic
{Islam/o} Islam, {~a} ~ic
{Island/o} Iceland, {~a} ~ic
{-ism/} (suffix denoting an ism; see p. 208)
{-ist/} (suffix denoting occupation; see p. 82)
{ital/o, ~a} Italian, {~ujo, ~io} Italy
{izol/i} isolate, seclude, insulate, {~a} isolated, secluded,
   {~ilo} insulator
{Izrael/o} Israel, {~a, ~ano} ~i

{ja} indeed; emphatic particle
{jad/o, ~a} jade
{jaguar/o} jaguar
{jah^t/o} yacht
{jak/o} jacket
{jakt/o = jah^to}
{jam} already, {jam ne} no longer, {jam nun} right now
{Januar/o} January
{japan/o, ~a} Japanese, {~ujo, ~io, ~lando} Japan
{jar/o} year, {(c^iu)~a} annual, {~cento} century,
   {~deko} decade, {super~o} leap year
{jard/o} yard (3 feet)
{Jav/o} Java
{jaz/o} jazz
{je} at, on, by, etc. (see p.152)
{Jehov/o} Jehovah
{jen} behold (calls attention to; see p. 117)
{jen/o} yen (Japanese money)
{jes} yes, {~i} assent, say yes, {~o} assent
{Jesu/o, Jezu/o} Jesus
{jet/o} jet plane
{jid/a} Yiddish
{Joc^j/o} Johnny
{jod/o} Iodine
{jodl/i} yodel
{jog/o} yoga
{jogurt/o} yoghurt
{Johan/o} John
{jot/o} iota, jot
{ju... des... } the... the... , {ju pli granda, des pli bona}
   the bigger the better
{jubil/a} jubilant, {~o} jubilation, exultation, {~i} exult
{jubile/o, ~a} jubilee
{jud/o} Jew, {~a} ~ish, {~ismo} Judaism
{jug/o, {~i} yoke
{jugoslav/o, ~a} Yugoslav(ian), {~ujo, ~io} Yugoslavia
{jugland/o} walnut
{jug^/i, ~isto} judge, {~o} ~ment, {~ejo} court(room),
   {antau^~o} prejudice
{juk/i, ~o} itch
{Jul/o} Yule
{Juli/o} July
{jun/a} young, {~eco, ~ulo} youth
{jung/i, ~ilaro, ~aj^o} harness
{Juni/o} June
{jup/o} skirt, {sub~o} petticoat
{jur/o} law (legal system or profession), jurisprudence, {~isto} jurist
{just/a} just, fair, righteous, {~eco} justice, righteousness
{juvel/o} jewel

{j^aluz/a} jealous, {~o} ~y, {~i} be jealous
{j^argon/o} jargon
{j^au^d/o} Thursday
{j^azo = jazo}
{j^et/i} throw, {~kuboj} dice, {~eti} toss
{j^ongl/i} juggle, {~isto} ~r
{j^ur/i} swear, {~o} oath
{j^urnal/o} newspaper, {~isto} journalist
{j^us} just (now), just before

{kaban/o} cabin, hut, shack
{kabared/o, kabaret/o} cabaret
{kabinet/o} cabinet; room for study
{kabl/o} cable, {~gramo} ~gram
{kac^/o} mush; mess
{kadavr/o} cadaver, corpse
{kadr/o} frame(work); cadre, {en~igi} frame
{kaduk/a} decayed, decrepit, dilapidated; (law) lapsed
{kaf/o} coffee, {~ejo} cafe
{kaftan/o} caftan (Oriental garment)
{kag^/o} cage
{kaj} and; {kaj... kaj... } both... and...
{kaj/o} quay, platform
{kajer/o} exercise-book; folder
{kajut/o} cabin (ship, etc.)
{kakt/o} cactus
{kal/o} corn (feet)
{kaldron/o} cauldron, kettle, boiler
{kalembur/o} pun
{kalendar/o} calendar
{kalik/o} chalice, goblet
{kalk/o} lime, {~i, ~aj^o} white-wash
{kalkan/o} heel (foot), {~umo} heel (shoe)
{kalkul/i} calculate, count, figure, {~o} calculation;
   bill (restaurant, store, etc.)
{kalumni/i} slander, libel, bad-mouth
{kalson/o} underpants, drawers, panties,
   {~eto} briefs, bottom half of bikini
{kalv/a} bald
{Kalvari/o} Calvary
{kamarad/o} pal, buddy, comrade
{kambi/o} bill of exchange
{kamel/o} camel
{kamen/o} fireplace, hearth; {~tubo} chimney, smokestack,
   {~breto} mantel(piece)
{kamer/o} small room; dark-room
{kamion/o} truck, {~eto} van
{kamp/o} field, {~aro} countryside, {~ara} rural, {~arano, ~ulo}
   country-dweller, farmer, peasant, {~(um)i, ~log^i} camp out
{kampanol/o} Canterbury bell, bellflower
{kan/o} cane, reed
{Kanad/o} Canada, {~a, ~ano} Canadian
{kanajl/o} scoundrel, rogue, {~aro} rabble, riff-raff
{kanal/o} canal, channel
{kanap/o} couch
{kancer/o} cancer; canker
{kandel/o} candle, {~ingo} ~holder
{kandidat/o} candidate, {~i} run for election
{kanibal/o} cannibal
{Kanj/o} Cathy
{kanjon/o} canyon
{kanon/o} cannon
{kanot/o} small open boat
{kant/i} sing, {~o} song, {~aro} songbook
{kanzon/o} chanson, light-hearted ballad
{kaos/o} chaos
{kap/o} head, {~jesi} nod, {~nei} shake one's head,
   {~turn(ig)a} dizzy(ing)
{kapabl/a} capable
{kapel/o} chapel
{kapital/o} capital (money), {~isto} ~ist
{kapitan/o} captain
{kapitol/o} capitol
{kapitulac/i} capitulate, surrender
{kaporal/o} corporal
{kapot/o} hood (car); large coat with hood
{kapr/o} goat
{kapric/o} whim, {~a} capricious
{kapriol/i} caper, frolic about
{kapsul/o} capsule; firing cap
{kapt/i} catch, capture, {~ilo} snare, trap
{kapuc^/o} hood, cowl
{kar/a} dear, {~ul(in)o} darling
{karaf/o} carafe, decanter
{karakter/o} character, personality, nature
{karakteriz/i} characterize, {~a, ~aj^o} characteristic
{karapac/o} carapace, protective shell
{karavan/o} caravan; group traveling together
{karb/o} coal, {~papero} carbon paper
{karcer/o} jail cell
{kares/i} caress, fondle, stroke
{karier/o} career
{karitat/o} charity, {~a} charitable
{Karl/o} Charles
{karmezin/o, ~a} crimson
{karn/o} flesh, {~a} carnal
{karnaval/o} carnaval
{karot/o} carrot
{kart/o} card; menu, map
{kartoc^/o} cartridge
{karton/o} cardboard
{karusel/o} merry-go-round, carousel
{kas/o} money box, till, cashier's stand; fund; {~isto} cashier
{kaserol/o} casserole, saucepan
{kaset/o, kased/o} cassette
{kask/o} helmet
{kastel/o} castle
{kastor/o} beaver
{kastr/i} castrate
{kas^/i} hide, conceal, {mal~i} reveal, {mal~e} openly, frankly,
   {~ludo} hide-and-seek
{kas^tan/o} chestnut
{kat/o} cat, {~ido} kitten
{katalog/o, ~i} catalog
{Katarin/o} Catherine
{katastrof/o} catastrophe, {~a} catastrophic
{katedr/o} professorial chair or platform; pulpit
{katedral/o} cathedral
{kategori/o} category
{katen/o, ~i} fetter, shackle
{katolik/o, ~a} catholic, {~ismo} ~ism
{kau^c^uk/o, ~a} rubber
{kau^r/i} crouch, squat, cower
{kau^z/o} cause, reason, {~i} cause
{kav/o} cavity, {~a} hollow, concave
{kavaleri/o} cavalry
{kavalir/o} cavalier, knight
{kavern/o} cave, cavern, den
{kaz/o} case
{kazern/o} barracks
{kazin/o} casino
{ke} that (subordinate conjunction)
{kel/o} cellar, basement
{kelk/a(j), ~e da} some, a few, {~foje} sometimes
{kelner/o} waiter
{kern/o} core, pit (fruit, etc.), nucleus
{kest/o} chest, large box
{ki-} (forms correlative; see p. 127)
{kibuc/o} kibbutz
{kilometr/o} kilometer
{kimr/a} Welsh, {~o} ~man, {~ujo} Wales
{kin/o} cinema, {~ejo} movie theater
{kiras/o} armor
{kirl/i} stir, whirl, curl; froth, whip (food)
{kirurg/o = h^irurgo}
{kirurgi/o = h^irurgio}
{kis/i, ~o} kiss
{kitel/o} overalls, smock
{klac^/i, ~o} gossip
{klak/i} clap, rattle, make clicking sound
{klar/a} clear, plain, {~igi} clarify, explain
{klas/o} class, {en~igi} classify
{klasik/a} classic
{klau^n/o} clown
{klav/o} key (piano, typewriter, etc.), {~aro} keyboard
{kler/a} learned, well-informed, cultured
{klient/o} client, customer, {~aro} clientele
{klimat/o} climate, {~a} climatic
{klin/i} (transitive verb.) bend, incline, tilt
{kling/o} (knife, etc.) blade
{klinik/o} clinic
{klis^/o} (printer's) cut, half-tone; (photo) negative,
   {~(aj^)o} cliche, stereotype
{kloak/o} sewer
{klopod/i} take steps, try (see p. 255)
{klub/o} club, society, {~ano} club member
{knab/o} boy, {~(ec)a} ~ish, {~ino} girl
{knar/i} creak, grate, make screeching noise
{kned/i} knead
{kobold/o} imp, goblin
{kobr/o} cobra
{kod/o} code, {(en)~igi} encode, {de~igi} decode
{kofr/o} trunk, large suitcase, {~ujo} trunk (of car)
{kojn/o, ~i} wedge
{kok/o} rooster, cock, {~ino} hen, {~batalo} cockfight, {~ido} chick
{kokain/o} cocaine
{kokcinel/o} ladybug
{koket/a} coquettish, {~i} flirt
{kokon/o} cocoon
{kokos/o} coconut
{koks/o} hip
{koktel/o} cocktail
{kol/o} neck, {~umo} collar
{kolbas/o} sausage
{koleg/o} colleague
{kolegi/o} college
{kolekt/i} collect, gather, {~ig^i} gather together
{kolektiv/o, ~a} collective
{koler/a} angry, {~i} be angry, {~ig^i} get angry, {~o} anger
{kolizi/i} collide, {~o} collision
{kolomb/o} pigeon, dove, {~umi} "bill and coo"
{kolon/o} pillar, (architecture) column
{kolonel/o} colonel
{koloni/o} colony, settlement, {~a} colonial
{kolor/o} color, {~igi} color, paint
{kolos/a} colossal, {~o} colossus
{kolport/i} peddle, sell door-to-door
{kolumn/o} column (type, figures, soldiers, etc.)
{kom/o} comma
{komand/i} be in command
{komb/i, ~ilo} comb
{kombin/i} combine, {~aj^o} combination
{komedi/o} comedy
{komenc/i} (transitive verb.) begin, {~o} ~ning,
   {~ig^i} begin (intransitive verb.), {~a} initial
{koment/i, ~o} comment, {~aro} ~ary
{komerc/o} commerce, business, {~i} do business, {~isto} merchant
{komfort/o} comfort, {~a} ~able
{komik/a} comic(al)
{komisar/o} commissar
{komisi/o} errand, commission, {~i} entrust with a task,
   {~ito} commissioner
{komitat/o} committee
{komiz/o} clerk
{komod/o} dresser, chest of drawers
{komodor/o} commodore
{kompakt/a} compact
{kompani/o} company
{kompar/i} (transitive verb.) compare, {~o} comparison,
   {~e} comparatively
{kompas/o} compass
{kompat/o} compassion, pity, {~i} have compassion on, pity,
   {~inda} pitiful, "poor"
{kompetent/a} competent, {~ulo} expert
{kompil/i} compile, {~(aj^)o} compilation
{komplet/a} complete, {~o} set, suit (clothes, furniture, etc.),
   {~igi} complete
{komplez/o} favor, {~(em)a} kind, obliging, {~i} do a favor
{komplik/i} complicate, {~a} ~d
{kompliment/o, ~i} compliment
{komplot/o} plot, conspiracy
{kompon/i} compose (music), {~isto} ~r, {~aj^o} composition
{kompost/i} set in type
{kompren/i} understand, {~ebla} ~able, {~ema} ~ing, {~eble} of course
{komput/i} compute, {~ilo = komputero}
{komputer/o} computer
{komun/a} (in) common, {~umo} community, {~isto} Communist
{komuni/o} Communion
{komunik/i} communicate, {~(aj^)o} communication
{kon/i} know (be acquainted), {~ato} acquaintance,
   {ne~ata} unknown, {re~i} recognize
{koncept/o} concept
{koncern/i} concern, {~a} ~ed, in question
{koncert/o} concert
{koncip/i} conceive (a child)
{konciz/a} concise
{kondamn/i} condemn; sentence
{kondic^/o} condition, stipulation, {~i} stipulate, set conditions
{kondolenc/o} condolences, {~i} express condolences
{konduk/i} lead, conduct, take; drive (vehicle), {~isto} driver
{kondut/i} behave, conduct oneself, {~o} behavior, conduct
{konekt/i} connect up, plug in, {~o} connection
{konferenc/o} conference
{konfes/i} confess, {~o} ~ion, {~e} admittedly
{konfid/i} trust, confide, have confidence in
{konfidenc/o} a confidence, secret, {~a} confidential
{konfirm/i} confirm, corroborate, {~o} confirmation
{konfisk/i} confiscate
{konflikt/o} conflict
{konform/i} conform, {~a} ~ing, {~ig^i} conform, "shape up"
{konfuz/i} confuse, {~a} ~d, jumbled up, {~o} confusion
{kongres/o} congress, convention, {~i} hold or attend a congress
{kongru/a} congruent, {~i} coincide, fit together
{konjak/o} cognac, brandy
{konjekt/i} conjecture, surmise, {~o} conjecture, guess(work)
{konk/o} shell (clam, snail, etc.)
{konker/i} conquer
{konklud/o, ~i} (come to a) conclusion, infer(ence)
{konkret/a} concrete (not abstract)
{konkur/i} compete, rival, {~(ad)o} rivalry, (personal) competition
{konkurenc/o} (business, etc.) competition
{konkurs/o} contest
{konsci/i} be conscious/aware of, {~o} consciousness, awareness,
   {~a} conscious, aware, {sen~a} unconscious
{konscienc/o} conscience, {~a} conscientious
{konsekvenc/a} consistent, {~o} consistency, consequence,
   {ne~a} inconsistent
{konsent/i} consent, agree, {~o} agreement, consent, {~ite} OK, agreed
{konserv/i} conserve, keep, {~ema, (em)ulo} conservative
{konsider/i} consider, {~inda} ~able
{konsil/o} advice, counsel, {~i} advise, {~anto} counsellor,
   {~inda} advisable
{konsist/i} consist, {~o} ~ency, {~igi} make up, constitute
{konsol/i} console, comfort, {~o} consolation
{konspir/i} conspire, {~o} conspiracy
{konstant/a} constant, permanent
{konstat/i} realize to be a fact, ascertain, take note
{konstern/i} dismay, appall, {~o} consternation
{konstip/i} constipate, {~ita} ~d
{konstituci/o} constitution, {~a} ~al
{konstru/i} construct, build, {~aj^o} building
{konsul/o} consul
{konsult/i} consult, {~o} ~ation
{konsum/i} consume, use up, {~anto} consumer
{kont/o} account (finance)
{kontakt/i, ~o} contact, {fus^~o} short circuit
{kontant/o} cash money, {~a, ~e} in cash
{kontent/a} content, satisfied, pleased, {~igi} satisfy,
   {~o} contentment, satisfaction
{kontinent/o} continent, mainland
{kontor/o} (business) office
{kontraband/i} smuggle, {~isto} ~r, {~o} contraband, "hot goods"
{kontrakt/o} contract, {~i} make a contract
{kontralt/o} contralto
{kontrast/o, ~i} contrast
{kontrau^} against, across from, opposed to, in exchange for,
   {~e} on the contrary, {~i} oppose, {~stari} withstand, stand up to,
   {~ulo} opponent, {~vole} against one's will, {~diri} contradict
{kontribu/i} contribute, {~(aj^)o} contribution
{kontrol/i} check up on, audit, verify, supervise
{kontur/o} contour, outline
{kontuz/o, ~i} bruise
{konven/i} be appropriate, be suitable, {~a} suitable, seemly,
   as it should be, {mal~a} unseemly, not fitting
{konversaci/i} converse, {~o} conversation
{konvink/i} convince, persuade, {~o} conviction, belief
{konvuls/o} convulsion
{kopi/i, ~o} copy (see p. 285)
{kor/o} heart, {~a} cordial, hearty; cardiac, {~ligita} close,
   dear to the heart, {~tus^a} touching, moving
{Koran/o} Koran
{korb/o} basket
{kord/o} string (music), cord (anatomy)
{Kore/o, ~a} Korean, {~ujo, ~io} Korea
{korekt/i} correct
{korespond/i} correspond, {~anto} ~ent, pen-pal
{koridor/o} corridor, passage
{korn/o} horn (animal, etc.)
{kornik/o} crow
{korp/o} body
{korporaci/o} corporation
{kort/o} court(yard), {~ego, ~umo} court (see p. 239)
{korupt/i, ~ilo} bribe
{korv/o} raven
{kosm/o} cosmos, {~a spaco} outer space
{kost/i, ~o} cost, {multe~a} expensive
{kostum/o} costume; suit (clothes); outfit, what one is wearing
{kot/o} mud
{kotiz/i} subscribe to (publication, fund), {~o} subscription; dues
{koton/o} cotton
{kov/i} sit (as hen), incubate, {el~i} hatch out
{kovert/o} envelope
{kovr/i} cover, {~ilo} lid, cover, {mal~i} uncover, discover
{krac^/i} spit
{krad/o} grill, grid, grate
{krajon/o} pencil
{krak/i, ~o} crack (sound), {~eti} ~le
{kramp/o, ~i} clamp, staple, {~oj} brackets, parentheses
{kran/o} faucet, tap
{krani/o} skull
{kravat/o} necktie
{kre/i} create, {~it(aj^)o} creature
{kred/i} believe, {~o} belief, {~eble} probably, {~ema} credulous
{kredit/o} credit
{krem/o} cream
{kremaci/o} cremation, {~i} cremate
{kren/o} horseradish
{krepusk/o} twilight
{kresk/i} (intransitive verb.) grow, {~igi} grow (transitive verb.),
   raise, {~aj^o} plant
{krestomati/o} chrestomathy (book of model readings)
{kret/o} chalk
{krev/i} (intransitive verb.) burst
{kri/i} cry out, shout, {~egi} yell, {~signo} exclamation point
{kribr/i} sift, {~ilo} sieve
{krim/o} crime, {~a, ~ulo} criminal
{kripl/a} crippled, infirm
{Krist/o} Christ, {~ano} ~ian, {~anismo} ~ianity, {~nasko} ~mas,
   {~(nask)arbo} ~mas tree
{kristal/o, ~a} crystal
{kritik/i} criticize, {~o} criticism
{kriz/o} crisis, emergency, (fin) depression, {~a} critical
{kroc^/i} hook (onto), {al~ig^i} cling to, get caught on, {~ilo} hook
{krokodil/o} crocodile, {~i} speak one's national language
   among Esperantists
{krom} besides, apart from, {~e} besides, {~a} additional,
   {~tubo} spare tire, {~virino} concubine, {krom se} unless
{kron/o, ~i} crown, {~ado} coronation
{kronik/o} chronicle, {~isto} ~r, historian
{kroz/i} cruise
{kruc/o, ~i} cross, {~a} crucial, {~umi} crucify, {~osigni} make
   the sign of the cross, {~vortenigmo} crossword puzzle
{kruc^/o} jug, pitcher
{krud/a} raw, crude, rough
{kruel/a} cruel, fierce
{krur/o} leg (see p. 278)
{krut/a} steep, abrupt
{kser(ografi)/o} xerography, {~a} xerographic,
   {~okopio} xerographic copy
{k.t.p. = kaj tiel plu} etc.
{kub/o} cube
{Kub/o} Cuba, {~a, ~ano} ~n
{kubut/o} elbow
{kudr/i} sew, {~ero} stitch, {~ilo} needle, {kun~(aj^)o} seam
{kugl/o} bullet
{kuir/i} cook, {~ejo} kitchen
{kuk/o} cake, {~eto} cup~
{kukol/o} cuckoo
{kukum/o} cucumber
{kukurb/o} pumpkin, squash, gourd, etc.
{kul/o} gnat
{kuler/o} spoon
{kulis/o} flat (theater), {post la ~oj} behind the scenes
{kulp/o} blame, fault, guilt, {~a} guilty, {~igi} blame, {~ulo} culprit
{kultur/o} culture, {~i} cultivate
{kun} with, {~e} together, {~veno, ~sido} meeting, {~porti} bring
   along, take, {~ig^i} come together, {~igi} unite (tr), join,
   {~ulo} companion, {~labori} cooperate, {~voki} convoke, {~e kun}
   together with, {c^i~e} herewith
{kunikl/o} rabbit
{kupe/o} compartment (train), coupe (short wagon or car)
{kupl/i} couple (mechanics)
{kupol/o} cupola, dome
{kupon/o} coupon
{kupr/o, ~a} copper
{kur/i} run, {ek~i} start running, take to one's heels
{kurac/i} treat medically, {~ilo} medicine, {~isto} physician
{kurag^/o} courage, {~a} ~ous, brave, {~i} dare, {~igi} encourage
{kurb/o} curve, {~a} ~d, {~igi} bend
{kurioz/a} curious, quaint
{kurs/o} class (school), course
{kurten/o} curtain
{kurz/o} rate of exchange
{kusen/o} cushion, {lit~o} pillow
{kus^/i} lie, recline, {ek~i, ~ig^i} lie down, {~igi} lay
{kutim/o} custom, habit, {~e} ordinarily, {~i} be in the habit of,
   {al~ig^i} become accustomed, get in the habit of
{kuv/o} tub, vat
{kuz/o, ~ino} cousin
{kvadrat/o, ~a} square
{kvaker/o, ~a} Quaker
{kvalit/o} quality
{kvankam} although
{kvant/o} quantity
{kvar} four, {~a, ~ono} ~th, {~ope} by fours
{kvartal/o} district, neighborhood (of town)
{kvazau^} as if, as though; in a way
{kverel/i} quarrel, wrangle
{kverk/o, ~a} oak(en)
{kviet/a, ~o} quiet, calm
{kvin} five, {~a, ~ono} fifth
{kvit/a} paid up, free and clear, obligation satisfied
{kvitanc/o, ~i} receipt

{la} the
{labor/i, ~o} work, labor, {~ejo} workplace,
   {~isto} worker, laborer, {el~i} work out, {kun~i} cooperate,
   {per~i} earn, {~ema} hardworking, {mal~ema} slothful
{laboratori/o} laboratory
{lac/a} tired, {~ig^i} get tired
{lac^/o} (shoe)lace
{lad/o , ~a} sheet metal, tin, tin plate,
   {~skatolo, en~igi} can (food, etc.)
{laf/o, ~a} lava
{lag/o} lake
{lagun/o} lagoon
{laik/a, ~o} lay(man)
{lak/o, ~i} lacquer
{laks/a} loose (bowels), {mal~a} constipated, {~igilo} laxative
{lakt/o} milk
{laktuk/o} lettuce
{lam/a} lame, {~i} limp, {~bastono} crutch
{lament/i} wail, lament
{lamp/o} lamp
{lan/o, ~a} wool
{land/o} land, country, {~strato} highway, {~limo} border,
   {ekster~e} abroad, {(sam)~ano} compatriot
{lang/o} tongue
{lant/a} (poetic word for ) slow
{lantern/o} lantern
{lanug/o} fluff, down
{lapon/o, ~a} Lapp, Laplander
{lard/o} bacon
{larg^a} wide, broad, {mal~a} narrow, {lau^~e} crossways
{larik/o} larch
{laring/o} larynx, {~ito} laryngitis
{larm/o} tear, {~i} shed tears, weep
{larv/o} larva, grub
{las/i} leave, allow, let, {for~i} abandon, forsake,
   {post~i} leave behind, {preter~i} leave out, overlook
{last/a} last, {~atempe} lately
{lat/o} lath, slat, {~kurteno} Venetian blind
{latin/a} Latin, {~ida} Romance
{latrin/o} latrine
{latun/o, ~a} brass
{latv/o, ~a} Latvian, {~io} Latvia
{lau^} according to, along, {~longe} lengthwise,
   {~plac^e} as one pleases, {~vole} as you wish,
   {~vorta} literal, {~dire} as is being said,
   {~moda} fashionable, {~vide} by sight, {~leg^a} legal
{lau^d/i, ~o} praise
{lau^r/o} laurel
{lau^t/a} (a)loud
{lav/i} wash (transitive verb.)
{lavang/o} avalanche
{lecion/o} lesson
{led/o, ~a} leather
{leg/i} read, {~aj^o} ~ing matter, {~ebla} legible,
   {~inda} worth reading, {~scio} reading ability
{legend/o} legend, {(lau^)~a} legendary
{legi/o} legion
{legitim/i} legitimize, prove identity, {~ilo} I.D.
{legom/o} vegetable
{leg^/o} law, {lau^~a} legal
{leg^er/a} (poetic word for ) light(weight)
{lek/i} lick
{lekant/o} marguerite, {~eto} daisy
{lekci/o, ~i} lecture
{lektor/o} lector (title given teachers in some countries)
{lens/o} lens
{lentug/o} freckle
{leon/o} lion
{leontod/o} dandelion
{leopard/o} leopard
{lepor/o} hare, rabbit, {~hundo} greyhound
{lepr/o} leprosy, {~ulo} leper
{lern/i} learn, {~ejo} school, {~olibro} textbook
{lert/a} skillful, clever, dexterous, {mal~a} awkward
{letargi/o} lethargy
{leter/o} letter, {~kesto} mailbox
{leu^tenant/o} lieutenant
{lev/i} lift, raise, {~ig^i} arise, get up
{li} he, {~a} his
{Liban/o} Lebanon, {~a} Lebanese
{liber/a} free, {~tempo} spare time, time off, {~vola} voluntary,
   {mal~ejo} prison, {mal~ulo} prisoner
{liberal/a} liberal
{libr/o} book, {~eto} ~let, {~(ovend)ejo} ~store,
   {~otenado} ~keeping, {~aro} book collection (e.g., private library)
{licenc/o} licence
{lift/o} elevator
{lig/i} tie, bind, {~o} league, connection, {~ilo} bond
{lign/o} wood, timber
{likvid/i} liquidate
{likvor/o} liquor
{lilak/o} lilac
{lili/o} lily
{lim/o} limit, boundary, {~igi} limit, restrict
{limak/o} slug, snail
{limonad/o} lemonade
{lin/o} flax, {~aj^o} linen, {~oleo} linseed oil, {~oleumo} linoleum
{lingv/o} language, {~isto} linguist
{lini/o} line, {~ilo} ruler, straightedge
{lip/o} lip, {~haroj} moustache
{Lisbon/o} Lisbon
{lisp/i} lisp
{list/o} list, {~igi} (make a) list
{lit/o} bed, {~kovrilo} blanket, {~tuko} sheet, {en~ig^i} go to bed
{litani/o} litany
{liter/o} letter (alphabet), {~umi} spell
{literatur/o} literature, {~a} literary
{litov/o, ~a} Lithuanian, {~ujo, ~io} Lithuania
{litr/o} liter
{liturgi/o} liturgy
{liut/o} lute
{liver/i} deliver, supply, furnish
{lo!} hey there! {Ha lo} Hello (telephone)
{log/i} lure, attract, {al~a} attractive, {~ilo, ~aj^o} bait,
   {de~i} seduce, entice
{logik/o} logic, {~a} ~al
{log^/i} live (dwell), {~ejo} place to live, dwelling,
   {~anto} inhabitant, {~antaro} population
{lojal/a} loyal
{lok/o} location, place, spot, {~i} locate, {~a} local,
   {sid~o} seat, place to sit
{lokomotiv/o} locomotive
{lokust/o} grasshopper
{long/a} long, {~(ec)o} length, {de~e} for a long time,
   {lau^~e} lengthwise, {mal~a} short,
   {mal~igi} shorten, {mal~igo} abbreviation
{longitud/o} longitude
{lorn/o} field glass, binoculars
{lot/i} draw lots, {~umi} allot
{loteri/o} lottery, raffle
{lotus/o} lotus
{lu/i} rent, {~ebla} for rent, {~igi} rent out, {~anto} renter, tenant,
   {~prezo} rent money
{lucern/o} hanging (e.g., temple) lamp
{lud/i} play, {~o} game, {~ilo} toy
{luk/o} skylight; porthole
{luks/a} luxurious, deluxe, {~aj^o, ~(ec)o} luxury
{lukt/i} wrestle, struggle
{lul/i} lull, rock (baby), {~ilo} cradle, {~kanto} lullaby
{lum/o} light, {~i} shine, {~turo} ~house
{lun/o} moon, {~a} lunar
{lunc^/o} lunch, snack
{lund/o} Monday
{lup/o} wolf
{lupe/o} magnifying glass
{lustr/o} chandelier
{lut/i, ~o} solder

{mac/o} matzoh, unleavened bread
{mac^/i} chew, {re~ulo} ruminant, {~gumo} ~ing gum
{magazen/o} department store; warehouse
{magazin/o} popular magazine covering a variety of subjects
{magi/o} magic, {~a} ~al
{magistr/o} Master (of Arts, etc.)
{magnet/o} magnet, {~a} ~ic, {~igi} ~ize, {~ismo} ~ism
{magnetofon/o} tape recorder (sound)
{magnetoskop/o} video recorder
{magr/a} meager, skinny, skimpy
{mah^/o} Mach (aerospace)
{maiz/o} corn
{Maj/o} May
{majest/a} majestic, {~(ec)o} majesty
{major/o} major (rank)
{majoritat/o} majority
{majstr/o} maestro, master (of an art, trade, etc.)
{majuskl/o} capital letter
{makler/i} act as middleman, {~isto} broker,
   {~aj^o} brokerage, commission
{makrop/o} kangaroo
{maksimum/o, ~a} maximum, {~e} at the most
{makul/o, ~i} spot, stain
{makzel/o} jaw(bone)
{mal/} (prefix denoting direct opposite; see p. 82) {~e} on the contrary
{malari/o} malaria
{maleol/o} ankle
{malgrau^} in spite of
{malic/a} malicious, mischievous
{mam/o} breast, teat, {~besto, ~ulo} mammal, {~nutri} suckle,
   {~pinto} nipple, {~zono} bra
{man/o} hand, {~plato} palm, {~premi} shake hands,
   {~sak(et)o} handbag, {~signi} wave, {~umo} cuff
{mandat/o} mandate, {pos^t~o} money order
{mangostan/o} mangosteen
{mang^/i} eat, {~o} meal, {~aj^o} food
{Mang^uri/o} Manchuria
{manier/o} manner, way
{manifest/o} manifest, {~i} manifest
{manifestaci/o} demonstration (politics), {~i} demonstrate
{manik/o} sleeve
{manipul/i} manipulate, handle
{mank/i} be lacking, be missing, {~o} lack, shortage, shortcoming
{manovr/i, ~o} maneuver
{mansard/o} attic, garret
{mantel/o} cloak, mantle
{manuskript/o} manuscript
{map/o} map, {~aro} atlas
{mar/o} sea, {~armeo} navy, {~bordo} shore, seaside, {~isto} sailor
{marc^/o} marsh, swamp
{marc^and/i} haggle, bargain
{mard/o} Tuesday
{Margaret/o, ~a} Margaret
{marg^en/o} margin
{Mari/a} Mary, {~o} Mary; Marius, Mario
{marionet/o} marionette, puppet
{mark/i} mark, {~o} mark; Mark (name; also money);
   stamp (postage); {pos^t~o} postage stamp
{marmelad/o} marmalade, jam
{marmor/o, ~a} marble
{Mars/o} Mars
{mars^/i} walk, march
{Mart/o} March
{martel/o, ~i} hammer
{martir/o} martyr
{mas/o} lump, mass
{masag^/o, ~i} massage
{masakr/o, ~i} massacre
{masiv/a} massive
{mask/o, ~i} mask, {~(ar)ado} masquerade
{mason/i} build with stone, etc., {~isto} mason
{mast/o} mast
{mastr/o} master (over household, servants, etc.),
   {~i} be master over, dominate, {~umi} keep house, manage
{mas^/o} mesh (of net), loop
{mas^in/o} machine, engine, {~aro} machinery
{matc^/o} match, game (sports)
{matematik/o} mathematics, {~a} mathematical, {~isto} mathematician
{maten/o} morning, {~mang^o} breakfast
{materi/o} matter, {~a} material
{material/o} material, data, {krudaj ~oj} raw materials
{matur/a} mature, ripe, {~ig^i} ripen
{mebl/o} piece of furniture, {~aro} furniture, {~i} furnish
{mec^/o} wick; fuse (explosives)
{medal/o} medal
{medi/o} environment
{medicin/o} (practice of) medicine
{medikamento} medicine
{medit/i} meditate, think to oneself
{meger/o} shrew (woman), {~a} ~ish, "bitchy"
{meh^anik/o = mekaniko}
{mejl/o} mile
{mekanik/o} mechanics, {~a} mechanical, {~isto} mechanic
{melankoli/o, ~a} melancholy
{meleagr/o} turkey
{melk/i} milk
{melodi/o} melody, tune, {~a} tuneful
{melodram/o} melodrama, {~a} ~tic
{melon/o} melon
{mem} (my, your, his, etc.)self, -selves, {~evidenta} self-evident,
   {~stara} independent, {~vola} willing
{membr/o} member, {~eco} ~ship
{memor/i} remember, {~o} memory, {~igi} remind, {~inda} memorable
{menci/i, ~o} mention
{mend/o} order (for goods or services), {~i} order (goods, etc.);
   book, reserve (restaurant, hotel, etc.)
{mens/o} mind, {~a} mental
{mensog/i, ~o} (tell a) lie
{ment/o} mint (plant, flavor)
{menton/o} chin
{menu/o} menu
{merit/i} deserve, merit, {~o} merit
{merkat/o} market (finance), sales activity (not marketplace)
{merkred/o} Wednesday
{Merkur(i)o} Mercury
{merl/o} blackbird
{mes/o} Mass (religion)
{mesag^/o} message
{met/i} put, place, {(sur)~i} put on (clothes), {de~i} take off,
   {kun~i} put together, {sub~(ig^)i} submit
{metafor/o} metaphor
{metal/o, ~a} metal(lic)
{mete(or)/o} atmospheric phenomenon, {~ologo} meteorologist,
   {~ologio} meteorology
{meteorit/o} meteorite
{meti/o} handicraft, trade, {~ejo} workshop
{metod/o} method, {~a} ~ical, {~ista, ~isto} Methodist
{metr/o} meter, {~a} metric
{mev/o} seagull
{mez/o, ~a} middle, average, {~epoko} Middle Ages,
   {~ag^a} middle-aged, {~maro} Mediterranean Sea,
   {~nokto, nokto~o} midnight, {tag~o} noon
{mezur/i} measure, {~o} ~ment
{mi} I, me, {~a} my, mine
{miel/o} honey, {~a monato, ~luno} honeymoon
{mien/o} expression (face)
{migdal/o} almond, {~okula} ~eyed
{migr/i} migrate, roam, travel about, {el~i} emigrate,
   {en~i} immigrate, {~ema} migrant; "footloose"
{mikrob/o} microbe, germ
{mikrofon/o} microphone
{mikroskop/o} microscope
{miks/i} mix; shuffle (cards), {~aj^o} mixture
{mil} thousand, {~jaro, jar~o} millenium
{mild/a} mild, gentle
{milimetr/o} millimeter
{milit/o} war, {~a} military, {~i} wage war
{min/i, ~(ej)o} mine, {~isto} ~r
{minac/o, ~i} threat(en), menace
{mineral/o, ~a} mineral
{minimum/o, ~a} minimum, {~e} at the least
{ministeri/o} Ministry (govt. dept.)
{ministr/o} minister (head of govt. dept.), {~ejo} office of minister
{minoritat/o, ~a} minority
{minuskl/o} small (lower case) letter
{minut/o} minute
{miop/a} short-sighted, near-sighted
{miozot/o} forget-me-not
{mir/i} be amazed, marvel, wonder (at), {~igi} amaze, {~inda} wonderful
{mirag^/o} mirage
{mirakl/o} miracle, {~a} miraculous
{miriad/o} myriad
{mis/} (prefix denoting error; see p. 167) {~kompreni}
   misunderstand, {~pas^o} false step,
   {~kalkuli} miscalculate, {~decidi} make bad decision
{misi/o} mission, {~isto} ~ary
{mister/o} mystery, {~a} mysterious
{mistifik/i} trick, hoax, fool
{mistik/a} mystic(al)
{mit/o} myth, {~a} ~ical
{miting/o} (politics mass) meeting
{mitr/o} miter (headdress)
{mizer/a} miserable, wretched, {~o} misery
{mobiliz/i} mobilize
{mod/o} mode, fashion, {(lau^)~a} fashionable,
   {eks~a} old-fashioned, out of date
{model/o, ~a, ~i} model
{moder/a, ~igi} moderate, {~o} moderation
{modern/a} modern, {~igi} ~ize
{modest/a} modest, {~(ec)o} ~y
{modif/i} modify
{modl/i} model, mold (clay, etc.)
{mok/i} mock, jeer at, make fun of
{mol/a} soft
{moment/o} moment, {~a} ~ary
{mon/o} money, {~ero} coin, {~bileto} paper money,
   {~ujo} purse, wallet, {~ludi} gamble, {~puno} fine
{monah^/o} monk, {~ejo} monastery, {~ino} nun
{monat/o} month, {~a} ~ly
{mond/o} world, {tut~a} ~wide, {~milito} ~war, {~umo} high society
{monokl/o} monocle
{monopol/o} monopoly, {~igi} monopolize
{monoton/a} monotonous
{monstr/o} monster, {~a} monstrous
{mont/o} mountain, {~eto} hill, {~aro} (chain of) mountains
{montr/i} show, point (out), {~ig^i} turn out to be,
   {~ofenestro} show window
{monument/o} monument, {~a} ~al
{moped/o} moped
{mor/o} custom, mores
{moral/a} moral, {~o} ~s, {~eco} ~ity
{morbil/o} measles
{mord/i} bite, {~eti} nibble
{morgau^} tomorrow, {post~} day-after-tomorrow
{mormon/o, ~a} Mormon
{morn/a} mournful, gloomy
{mors/a} Morse code, {~i} send in Morse code
{mort/o} death, {~i} die, {~a} dead, {~ema} mortal, {~igi} kill
{morter/o} mortar (for building)
{moru/o} codfish, {~oleo} ~oil
{Mose/o} Moses
{moske/o} mosque
{moskit/o} mosquito
{Moskv/o} Moscow
{mos^t/o} general title for persons of high rank
{mot/o} motto
{motel/o} motel
{motiv/o} motive, reason
{motor/o} motor, engine
{mov/i} move (transitive verb.), {~ado} ~ment,
   {~ig^i} move (intransitive verb.)
{mucid/a} musty, moldy
{muel/i} grind (grain), pulverize, {~ejo} mill, {~isto} miller
{mug^/i} roar, howl
{muk/o} mucus, phlegm, {~a} mucous
{mul/o} mule
{muld/i} (cast in a) mold, {~ilo} mold
{mult/a} much, {~aj} many, {~e da} a lot of, {~ekosta} expensive,
   {~peza} weighty, {~obligi} duplicate (mimeo, etc.)
{multiplik/i} multiply (arithmetic)
{munici/o} (am)munition
{munt/i} mount, assemble (an apparatus), {mal~i} take apart
{mur/o} wall
{murd/i, ~o} murder
{murmur/i, ~o} murmur
{mus/o} mouse
{musk/o} moss
{musked/o, musket/o} musket
{muskol/o} muscle, {~a} muscular
{mustard/o} mustard
{mus^/o} fly (insect)
{mut/a} mute, speechless, {~ulo} mute
{muze/o} museum
{muzik/o} music, {~a} ~al, {~isto} ~ian, {~i} make music

{naci/o} nation, {~a} ~al, {~eco} ~ality, {inter~a} inter~al
{nadl/o} needle (compass, phono)
{naft/o} crude oil
{nag^/i} swim, {~baseno} ~ming pool
{naiv/a} naive, {mal~a} sophisticated
{najbar/o} neighbor, {~a} ~ing, nearby, {~eco} ~hood; ~liness
{najl/o, ~i} nail
{najtingal/o} nightingale
{nan/o, ~a} midget, dwarf
{narkot/i, ~ilo, ~aj^o} drug (narcotic)
{nask/i} give birth to, {~ig^i} be born, {~otago, ~ig^tago} birthday
{natur/o} nature, {~a} natural
{nau^} nine, {~a} ninth
{nau^z/o} nausea, {~a} nauseous, {~i} nauseate
{navig(aci)/i} navigate, {~ado} navigation
{naz/o} nose, {~a} nasal, {~truo} nostril, {~tuko} handkerchief
{nazi/o, ~a} Nazi
{ne} no, not, {~i} deny, {~e} negatively; as prefix: non-, un-, in-,
   etc.: {~ordinara} unordinary, {~atendite} unexpectedly,
   {~venkebla} invincible; {tute ne} not at all
{nebul/o} fog, mist
{neces/a} necessary, {~ejo} restroom, bathroom
{Nederland/o} The Netherlands, Holland, {~a} Dutch, {~ano} Dutchman
{neg/i = nei}
{negativo, ~a} negative (photo, etc.)
{neglekt/i} neglect
{negoc/o} business deal(ings), {~i} engage in business,
   negotiate a deal, {~isto} merchant, businessman
{negr/o, ~a} Negro
{neg^/o, ~i} snow, {~ero} ~flake, {~homo} ~man,
   {~buli} throw snowballs
{nek... nek... } neither... nor...
{nekrolog/o} obituary
{neni-} (forms correlative; see p. 127)
{neologism/o} neologism (proposed new word)
{neon/o, ~a} neon
{nep/o} grandson, {~ino} granddaughter
{nepr/e} without fail, definitely
{Neptun/o} Neptune
{nerv/o} nerve, {~(oz)a} nervous
{nest/o, ~i} nest
{net/a} finalized, cleanly cut; net (weight, etc.), {mal~o} (rough)
   draft (manuscript, etc.), {~igi} finalize, put in finished form,
   {~e} carefully prepared; in the final analysis
{neu^tral/a} neutral
{nev/o} nephew, {~ino} niece
{ni} we, {~a} our(s)
{nic^/o} niche
{nigr/a} black
{nilon/o, ~a} nylon
{nimb/o} nimbus, halo
{nit/o, ~i} rivet
{-nj/} (suffix used with names; see p. 168)
{nobel/o} nobleman, {~a} of noble birth
{nobl/a} noble, {~eco} ~ness
{noci/o} notion
{nod/o} knot
{nokt/o} night, {~a} nocturnal, {tra~i} spend the night,
   {mez~o, ~omezo} midnight
{nom/o, ~i} name
{nomad/o} nomad, {~a} ~ic
{nombr/o} number, amount, {~i} count
{nord/o} North, {~a} ~ern
{norm/o} norm, standard, {~a} normal
{normal/a} normal
{nostalgi/o} nostalgia
{not/i} (make a) note, {~o} note; grade (report card), {~libro} notebook
{nov/a} new, {~aj^o} a novelty, something new, {la ~aj^oj}
   the news, {~eco} newness, {re~igi} renew, {de~e} afresh
{Nov-Jork/o} New York
{novel/o} short story
{Novembr/o} November
{nu} well, now (interjection)
{nuanc/o} tint, hue, shade (color); nuance
{nub/o} cloud, {~a} ~y
{nud/a} nude, naked, bare
{nudel/o} noodles
{nuk/o} back of neck
{nukle/o} nucleus, {~a} nuclear
{nuks/o} nut
{nul/o} zero, null, "zilch," {~igi} cancel, annul
{numer/o} numeral, number in a series (house, magazine, etc.),
   {~i} assign a number
{nun} now, {~(temp)e} nowadays, currently, {~a} present, current
{nur} only, {~a} mere
{nutr/i} feed, nourish, {~aj^o} food, nourishment

{oaz/o} oasis
{obe/i} obey, {~ema} obedient
{objekt/o} object, thing
{-obl/} (Suff. denoting multiple; see p. 246)
{oblikv/a} oblique, slanting
{obscen/a} obscene
{obsed/i} obsess, {~o} ~ion
{observ/i} observe
{obstakl/o} obstacle
{obstin/i} be obstinate, persist, be stubborn, {~a} stubborn, obstinate
{obtuz/a} obtuse, dull
{ocean/o} ocean, {~a} ~ic
{od/o} ode
{odor/o} odor, smell, {~i} give off an odor; smell
{ofend/i} offend, {~ig^i} take offense
{ofer/i} offer up, sacrifice
{ofert/i} make an offer of, bid
{ofic/o} office, function, post, "job," {~isto} officer, official,
   {~ejo} office, place of work
{oficir/o} officer (military, etc.), {sub~o} noncom
{oficial/a} official
{ofset/o} offset printing
{oft/a} frequent, {~e} often, {mal~a} rare
{ok} eight, {~a} ~h
{okaz/i} occur, happen, {~(aj^)o} event, occasion, occurrence;
   opportunity, {~e} on occasion; by chance, {~igi} cause to take
   place, {en c^iu ~o} in any event, {en la okazo se... } in case...
{okcident/o} West, {~a} ~ern
{oksigen/o} oxygen
{Oktobr/o} October
{okul/o} eye, {~isto} oculist, ophthalmologist,
   {~umi} ogle, stare at, {~vitroj} ~glasses
{okult/a} occult
{okup/i} occupy, {~ita, ~ata} busy, {~(ad)o} occupation
{ol} than
{ole/o} oil
{oliv/o} olive
{om/o} Ohm
{omag^/o} homage, {~i} pay homage to
{omar/o} lobster
{ombr/o} shadow, shade, {~i} cast a shadow
{ombrel/o} umbrella
{omnibus/o} omnibus
{-on/} (suffix denoting fraction; see p. 115) {~o} fraction
{ond/o} wave, {~i} undulate, {~umi} wave (hair, etc.), corrugate,
   {~ego} billow
{oni} one, "they," people in general, {~diro} rumor
{onkl/o} uncle, {~ino} aunt
{-op/} (suffix denoting collective; see p. 209) {unu~e} one
   at a time, {unu~a} single
{opal/o} opal
{oper/o} opera
{operaci/o} (surgical) operation, {~i} operate
{opi/o} opium, {~aj^o} opiate
{opini/o} opinion, {~i} opine, think
{oportun/a} opportune, convenient, {~isto} opportunist
{opozici/o} opposition, {~i} be in opposition
{optimism/o} optimism, {~a} optimistic
{optimist/o} optimist
{or/o} gold, {~a} ~en, {~igi, ~umi} gild
{orakl/o} oracle
{orang^/o, ~a} orange (fruit, color)
{orator/o} orator, {~a} ~ical
{orbit/o} orbit
{ord/o} order (sequence, arrangement), {(en)~igi} put in order,
   arrange, {kun~igi} coordinate, {mal~o} disorder
{orden/o} order (religion or decoration)
{ordinar/a} ordinary, usual, common
{ordon/i, ~o} order, command
{orel/o} ear
{orf/o, ~a} orphan
{organ/o} organ (anatomy, publication)
{organik/a} organic
{organism/o} organism
{organiz/i} organize, {~(aj^)o} organization
{organizaci/o = organizaj^o}
{orgen/o} organ (music)
{orgi/o} orgy, {~a} orgiastic
{orient/o} East, {~a} ~ern, Oriental, {~i} orient
{origin/i} originate, {~o} origin
{original/o, ~a} original
{orkestr/o} orchestra, {~umi} ~te
{orkide/o} orchid
{ornam/o} ornament, {~a} ~al, {~i} adorn, decorate
{ort/a} right-angle, square, {~ilo} T-square, carpenter's square
{ortodoks/a} orthodox
{osced/i, ~o} yawn
{oscil/o} oscillate, {~ilo} oscillator, {~ografo} oscilloscope
{ost/o} bone, {g^is~a} diehard, dyed-in-thewool
{ostr/o} oyster
{ov/o} egg, {~aj^o} "eggs" (food)
{ovaci/o} ovation
{oval/a} oval
{ozon/o} ozone

{pac/o} peace, {~a} ~ful, {~ama} ~loving, {mal~(ig^)i} (get in a) quarrel
{pacienc/o} patience, {~a} patient, {~i} be patient
{pacient/o} patient (medical)
{Pacifik/o} Pacific Ocean
{Pac^j/o} (from {patro}) Dad (see p. 168)
{pad/o} path
{padel/o} paddle; blade (turbine, etc.), {~i} paddle
{paf/i} shoot, {~ilo} gun
{pag/i} pay, {~o} ~ment, {sen~e} free, gratis
{pagan/o, ~a} pagan
{pag^/o} page (book, etc.)
{pag^i/o} page (person)
{pajl/o} straw
{pak/i} pack, {~(et)o} parcel, package, {~aj^o} luggage
{pal/a} pale
{palac/o} palace
{paletr/o} (painter's) palette
{palis/o} stake, {~aro} palisade, fence, {~umi} impale
{palm/o} palmtree
{palp/i} feel (touch), grope
{palpebr/o} eyelid, {~umi} blink
{palt/o} heavy coat
{pamflet/o} (tendentious or scurrilous) pamphlet
{pan/o} bread, loaf, {~ero} crumb, {~akiranto} ~winner
{pane/i, ~o} break-down, malfunction, {sen~igi} fix
{panel/o} (control) panel, dash board; wainscot
{panik/o} panic
{Panj/o} (from {patrino}) Mom (see p. 168)
{pans/i} dress (wound)
{pantalon/o} trousers, pants
{pantafl/o} slipper
{pantomim/i, ~o} pantomime
{pap/o} pope
{papag/o, ~umi} parrot
{papaj/o} papaya, papaw
{papav/o} poppy
{papili/o} butterfly
{paprik/o} paprika
{par/o} pair, couple, {~a} even(numbered), {mal~a} odd
{parad/i, ~o} parade; display, {~a} pretentious
{paradiz/o} paradise
{paradoks/o} paradox, {~a} ~ical
{paragraf/o} paragraph
{paralel/a} parallel
{paraliz/o} paralysis, {~i} paralyze
{parametr/o} parameter
{paranoj/o} paranoia, {~a} paranoid
{paras^ut/o} parachute
{parazit/o} parasite
{parcel/o} parcel (land), lot
{pardon/i} pardon, forgive, {~o} pardon, {~peti} ask
   forgiveness, excuse oneself
{parenc/o} a relative, {~a} related, {~eco} relationship
{parentez/o} parenthesis, {~e} by the way
{parfum/o, ~i} perfume
{Pariz/o} Paris, {~ano} ~ian
{park/o, ~i} park
{parker/e} by heart, {~igi} memorize
{parlament/o} parliament, {~a} ~ary, {~ano} member of parliament
{paroh^/o, parok/o} parish, {~ano} ~ioner, {~(ism)a} parochial,
   {~estro} vicar, pastor
{parol/i} speak, talk, {~ado} speech, {~ema} talkative
{part/o} part, {~a} ~ial, {~opreni} take part, {~opago} installment
   payment, {plej~e} mostly, {la plej~o de} most of
{parter/o} parterre (lower floor of theater)
{parti/o} party (politics), side, faction, {~a} partial, biased,
   {sen~a} impartial
{particip/o} participle
{paru/o} titmouse
{parvol/o} wren
{pas/i} pass (intransitive verb.), {~igi} pass, {~ejo} ~ageway,
   gangway, gate, {~inteco} past, {trans~i} cross,
   {preter~i} pass up, go by, {for~i} pass away
{pasag^er/o} passenger
{paser/o} sparrow
{pasi/o} passion, {~a} ~ate, {sen~e} dis~ately
{Pask/o} Easter
{pasport/o} passport
{past/o} paste, dough
{pastec^/o} pate; (meat, etc.) pie
{pastor/o} pastor
{pastr/o} priest; clergyman
{pas^/o, ~i} step, stride, pace
{pas^t/i} feed (flock), {~isto} shepherd, {~ig^i} graze
{pat/o} frying pan
{patr/o} father, {~ino} mother, {~ujo} fatherland, {ge~oj} parents
{patriark/o} patriarch
{patriot/o} patriot, {~a} ~ic, {~ismo} ~ism
{patrol/o, ~i} patrol
{patron/o} patron, {~i} act as patron
{Pau^l/o} Paul, {~a, ~ino} Pauline, Paula
{pau^z/o} pause, recess, intermission, "break," {~i} pause, take a break
{pav/o} peacock, {~i} strut around, show off
{pavilon/o} pavilion
{pavim/i} pave, {~o} ~ment
{pec/o} piece; spare part
{Pec^j/o} Pete
{pedal/o, ~i} pedal
{pedik/o} louse
{peg/o} woodpecker
{pejzag^/o} landscape, scenery
{pek/i} sin, transgress, {~o} sin, transgression
{pekl/i} pickle
{pel/i} chase, shoo, {for~i} drive away
{pelt/o} fur piece, fur coat
{pelv/o} pelvis; basin
{pen/i} endeavor, try, make an effort, {~e} with effort
{pend/(ig)i} hang, {~umi} hang (execute), {de~i} depend,
   {sende~a} independent
{Penelop/o} Penelope
{penetr/i} penetrate, {ne~ebla} impenetrable
{penik/o} paintbrush
{penis/o} penis
{pens/i} think, {~o} thought, {el~i} invent,
   {pri~i} reflect on, think about
{pensi/o} pension (retirement), {~ulo} pensioner, retiree,
   {~ig^i} retire, go on pension
{pension/o} boarding house, boarding school
{pent/i} repent, {~o} ~ance, {~ofari} do penance
{Pentekost/o} Pentecost, Whitsunday
{pentr/i} paint (picture), {~isto} ~er, {~aj^o} ~ing
{peon/o} pawn (chess, etc.)
{pep/i} peep, chirp, twitter
{per} by (means of), with, through, {sen~e} directly,
   {~i} act as agent, {~anto} agent, {~labori} earn,
   {~forti} force {~forte} by force
{perd/i} lose, {~o} loss, {~ig^i} get lost
{perdrik/o} partridge
{pere/i} perish, {~igi} destroy, {~ig^o, ~igo} destruction
{perfekt/a, ~igi} perfect, {~eco} ~ion
{perfid/i} betray, {~o} ~al, treachery, {~(em)a} treacherous
{periferi/o} periphery, outskirts
{perimetr/o} perimeter, circumference
{period/o} period (time)
{periskop/o} periscope
{perl/o} pearl
{permes/i} permit, allow, {~o} permission, {~ilo} permit, license,
   {for~o} leave of absence; pass, furlough (military)
{peron/o} front steps of a building; railway platform
{perpleks/a} perplexed
{persekut/i} persecute, prosecute, pursue
{persik/o} peach
{persist/i} persist, persevere, {~a} persistent,
   {~ado, ~emo} perseverance
{person/o} person, {~a} ~al, {~eco} ~ality, {~oj} people
{perspektiv/o} perspective
{persvad/i} persuade, {~o} persuasion
{perturb/i} perturb, disquiet, interfere with, {~o} unrest, disquiet,
   disturbance; interference (radio)
{peruk/o} wig, hairpiece
{pervers/a} perverse
{pes/i} weigh (test weight of), {~ilo} scale
{pesimism/o} pessimism, {~a} pessimistic
{pesimist/o} pessimist
{pest/o} plague, pestilence
{pet/i} request, ask, beg, {mi ~as} please; you're welcome,
   {~egi} beseech, {~skribo} petition
{petal/o} petal
{petici/o} petition
{petol/a} petulant, frolicsome, {~i} frolic, "horse around,"
   {~ema} mischievous, playful
{Petr/o} Peter
{petrol/o} petroleum, {kruda ~o} crude oil, {lampa ~o} kerosene
{pez/a} heavy, {~i} be heavy, weigh, {~o} weight (heaviness),
   {~ilo} a weight
{pi/a} pious
{pian/o} piano, {~isto} pianist
{pied/o} foot, {~fingro} toe, {~bati} kick, {~iranto} pedestrian,
   {~pilko} football, soccer ball, {~premi} step on, {~pasi} tread
{pij^am/o} pyjamas
{pik/i} prick, sting, stab, {~o} prick, sting; spades (cards),
   {~drato} barbed-wire
{piknik/o, ~i} picnic
{pilgrim/i} go on pilgrimage, {~(ad)o} pilgrimage, {~anto} pilgrim
{pilk/o} ball (for playing)
{pilol/o} pill
{pilot/o, ~i} pilot
{pin/o} pine (tree)
{pinc^/i} pinch, {~ilo} pincers, tong
{pingl/o} pin; needle (on tree)
{pint/o} point, peak, summit, {~a} pointed
{pioc^/o} pick-axe
{pionir/o} pioneer
{pip/o} pipe (tobacco)
{pipr/o, ~i} pepper
{pir/o} pear
{piramid/o} pyramid
{pirat/o} pirate, {aer~o} skyjacker
{pist/i} pound, crush, {~ilo} pestle
{pistol/o} pistol; spray gun
{pis^t/o} piston
{pitoresk/a} picturesque
{pivot/i, ~o} pivot
{piz/o} pea
{plac/o} public square, plaza
{plac^/i} be pleasing, please, {kiel plac^as al vi... ?} how do
   you like... ?, {~a} pleasing, {lau^~e} as desired, as you like
{plad/o} dish, platter; course
{plafon/o} ceiling
{plag/o} calamity, scourge, {~i} plague, afflict
{plag^/o} bathing beach
{plan/i} plan, {~o} plan, diagram; plane;
   {unua ~o} closeup (photography), {granda ~o} long shot,
   {antau^~o} foreground, {malantau^a ~o} background
{pland/o} sole (foot), {~umo} sole (shoe)
{planed/o} planet, {~a} ~ary
{plank/o} floor
{plant/o, ~i} plant, {~ejo} ~ation
{plasm/o} plasma
{plast/o, ~a} plastic
{plastr/o} plaster (dressing)
{plat/a} flat, {~o} plate, slab, {~aj^o} plateau
{platform/o} platform
{plau^d/i} splash, plash, lap
{pled/i} plead (law)
{plej} most, -est (see p. 111), {~parto} greatest part, great majority
{plekt/i} plait, wreathe, twine
{plen/a} full, complete, {~igi} fill up, {~umi} fulfill, accomplish,
   {~luno} full moon, {~ag^a, ~kreska} full-grown, adult,
   {~plena} full to overflowing, {~bus^o} mouthful, {~mano} handful
{plend/i} complain, {~o} ~t
{plezur/o} pleasure, {~iga} pleasurable
{pli} more, -er (see p. 111), {~ poste} later on, {mal~} less,
   {~mal~} more or less, {~multo} majority, {~igi} increase,
   {~bonigi} improve, {~altigi} raise
{plong^/i} dive, plunge, {~isto} diver
{plor/i} weep, cry
{plu} further, more, {~e} furthermore, {ne ~} no longer,
   {kaj tiel plu, k.t.p.} etc.
{plug/i, ~ilo} plough
{plum/o} feather; pen
{plumb/o, ~a} lead
{plur/aj} several, {~a} plural
{plus} plus, {~o} sur~
{pluv/i, ~o} rain, {~egi} rain cats and dogs, pour
{pneu^moni/o} pneumonia
{po} at the rate of (see p. 133), {~grande} wholesale,
   {~malgrande} retail
{podi/o} podium, platform
{poem/o} poem
{poent/o} point (score)
{poet/o} poet
{poezi/o} poetry, {~a} poetic
{pokal/o} goblet; fancy cup
{poker/o} poker (game)
{pol/o} Pole, {~a} Polish, {~io, ~ujo, ~lando} Poland
{polemik/o} controversy, {~i} engage in controversy
{polic/o} police, {~ano} ~man, {~estro} chief of police
{polis/o} (insurance) policy
{politik/o} politics; policy, {~a} political
{polk/o} polka
{polp/o} octopus
{polur/o} polish, luster, {~i} polish
{polus/o} (North, South; positive, negative) pole, {~a} polar
{polv/o} dust, {~osuc^ilo} vacuum cleaner
{pom/o} apple, {ter~o} potato
{pomp/o} pomp, splendor, {~a} resplendent
{ponard/o} dagger
{pont/o} bridge
{popl/o} poplar
{popol/o} a people, folk, {~amaso} the masses,
   {~kanto} folk song, {inter~a} people-to-people
{popular/a} popular
{por} for, in order to, {~ ke} so that
{porci/o} portion, {~umi, ~igi} ration out
{pord/o} door, gate
{pork/o} pig, {~aj^o} pork
{pornografi/o, ~aj^o} pornography, {~a} pornographic
{port/i} carry, wear, {al~i} bring, {trans~i} transport,
   {el~i} carry out, put up with, endure
{portik/o} portico, ornate porch/entryway
{portret/o} portrait
{posed/i} possess, own, {~(aj^)o} ~ion, property
{post} after, behind, {~e} afterwards, {~skribo} P.S.,
   {~tagmezo} afternoon, {~lasi} leave behind,
   {~aj^o} backside, rump, {~eulo} successor, {de~} since
{posten/o} post, duty station, {~i} stand guard, be on duty
{postul/i} demand, require
{pos^/o} pocket, {~tuko} handkerchief
{pos^t/o} mail, post, {~marko} postage stamp, {~karto} postcard,
   {~stampo} cancellation, {~(ofic)ejo} post office,
   {~aj^o} a piece of mail, {~isto} mailman
{pot/o} pot, {~isto} ~ter, {~aj^o} ~tery
{potenc/o} power, {~a} ~ful
{pou^p/o} stern, poop(deck)
{pov/i} be able, can, {~o} ability, {c^eval~o} horsepower,
   {c^io~a} almighty
{poz/i, ~o} pose (picture; pretense)
{pozici/o} position
{pozitiv/a, ~o} positive
{pra/} (prefix denoting other generation; see p. 211),
   {~patro} forefather, {~avo} great-grandfather, {~nepo}
   greatgrandson, {~tipo} prototype, {~historio} prehistory
{praktik/a} practical, {~i} practice (profession, etc.),
   {~o} (actual) practice
{pram/o} (small) ferry, {~s^ipo} ferryboat
{prav/a} right, {mal~a} wrong, {~i} be right
{precip/e} especially, mainly, {~a} principal, predominant
{preciz/a} precise, {~e} ~ly, exactly, {~eco} precision, exactness
{predik/i} preach, {~(aj^)o} sermon, {~isto} preacher
{prefer/i} prefer
{prefiks/o} prefix
{preg^/i} pray, {~o} ~er, {~ejo} church
{preleg/i, ~o} lecture
{prem/i} (op)press, squeeze, {man~o} handshake
{premi/i} award a prize, {~o} prize, premium
{pren/i} take, get, lay hold of, {ek~i} grasp, {~ilo} tongs,
   {c^irkau^~i} embrace
{prepar/i} prepare {~a} preparatory, preliminary, {~o} preparation
{prepozici/o} preposition
{preri/o} prairie
{pres/i} print (type), {~aj^o} ~ed matter, {~isto} ~er,
   {~ilo} press, {~prov(aj^)o} proof, {~litero(j)} type
{preskau^} almost, nearly
{prestig^/o} prestige, glamor, {~a} prestigious, glamorous
{pret/a} ready, finished, {~igi} prepare, {~ig^i} get ready
{pretekst/o} pretext, {~i} pretend, give as an excuse
{pretend/i} claim, make a pretense, presume to,
   {~o} claim, pretense, presumption
{preter} beyond, straight past, {~pasi} pass by, overtake,
   {~lasi} omit, leave out
{prez/o} price, {~listo} price~list
{prezent/i} present, introduce, {~ado} presentation
{prezid/i} preside, {~anto} president, chairman
{pri} about, concerning; (as prefix see p. 301),
   {~skribi} describe, {~paroli} discuss
{primitiv/a} primitive
{primol/o} primrose
{princ/o} prince, {~ido} prince's son, {~ino} princess
{princip/o} principle, {~e} in principle
{printemp/o} spring(time)
{prism/o} prism
{privat/a} private
{privilegi/o} privilege, {~a} ~d
{pro} on account of, for, because of, {~peti} plead for,
   intercede, {~ tio, ke} for the reason that
{probabl/a} probable
{problem/o} problem
{proced/i} proceed, {~o} process, procedure
{procent/o} percent(age), interest rate, {~aj^o} commission,
   {10 procentoj} 10%
{proces/o} lawsuit, {~i} sue, litigate, go to court
{procesi/o} procession
{produkt/o} product, {~i} produce, {~ado} production, {~isto} producer
{profan/i} profane, defile
{profesi/o} profession, {~a} ~al
{profesor/o} professor
{profet/o} prophet, {~i} prophesy, {~aj^o} prophecy
{profil/o} profile
{profit/i, ~o} profit
{profund/a} deep, profound, {~(ec)o, ~aj^o} depth
{prognoz/o} prognosis, forecast, {~i} forecast
{program/o} program (series of events), {~ero} item on a program
{progres/i, ~o} progress
{projekci/i} project, {~ilo} ~or, {~isto} ~ionist
{projekt/o} project, plan, scheme, {~i} plan, make a project of
{proklam/i} proclaim, {~(ad)o, ~aj^o} proclamation
{prokrast/i} delay, put off, {~o} delay, {~emo} procrastination,
   {sen~e} without delay
{proksim/a} near(by), next, {mal~a} distant,
   {(al)~ig^i} come close(r), {~ume} approximately
{prokuror/o} public prosecutor, prosecuting attorney
{prolet/o} proletarian, member of the lower class, {~aro} the proletariat
{proletari/o = proleto}
{prolog/o} prologue
{promen/i} go for a walk, stroll; (less freq.: go for a ride),
   {~ado} stroll, walk, etc., {~ejo} promenade, {~anto} stroller
{promes/i, ~o} promise
{promoci/i} promote, {~o} promotion
{prononc/i} pronounce, {~o} pronunciation
{propagand/o} propaganda, publicity, {~i} publicize, advertise,
   {~aj^o} publicity material
{propon/i} propose, suggest, offer, {~o} proposal, offer
{proporci/o} proportion, ratio, {~a} proportional
{propr/a} (my, your, etc.) own, personal, {~aj^o} property,
   {~avole} voluntarily
{prospekt/o} prospectus
{prosper/i} prosper, be successful, {~o} prosperity, success,
   {prosperis al mi... } I managed to...
{prostitu/i, ~itino} prostitute
{protein/o} protein
{protekt/i} protect, {~anto} patron, {~ato} protege,
   {~(ism)a} protectionist
{protest/i, ~o} protest
{protestant/a, ~o} Protestant
{protokol/o} minutes (meeting)
{proton/o} proton
{prototip/o} prototype
{prov/i} try, test, {~aj^o} trial, test
{proverb/o} proverb
{provinc/o} province
{proviz/i} provide, supply {~o} supply
{provizor/a} temporary, provisional, {~e} for the time being
{provok/i} provoke, incite
{proz/o} prose
{pru/o} prow, bow (ship)
{prud/a} prudish, {~ul(in)o} prude
{prudent/a} prudent, reasonable, {~o} good sense
{prun/o} plum
{prunt/i} borrow, loan, lend: {~edoni} lend, {~epreni} borrow
{pruv/i} prove, {~o} proof
{psalm/o} psalm, {~aro} the Psalms
{pseu^donim/o} pseudonym
{psik/a} psychic
{psikiatr/o} psychiatrist, {~a} psychiatric, {~io} psychiatry
{psikolog/o} psychologist, {~a} psychological, {~io} psychology
{ptm. = posttagmeze,} p.m.
{publik/o, ~a} public, {~igi} publish
{puding/o} pudding
{pudor/o} modesty, chaste behavior
{pudr/o, ~i} (cosmetic) powder
{puf/o} puff, swelling, {~igi} puff out, {~ig^i} puff up
{pugn/o} fist, {~obati} punch
{pul/o} flea
{puli/o} pulley
{pulm/o} lung
{pulmonari/o} pulmonaria (lungwort plant)
{pulover/o} pullover sweater
{puls/o} pulse, {~i} pulsate, throb
{pulv/o} gunpowder
{pulvor/o} powder, {~a} ~y, {~igi} pulverize
{pump/i, ~ilo} pump
{pun/i} punish, {~o} ~ment, {mon~o} fine
{punc^/o} punch (drink)
{pund/o} pound (money)
{punkt/o} point, dot, period, {~i} punctuate
{punt/o} lace
{pup/o} doll, (hand) puppet
{pupitr/o} (school) desk, lectern
{pur/a} clean, pure, {~igi} clean, {~eco} cleanliness, purity
{purgatori/o} purgatory
{puritan/o, ~a} puritan
{purpur/a} purple
{pus/o} pus, {~i} discharge pus
{pus^i, {~o} push, {~ig^i kun} run into, {re~i} repulse,
   {~veturilo} wheelbarrow
{put/o} well
{putin/o} whore
{putr/i} rot, {~a} ~ten

{rab/i} rob, {~isto} ~ber, {~aj^o} booty, {~(o)besto} beast of prey
{rabat/o} discount, rebate, {~i} deduct a discount
{raben/o} rabbi
{rabi/o} rabies, {~a} rabid, mad
{raci/a} rational, {~o} logical reasoning
{rad/o} wheel
{radar/o} radar
{radi/o} radio; ray, beam, {~i} radiate, {~isto} radioman
{radik/o} root, {el~igi} eradicate
{radikal/a, ~ulo} (politics) radical, {~o} (math.) radical
{radiofoni/o} wireless telegraph
{radium/o} radium
{radius/o} radius
{rafan/o} radish
{rafin/i} refine, {~ejo} ~ry
{ragu/o} ragout, stew
{raj/o} skate, stingray
{rajd/i} ride
{rajt/i} be entitled to, {~o} a right, {~igi} authorize,
   {C^u mi ~as... } May I (= Is it all right if I... )
{raket/o} rocket
{rakont/i} relate, tell (a story, etc.), {~o} story, tale
{rambutan/o} rambutan (tree)
{ramp/i} crawl, creep
{ran/o} frog
{rand/o} edge, rim, brim
{rang/o} rank, grade, rate (military, etc.)
{ranunkol/o} buttercup
{rapid/a} fast, quick, {~i} go fast, hurry, {~(ec)o} speed,
   {~umo} gear, {mal~a} slow, {~limo} speed limit
{raport/o, ~i} report
{rapsodi/o} rhapsody
{rar/a} rare, precious
{ras/o} race, breed, {~ismo} racism
{rasp/i} rasp, grate
{rast/i, ~ilo} rake
{rat/o} rat
{rau^k/a} hoarse
{rau^p/o} caterpillar
{rav/i} delight, {~a} ~ful
{raz/i} shave (transitive verb.), {~ilo} razor
{razen/o} lawn
{re/} (prefix see p. 92), {~veni} return, {~doni} give back,
   {~iri} go back, {~agi} react, {~vidi} see again,
   {g^is la ~vido} so long, {~e} again, {~en} back(wards)
{reakci/o} reaction (physics, politics), {~a, {~ulo} reactionary
{real/a} real, practical, {~isto} ~ist, {~ig^i} come true,
   {~igi} produce (film, etc.)
{recenz/i, ~o} review (book, etc.)
{recept/o} recipe, prescription
{reciprok/a} reciprocal, mutual, {~i} reciprocate
{redakci/o} editorial dept.
{redakt/i} edit, {~isto} ~or
{redaktor/o = redaktisto}
{redingot/o} frock coat
{redukt/i} reduce (transitive verb.)
{referenc/o} reference (bibliographical, testimonial)
{reflekt/i} reflect (light, sound)
{reflektor/o} car headlight
{refut/i} refute
{reg/i} rule, govern, reign, control, {~anto} ruler, {~istaro} government
{regal/i} entertain, treat, {~o} treat
{regiment/o} regiment
{region/o} region, {~a} ~al
{registr/o} register, record, {~i} record (document, sound, video, etc.)
{regn/o} realm, kingdom, sovereign country, {~estro} head of state
{regul/o} rule, {~a} regular, {~igi} regulate, {~aro} rules, regulations
{reg^/o} king, {~ino} queen, {~a} royal, regal, {~lando} kingdom
{reg^im/o} regime
{reg^isor/o} stage-manager
{reklam/i} advertise, {~o} ~ment
{rekomend/i} recommend; register (mail)
{rekompenc/o} reward, compensation, {~i} reward, compensate
{rekord/o} record (world's, etc.)
{rekrut/o, ~i} recruit
{rekt/a} direct, straight
{rektor/o} rector (school)
{rekvir/i = rekvizicii}
{rekvizici/i} seize, exact, requisition
{rel/o} rail (train)
{relativ/a} relative (not absolute)
{religi/o} religion, {~a} religious
{rem/i} row, {~ilo} oar, {~boato} ~boat
{rembur/i} upholster, pad, stuff, {~isto} upholsterer
{rempar/o} rampart
{ren/o} kidney
{rendevu/o} rendezvous, appointment, date,
   {~i} meet (by arrangement)
{renkont/i} meet, encounter (transitive verb.),
   {~ig^i} meet (intransitive verb.)
{renom/o} renown, fame
{rent/o} return on investment, {~umo} interest
{renvers/i} upset, overthrow, turn upside down
{repertuar/o} repertoire
{reprezent/i} represent, {~anto} ~ative
{reptili/o} reptile
{reputaci/o} reputation
{respekt/i} {~o} respect, {~inda} ~able
{respektiv/a} respective
{respond/i} respond, reply, answer, {~eco} responsibility,
   {~eci pri} be responsible for
{respublik/o} republic, {~a, ~ano} ~an
{rest/i} remain, stay, {~(aj^)o} remainder, rest
{restoraci/o} restaurant
{ret/o} net, network
{resum/o} summary, {~i} summarize
{retorik/o} rhetoric, oratory
{reu^matism/o} rheumatism
{rev/i, ~o} daydream, {~(o)lando} dreamland,
   {el~ig^i} be disappointed, disillusioned
{revizor/o} government inspector, auditor
{revoluci/o} revolution, {~a} ~ary
{revolver/o} revolver
{revu/i} review (soldiers, etc.), {~o} journal, review
   (magazine on specialized subject)
{rezerv/i} (keep in) reserve
{rezign/i} give up, renounce
{rezist/i} resist, withstand, {ne~ebla} irresistible
{rezoluci/o} resolution, motion (meeting)
{rezult/o, ~i} result, {~igi} bring about
{rezultat/o} conclusion; result (of a process)
{ribel/i} rebel, revolt, {~o} rebellion, mutiny, revolt,
   {~ema} rebellious, insubordinate
{ricev/i} receive, get
{ric^/a} rich, well-off, {~ulo} rich man
{rid/i, ~o} laugh, {~ado} ~ter, {~eti} smile, {~inda} ridiculous
{rif/o} reef (rocks)
{rifug^/i} take refuge, {~into} refugee, {~ejo} shelter, place of refuge
{rifuz/i} refuse, {~o} refusal
{rigard/i} look at, regard; consider (deem), {ek~i} glance
{rigid/a} stiff, rigid
{rigl/i, ~ilo} bolt (door)
{rigor/o} rigor, {~a} ~ous, stringent
{rinkan/i} sneer, grin knowingly
{rikolt/i, ~(aj^)o} harvest
{rilat/i} relate (have reference) to, {~e al} with reference to
{rim/o, ~(ig)i} rhyme
{rimark/i, ~o} notice, {~igi al} bring to (someone's) attention,
   {~inda} remarkable
{rimed/o} means, remedy, resource
{rimen/o} strap
{ring/o} ring, {orel~o} ear~
{rip/o} rib
{ripar/i} repair, fix
{ripet/i} repeat
{ripoz/i, ~o} rest, repose, {~ejo} resting place; waiting room
{riproc^/i} reproach, scold, rebuke, "tell off," {~inda} reprehensible
{risk/i, ~o} risk, hazard
{risort/o} spring (mechanics)
{rit/o} rite, {~a} ritualistic, {~aro} ritual
{ritm/o} rhythm, {~a} ~ic
{rival/o, ~i} rival
{rivel/i} reveal; develop (photo)
{river/o} river, {~eto} stream
{riverenc/i} {~o} bow, curtsy; obeisance
{riz/o} rice, {~okamp} ~field
{rob/o} dress, robe, gown, {sub~o} slip
{Robert/o} Robert
{robot/o} robot
{rod/i} gnaw
{rododendr/o} rhododendron
{rok/o} rock
{rol/o} role, part (acting), {~anto} character (in play, etc.)
{Rom/o} Rome
{roman/o} novel
{romantik/a} romantic, {~o} ~ism
{romb/o} rhombus
{romp/(ig^)i} break, {~ig^ema} breakable, brittle, {inter~i} interrupt
{rond/a} round, {~o} circle
{rong^/i} gnaw, nibble, {~ulo} rodent
{ronk/i} snore
{ros/o} dew
{rost/i} roast (meat, etc.), toast (bread)
{rostbif/o} roastbeef
{rostr/o} (elephant's) trunk; proboscis
{rot/o} squad (military), gang
{Rotari/o} Rotary
{roz/o} rose, {~(kolor)a} pink
{rozari/o} rosary
{rub/o} rubbish, debris, rubble, {~ujo} garbage can, {~ejo} garbage dump
{ruband/o} ribbon
{rubekol/o} robin
{ruben/o} ruby
{Rubikon/o} Rubicon
{rubl/o} rouble (money)
{rubrik/o} column (newspaper or magazine feature) or its heading
{rug^/a} red, {~ig^i} blush
{ruin/o, ~igi} ruin
{rukt/i} belch, burp
{rul/(ig^)i} roll, {~s^uo} ~erskate
{rum/o} rum
{rus/o} {~a} Russian, {~io, ~ujo} Russia
{rust/o, ~i} rust
{Rut/o} Ruth
{rutin/o} routine, sheer habit
{ruz/a} sly, cunning, {~o} trick, ruse

{sabat/o} Saturday; Sabbath
{sabl/o} sand, {~ero} grain of ~
{sadism/o} sadism, {~a} sadistic
{sadist/o} sadist
{sag/o} arrow
{sagac/a} shrewd, astute
{sag^/a} wise, {~(ec)o} wisdom, {~umi} split hairs; show off, act wise
{sak/o} sack, bag, {~strato} dead-end street
{sakr/i} cuss
{sakrament/o} sacrament
{saksofono/o} saxophone
{sal/o, ~i} salt, {~ero} grain of ~, {~ujo} ~shaker
{salajr/o} salary, wages
{salat/o} salad
{sald/o} balance (account), {~i} strike a balance
{salik/o} willow
{salikok/o} prawn, {~eto} shrimp
{saliv/o} saliva, {~i} salivate, {~umi} slobber
{salm/o} salmon
{Salomon/o} Solomon
{salon/o} salon; sitting room, parlor
{salt/i, ~o} jump, leap, {~eti} hop, {ek~i} start (pain, surprise, etc.)
{salut/i} greet, salute, {~o} greeting, {~on!} Hello!
{sam/a} same, {~e} equally, {mal~a} different, {~ideano}
   fellow-thinker, fellow Esperantist, {~landano} compatriot
{Samaritan/o} Samaritan
{samovar/o} samovar
{san/a} healthy, well, {~o} health, {~i} be well, {mal~a} ill,
   {mal~o} disease, {mal~i} be ailing, {mal~ulo} patient,
   {mal~ulejo} hospital, {(re)~igi} heal, cure
{sandal/o} sandal
{sang/o} blood, {~a} ~y, {~i} bleed, {sen~a, ~omanka} bloodless, anemic
{sankci/o, ~i} sanction
{sankt/a} sacred, holy, {~ulo} saint, {~igi} sanctify
{sap/o, ~umi} soap
{sardel/o} sardine (pickled)
{sark/i} weed out
{sarkasm/a} sarcastic, {~o} sarcasm
{sarong/o} sarong
{sat/a} satisfied, "full" (food), {mal~a} hungry, {mal~(eg)o} famine
{Satan/o} Satan, {~a} ~ic
{satelit/o} satellite
{sau^c/o} sauce, gravy
{sav/i} save, rescue, {~zono} lifebelt, safety belt, {~boato} lifeboat
{scen/o} scene, {~ejo} stage
{sci/i} know, know how, {~igi} inform, let know, {~ig^i} find out,
   learn of, {~povi} know how, {~voli} wonder, want to know,
   {~vola} curious, inquisitive, {~vol(em)e} inquisitively
{scienc/o} science, {~isto} scientist
{sciur/o} squirrel
{se} if
{seb/o} suet, tallow
{sed} but
{seg/i} {~ilo} saw
{seg^/o} chair
{sek/a, ~igi} dry, {mal~ig^i} get wet
{sekal/o} rye
{sekci/o} section
{sekret/o, {~a} secret
{sekretari/o} secretary
{seks/o} sex, {~kunig^o} copulation, {~umi} have sex
{sekt/o} sect
{sekund/o} second (1/60 of minute)
{sekur/a} secure, safe, {~eco} security
{sekv/i} follow, {~o} consequence, {~e} consequently,
   {~(ant)a, ~inta, ~onta} next, {sin~e} consecutively
{sel/o} saddle, {en~ig^i} mount up
{sem/i} sow, {~o} seed, {dis~i} disseminate
{semajn/o} week, {c^iu~e} weekly
{sen} without, {~dube} undoubtedly, {~c^ese} ceaselessly,
   {~fine} endlessly, {~intenca} unintentional, {~bezona}
   needless, {~igi de} deprive of, {~tau^ga} good-for-nothing
{senc/o} sense, meaning, {sen~aj^o} nonsense
{send/i} send; transmit (radio, etc.)
{sensaci/o} sensation, {~a} ~al
{sent/i} feel, {~o} ~ing, sensation, {kun~o} sympathy
{sentenc/o} wise saying, proverb
{sentiment/o} sentiment, {~a} ~al
{sep} seven, {~a, ~ono} ~th
{sepi/a, ~(aj^)o} sepia
{seps/a} septic, infected, {kontrau^~a} antiseptic
{Septembr/o} September
{ser/o} serum
{serc^/i} search, look for
{seren/a} serene, untroubled
{serenad/o} serenade
{serg^ent/o} sergeant
{seri/o} series, {~a} serial
{serioz/a} serious, earnest
{serpent/o} serpent, snake, {~umi} wind around, meander
{serum/o} serum
{serur/o} lock, {~isto} ~smith
{serv/i} serve, {~o} service, {~isto} servant
{servut/o} servitude, serfdom, {~ulo} serf
{ses} six, {~a, ~ono} ~th
{sesi/o} session
{sever/a} severe, strict
{sezon/o} season (of year)
{sfer/o} sphere
{si} (see p. 137), {~ngardo} caution, {~ndone} selflessly, devotedly,
   {~nteno} attitude
{Siberi/o} Siberia
{sibl/i} hiss
{sid/i} sit, {~ig^i} sit down, {~loko} seat (theater, etc.)
{sieg^/i} besiege, {~o} siege
{sigel/i, ~o} seal
{sign/o} sign
{signal/o, ~i} signal
{signif/o} signify, mean, {~o} meaning
{silab/o} syllable
{silent/a} silent, {~o} silence
{silk/o} silk
{siluet/o} silhouette
{simbol/o} symbol, {~i} ~ize
{simetri/o} symmetry, {~a} symmetric
{simfoni/o} symphony, {~a} symphonic
{simi/o} monkey, ape
{simil/a} similar, like, {~eco} similarity, {mal~a} different
{simpati/o} sympathy, {~a} sympathetic
{simpl/a} simple, {~igi} simplify, {mal~a} complex
{simptom/o} symptom
{sin/o} bosom
{s-ino} abbreviation for {sinjorino}
{sinagog/o} synagogue
{sincer/a} sincere, {~(ec)o} sincerity
{sindikat/o} syndicate; labor union
{singult/i, ~o} hiccup
{sinjor/o} Mr., Sir, gentleman; Lord, {~ino} Mrs., Madam, lady
{siring/o} lilac
{sirop/o} syrup
{sistem/o} system, {(lau^)~a} ~atic
{sitel/o} bucket, pail
{situ/i} be situated, {~o} site
{situaci/o} situation, circumstance(s)
{skal/o} scale (map, measure, etc.)
{skandal/o} scandal; commotion; shocking occurrence
{Skani/o} Scania
{skarab/o} beetle, {maj~o} june bug
{skatol/o} box, {lad~o} (tin) can (food)
{skelet/o} skeleton
{skem/o} scheme; model, pattern
{skeptik/a} skeptical, {~ulo} skeptic
{ski/o, ~kuri} ski
{skism/o} schism
{skiz/o, ~i} sketch
{sklav/o} slave
{skol/o} school (of thought, art, etc.)
{skolt/o} boy scout
{skorpi/o} scorpion
{skot/o} Scot, {~lando}} ~land, {~a} ~tish, scotch
{skrap/i} scrape
{skrib/i} write, {pri~i} describe, {sub~i} sign, {~mas^ino} typewriter,
   {~(o)tablo} desk
{sku/i} shake (transitive verb.), shock
{slav/o,~a} Slav(ic)
{slip/o} slip (paper), filing card, {~aro} file
{smerald/o} emerald
{snob/o, ~a} snob(bish)
{sobr/a} sober, temperate
{soci/a} social, {~o} society (community of persons),
   {~eto} society (organization)
{social/a} social, {~ismo} ~ism
{sof/o} sofa
{soif/o} thirst, {~i} be ~y
{sojl/o} threshold
{sokl/o} supporting base (for statue, wall, etc.)
{sol/a} sole, alone, {~e} solely, only, {~eca} solitary, lonely,
   {~o} solo (music), {~isto} soloist
{soldat/o} soldier; (chess) pawn
{solen/a} solemn, ceremonious, {~i} observe with ceremony
{solid/a} solid
{solidar/a} jointly responsible, standing together, {~(ec)o} solidarity
{solv/i} solve, dissolve, {~o} solution
{somer/o} summer, {~domo} ~house
{son/i, ~o} sound, {bel~a} euphonious, {~bendo} audio tape
{sonat/o} sonata
{song^/i, ~o} dream (asleep)
{sonor/i} ring (intransitive verb.), {~a} sonorous, {~ilo} bell
{sopir/i} long for, yearn, {~o} longing
{sopran/o} soprano
{sorb/i} absorb; sip (as through a straw), {~a} absorbent,
   {~a papero} blotter
{sorc^/o} sorcery, {~i} bewitch, {~istino} witch, {en~iga} enchanting
{sort/o} destiny, fate, fortune
{sovag^/a} wild, savage, {mal~a} tame
{sov(j)et/a} Soviet, {Sovet-Unio} the USSR
{spac/o} space
{spad/o} (dress) sword, rapier
{spark/o} spark (elec.), {~ilo} spark plug
{spasm/o} spasm
{spec/o} kind, sort, species
{special/a} (e)special
{specif(ik)/i} specify, {~a} specific
{specimen/o} specimen, sample
{spegul/o} mirror, {~i} reflect
{spekt/i} watch as spectator, {~anto} spectator
{spektakl/o} spectacle, show
{spert/o} experience, {~a} ~d, expert, {~ulo} expert
{spez/i} transact money; {el~i} pay out, {en~i} take in,
   {en~o(j)} income, {el~o(j)} expenses, {~ado} cash flow
{spic/o, ~i} spice, {~isto} grocer
{spin/o} spine
{spinac/o} spinach
{spion/o, ~i} spy
{spir/i, ~o} breath(e), {en~i} inhale, {el~i} exhale, {~ado} respiration
{spirit/o} spirit, {~a} ~ual, {~ismo} spiritualism
{spit/o} spite, defiance, {~i} defy, {~e} defiantly, in (de)spite
{splen/o} ill humor, "the blues"
{split/o} splinter, {~i} splinter, split (transitive verb.)
{spong/o} sponge, {~(ec)a} spongy
{spont(an)/a, spontane/a} spontaneous
{sporad/a} sporadic
{sport/o} sport, {~isto} ~sman; athlete
{sprit/o} wit, {~a} ~ty, lively, {mal~a} dull, stupid
{spron/o, ~i} spur
{spur/o} trace, track (left by animals, etc.)
{sputnik/o} Sputnik
{s-ro} abbreviation for {sinjoro}
{stab/o} staff (military, etc.)
{stabil/a} stable
{stabl/o} (work)bench, trestle, easel
{staci/o} station, {~domo} (large railway) station house
{stadi/o} stage (of development); stadium
{stadion/o} stadium
{stafet/o} relay rider, relay racer
{stagn/i} stagnate
{stal/o} stall for animals
{stamp/i} stamp, mark
{stan/o, ~a} tin
{standard/o} standard (flag)
{stang/o} pole, rod
{star/i} stand, {ek~i} stand up
{start/i} start off, {~igilo} starter
{stat/o} state, condition, {bon~a} in good condition
{statist/i} play a small part (play, etc.), {~o} bit-player,
   supporting actor
{statistik/o} statistics
{statu/o} statue
{statur/o} stature
{statut/o} regulations, by-laws
{steb/i} stitch, quilt
{Stefan/o} Steven
{stel/o} star, {~eto} footnote star (*); asterisk
{stenograf/i} write shorthand, {~io} shorthand, stenography
{step/o} steppe, moor
{steril/a} sterile, {~igi} sterilize
{sterk/o} manure, fertilizer, {~i} fertilize
{stern/i} lay out, spread
{stertor/i} make hoarse, rattling noise in throat
{stevard/o} steward, attendant (ship, plane, etc.)
{stil/o} style
{stimul/i} stimulate
{stir/i} steer (vehicle), {~ilo} ~ing wheel; (airplane) joystick
{stiv/i} stow (cargo), {~isto} stevedore
{stoik/a, ~ulo} stoic(al)
{stok/o, ~i} stock (goods)
{stomak/o} stomach
{strab/i} be cross-eyed; look askance
{strand/o} (bathing) beach
{strang/a} strange, peculiar
{strangol/i} strangle
{strat/o} street, {~angulo} corner
{strategi/o} strategy, {~a} strategic
{streb/i} strive for
{strec^/i} stretch (transitive verb.), wind up (spring, etc.),
   {~o} tension, {mal~o} detente, {mal~ig^i} relax
{strek/o} stroke (drawn line), {~i} make a stroke, {for~i} strike out,
   {sub~i} underline, emphasize
{stri/o} strip(e), ray
{strig/o} owl
{strik/o, ~i} strike (stop work)
{strof/o} verse (song, etc.)
{struktur/o} structure
{strut/o} ostrich
{stud/i} study, {~anto} student
{student/o = studanto} (university)
{studi/o} studio (TV, etc.)
{stult/a} stupid, foolish, {~ulo} fool
{stumbl/i} stumble
{sub} under, beneath, {~iri} go down, {~ulo} subordinate,
   {~skribi} sign, {~taso} saucer, {~teni} support,
   {~tera} underground, {~metig^i} submit, {~urbo} suburb,
   {~au^skulti} eavesdrop
{subit/a} sudden
{subjekt/o} subject
{subjektiv/a} subjective
{sublimat/o} corrosive sublimate
{substanc/o} substance
{substantiv/o} substantive, noun
{substitu/i} substitute (transitive verb.)
{subtil/a} subtle
{subtrah/i} subtract (arithmetic), {~o} ~ion
{subvenci/i} subsidize, {~o} subsidy
{suc^/i} suck, {~igi} suckle
{sud/o} south, {~a} ~ern
{sufer/i} suffer, endure
{sufic^/a} sufficient, enough; {~e} sufficiently; rather, {~i} suffice
{sufiks/o} suffix
{suflor/i} prompt (theater), {~o} ~er
{sufok/i} suffocate (transitive verb.), choke
{sugest/i} suggest, {~o} ~ion
{sugesti/i} suggest (hypnotically, etc.), {~o} the power of ~ion
{suk/o} juice, sap
{sukces/i} succeed, {~o} success, {mal~i} fail
{suker/o} sugar, {~ujo} ~bowl
{sulfur/o} sulfur, {~a} ~ic, ~ous
{sulk/o, ~i} furrow, wrinkle (transitive verb.)
{sultan/o} sultan
{sum/o} sum, {~igi} sum up, {re~i} summarize, {re~o} summary, resume
{sun/o} sun, {~radio} ~beam, {~levig^o} ~rise, {~subiro} ~set,
   {~floro} ~flower, {~umi} (put out to) sun
{sup/o} soup
{super} above, over, {~a, ~ulo} superior, {~i} surpass, exceed,
   {~jaro} leap year, {~signo} supersign, accent mark,
   {~forti} overpower, {~homo} superman, {~flua} superfluous,
   {~vendejo} supermarket
{superstic^/o} superstition, {~a} superstitious
{supoz/i} suppose, presume, {~o} supposition
{supr/e(n)} above, up(wards), on top, upstairs, {~a} upper,
   {~(aj^)o} top, summit, surface, {mal~e(n)} below, downstairs
{sur} (up)on, {~meti} put on, {~s^ipe} on board, {~skribo} superscription
{surd/a} deaf, {~(a)mutulo} ~mute
{surfac/o} surface
{surpriz/i, ~o} surprise
{surtut/o} overcoat
{suspekt/i} suspect, {~o} suspicion, {~inda, ~ema} suspicious
{suspir/i} sigh
{susur/i, ~o} rustle, swish (sound)
{sutur/i, ~o} suture, seam
{suveren/o, ~a} sovereign
{svarm/i, ~o} swarm
{svat/i} match-make, promote marriage, {~ist(in)o} match-maker
{sved/o} Swede, {~a} Swedish, {~ujo, ~io, ~lando} Sweden
{svelt/a} slender, slim
{sven/i, ~o} faint, swoon
{sving/i} swing (transitive verb.); wave about, brandish; fling
{svis/o, ~a} Swiss, {~ujo, ~io, ~lando} Switzerland

{s^ablon/o} pattern, stencil, template
{s^af/o} sheep, {~aj^o} mutton, {~ido} lamb
{s^ah/o} shah
{s^ajn/i} seem, appear to be; {~as al mi, ke... } it seems to me
   that... , {~igi} feign, pretend, {~e} apparently, {~o} appearance
{s^ak/o} chess {~i} check, {~tabulo} ~board, {s^ak!} check!
{s^akal/o} jackal
{s^akr/i} peddle in small-time way (black market, street corners, etc.)
{s^akt/o} shaft (mine, elevator)
{s^al/o} shawl
{s^alt/i} switch (transitive verb.), {~ilo} switch, {en~i} turn on,
   {el~i} turn off
{s^am/o} chamois
{s^anc/o} luck; chance, {bonan ~on!} good luck!
{s^ancel/i} shake (transitive verb.), {~ig^i} waver
{s^ang^/i, ~ig^i} change, {inter~o} exchange
{s^arg/i} load (gun, camera, etc.), charge (battery)
{s^arg^/i, ~o} load, burden, {mal~i} unload
{s^ark/o} shark
{s^at/i} have high regard for, like, {~inda} likeable
{s^au^m/o, ~i} froth, foam
{s^ejk/o} sheik
{s^el/o} shell, peel, bark, husk, {sen~igi} shell, peel, etc.
{s^elk/o} suspenders
{s^erc/i, ~o} joke, jest, {~ema} playful, jocular
{s^erif/o} sheriff
{s^i} she, {~a} her
{s^ik/a} chic
{s^ild/o} shield, sign-board
{s^im/o} mold (mildew), {~a} ~y, {~i} get ~y
{s^ind/o} shingle, wood tile
{s^ink/o} ham
{s^ip/o} ship, {en~ig^i} embark, {el~ig^i} disembark,
   {~anaro} crew, {~estro} master, {~pereo} ~wreck
{s^ir/i} tear, rip (transitive verb.), {~aj^o} a tear,
   {de~i} tear off; pick (flower, etc.)
{s^irm/i, ~ilo, ~ejo} shelter
{s^lim/o} slime
{s^los/i} lock, {mal~i} unlock, {~ilo} key; wrench
{s^mac/i} make smacking noise with lips
{s^mink/i, ~o} make up (face, etc.)
{s^mir/i} smear, spread (butter, etc.), anoint, {~aj^o} ointment
{s^nur/o} rope, cord, {~(o)salti} skip rope
{s^ofor/o} driver, chauffeur
{s^ok/i, ~o} shock
{s^ose/o} highway
{s^ov/i} shove, push along, {(el)~i} thrust out
{s^ovel/i, ~ilo} shovel
{s^ovinism/o} chauvinism, {~isto} chauvinist
{s^par/i} save, spare, {~ema} thrifty
{s^pat/o} spade
{s^pin/i} spin (thread), {~ilo} ~dle, {~rado} ~ning wheel
{s^pruc/i} gush, spurt (out), {~igi} squirt, {~ilo} nozzle,
   {en~igilo} syringe
{s^rank/o} cupboard, cabinet, sideboard, wardrobe, etc.,
   {mono~o} strong-box
{s^rapnel/o} shrapnel
{s^rau^b/o, ~i} screw, {~ilo} ~driver, {~ingo} nut,
   {~s^losilo} adjustable wrench
{s^rump/i} shrivel up, shrink (intransitive verb.)
{s^tal/o} steel
{s^tat/o} state (politics entity), {~igi} nationalize,
   {~estro} head of state
{s^tel/i} steal, {~isto} thief, {~e} stealthily
{s^tip/o} block/chunk of wood, {~aro} woodpile
{s^tof/o} cloth, material, {sub~o} lining
{s^ton/o} stone, {~ego} boulder
{s^top/i} plug up (transitive verb.), stop up, clog,
   {~ilo} stopper, plug; electric plug, {~ilingo} electric socket
{s^torm/o} storm
{s^trump/o} stocking, {~eto} sock
{s^tup/o} step, stair, rung, {~aro} staircase
{s^u/o} shoe, {~(far)isto} ~maker
{s^uld/i} owe, {~o} debt
{s^ultr/o} shoulder, {~levi} shrug
{s^ut/i} pour out (grain, etc., not liquid), {super~i} overwhelm
{s^veb/i} hover, float in air
{s^vel/i} swell (intransitive verb.), {~igi} inflate
{s^vit/i} perspire, sweat, {~o} perspiration, sweat

{tabak/o} tobacco
{tabel/o} table(t) (stone, wood, etc.); tabulation,
   {viv~o} actuarial table
{tabernakl/o} tabernacle
{tabl/o} table, {skrib(o)~} desk
{tabul/o} board, plank
{tac^ment/o} detachment
{tag/o} day, {~ig^o} ~break, dawn, {~mezo} noon,
   {~lumo} ~light, {~mang^o} dinner (midday meal),
   {~libro} diary, {~ordo} agenda, c{^iu~a} daily
{tajd/o} tide
{tajlor/o, ~i} tailor
{tajp/i} type (on keyboard)
{taks/i} rate, estimate the value of; appraise, {~isto} appraiser,
   {ne~ebla} priceless, {tro~i} overestimate, {sub~i} underestimate
{taksi/o} taxi, {~isto} ~driver
{takt/o} tact; (music) time
{taktik/o} tactic(s)
{talent/o} talent, {~a} ~ed
{tali/o} waist(line)
{tambur/o} drum, {~isto} ~mer
{tamen} nevertheless, however, {kaj tamen, sed tamen} and yet
{tang/o} tango
{tank/o} tank (military)
{tapet/o} tapestry, wall covering, {paper~o} wallpaper
{tapis^/o} carpet
{tas/o} cup, {sub~o} saucer
{task/o} task, assigned work, {~i} assign
{tau^g/i} fit, be suitable, {~a} suitable, {sen~a} useless,
   {sen~ulo} good-for-nothing
{tau^z/i} tousle, dishevel
{tavern/o} tavern, inn
{tavol/o} layer
{te/o} tea, {~poto, ~kruc^o} ~pot
{team/o} team
{teatr/o} theater, {~a} theatrical, {~aj^o} play
{ted/i} bore, {~a} tiresome, boring
{teg/i} cover protectively (with cloth, overlay of metal, etc.),
   {~ilo} protective cover
{tegment/o} roof
{tek/o} briefcase; file (box or folder containing papers,
   films, tapes, etc.)
{teknik/a} technical, {~o} technique, technic
{teknologi/o} technology
{teks/i} weave, {~ilo} loom, {~aj^o} textile
{Teksas/o} Texas
{tekst/o} text; lyric (song), {~i} say, read
{telefon/i, ~o} telephone
{telegraf/i, ~o} telegraph
{telegram/o} telegram
{telemetri/o} telemetry
{teler/o} plate, dish, {~eto} small plate, saucer
{teleskop/o} telescope
{televid/i} see on TV, {~o} TV, {~ilo} TV set
{tem/o} subject, topic, {~as pri} it's a matter of
{temp/o} time, {liber~o} time off, spare time,
   {dum~e} meanwhile, {sam~a} simultaneous
{temperament/o} temperament
{temperatur/o} temperature
{tempest/o} tempest, storm
{tempi/o} temple (forehead)
{templ/o} temple (worship)
{ten/i} hold, hang onto, {~ilo} handle, {re~i} retain, {sin~o} attitude,
   {de~i} restrain, {re~i} hold back (transitive verb.), {sub~i} support,
   {sinde~i} abstain
{tend/o} tent, {~(um)i, ~aro} camp
{tendenc/a} tendentious, partisan, biased, {~o} inherent tendency, bias
{tenebr/o} (literary word for) profound darkness
{tenis/o} tennis
{tenor/o} tenor (music)
{tensi/o} tension; voltage
{tent/i} tempt, entice, {~o} temptation
{Teodor/o} Theodore
{teolog/o} theologian
{teologi/o} theology
{teorem/o} theorem
{teori/o} theory
{ter/o} earth, soil, {~tremo} earthquake, {~globo} (world)globe,
   {~pomo} potato, {en~igi} bury, {sub~a} underground
{terapi/o} therapy
{teras/o} terrace
{teren/o} terrain, grounds; field used for an activity
{teritori/o} territory, {~a} territorial
{termin/o} (technical) term, {~aro} terminology, glossary
{termometr/o} thermometer
{termos/o} thermos bottle
{termostat/o} thermostat
{tern/i, ~o} sneeze
{teror/o} (reign of) terror, {~ismo} ~ism, {~isto} ~ist
{terur/o} terror, {~a} terrible, {~i} terrify
{test/o, ~i} (scientific) test
{testament/o} will, testament, {~i} make a will; bequeath
{testud/o} tortoise
{tez/o} thesis, essay
{ti-} (forms correlative; see p. 127) {tiamaniere} in that way,
   {tie kaj tie} here and there, {tien kaj reen} back and forth,
   {tiele} thusly, {tio au^ alio} one thing or another
{Tibet/o} Tibet
{tifon/o} typhoon
{tig/o} stem, stalk
{tigr/o} tiger
{tik/o} tic, twitch (muscle)
{tikl/i} tickle (transitive verb.)
{tili/o} linden tree
{tim/i, ~o} fear, {~igi} frighten, {~ema} timid
{tindr/o} tinder, punk
{tine/o} moth
{tinktur/o, ~i} dye, tint
{tint/i, ~o} tinkle, jingle
{tip/o} type, {~a} typical
{tir/i} pull, draw, {al~i} attract, {~kesto} drawer
{tiran/o} tyrant, {~i} tyrannize
{titan/o} Titan, {~a} titanic
{titol/o} title, heading, {~i} title (transitive verb.)
{tol/o} cloth (cotton, linen, canvas, etc.), {~marko} laundry mark
{toler/i} tolerate
{tomat/o} tomato
{tomb/o} tomb, grave, {~ejo} graveyard, {en~igi} entomb, inter
{ton/o} tone
{tond/i} clip, cut with shears, {~ilo} scissors, shears, {pri~i} prune
{tondr/o, ~i} thunder
{torc^/o} torch
{tord/i} twist (transitive verb.), contort
{torent/o} torrent
{torn/i} turn (on lathe), {~ilo} lathe
{tornistr/o} knapsack, backpack
{torped/o, ~i} torpedo
{tort/o} pie, tart
{tortur/i, ~o} torture
{tost/i, ~o} (offer a) toast
{total/a} total, {~ismo} ~itarianism
{totem/o} totem
{tra} through, {~vivi} live through, survive, experience,
   {~nokti} pass the night
{trab/o} beam, girder
{tradici/o} tradition, {~a} ~al
{traduk/i} translate, {~o} translation
{traf/i} hit (desired mark), catch (train, etc.), run across (person),
   {~a} striking, {mal~i} miss
{trafik/o} traffic
{tragedi/o} tragedy, {~a} tragic
{tragik/a = tragedia}
{trajn/o} train
{trajt/o} feature, trait
{trak/o} track
{trakt/i} deal with, treat, {~aj^o} treatise
{traktat/o} treaty
{traktor/o} tractor
{tram/o} streetcar
{tranc^/i} cut, slice, {~ilo} knife, {~aj^o} slice
{tranc^e/o} trench (military)
{trankvil/a} calm, tranquil
{trans} across, on the other side of, {~lokig^i, ~log^ig^i} move,
   {~porti} transport, {~iri} cross, transfer, {~formi} transform,
   {~doni} hand over
{transistor/o} transistor; small transistor radio
{transitiv/a} transitive
{transvers/a} transverse, {~e} crosswise
{trat/o} (bank) draft, {~i} make a draft
{travesti/o} travesty
{tre} very much, very, {~ege} extremely, enormously
{tref/o} clubs (cards)
{trejn/i} train, coach
{trem/i} tremble, quiver
{tremol/o} aspen
{tremp/i} dip, immerse, soak (transitive verb.)
{tren/i} drag, tow, {~s^ipo} tugboat
{tret/i} tread, trample on
{trezor/o} treasure
{tri} three, {~a, ~ono} third, {~o} trio, {~obla} triple, {~folio} clover
{trib/o} tribe, {~a} tribal
{tribord/o} starboard
{tribun/o} rostrum, speaker's platform
{tribunal/o} tribunal
{tribut/o} tribute, {~i} pay tribute
{tricikl/o} tricycle
{trigonometri/o} trigonometry
{trik/i} knit, {~ilo} ~ting needle
{trikoloret/o} pansy
{tril/i, ~o} trill (music)
{trilion/o} trillion
{trilogi/o} trilogy
{trink/i, ~aj^o} drink
{trist/a} (poetic word for) sad
{tritik/o} wheat
{triumf/o, ~i} triumph
{trivial/a} vulgar, course, commonplace
{tro} too much, too, {~igi} exaggerate
{trog/o} trough, manger
{trole/o} trolley, {~buso} ~bus
{trombon/o} trombone
{tromp/i} deceive, cheat
{tron/o} throne
{tropik/a} tropical, {~o} the tropics
{trot/i} trot
{trotuar/o} sidewalk
{trov/i} find, {~ig^i, sin ~i} be found, be located, find oneself
{tru/o} hole
{trud/i} impose, force, {en~ig^i} intrude
{trumpet/o, ~i} trumpet
{trunk/o} trunk (tree, body, etc.)
{trup/o} troop
{trut/o} trout
{tualet/o} toilette
{tub/o} tube, pipe; barrel (gun)
{tuberkuloz/o} tuberculosis
{tuj} immediately, {~a} immediate
{tuk/o} cloth, {antau^~o} apron
{tulip/o} tulip
{tumor/o} tumor
{tumult/o} tumult, riot
{tun/o} ton
{tunel/o} tunnel
{tunik/o} tunic
{tur/o} tower; castle (chess)
{turist/o} tourist
{turk/o} Turk, {~a} ~ish, {~ujo, ~io} ~ey
{turment/i, ~o} torment
{turn/i} turn (transitive verb.), {~i sin} turn around;
   {~i sin al} apply to
{turne/o} (theatrical) tour
{turnir/o} tournament
{tus/i, ~o} cough
{tusilag/o} coltsfoot (plant)
{tus^/i} touch
{tut/a} entire, whole, {~e} entirely, {~e ne} not at all,
   {ne ~e} not quite, {en~e} as a whole, altogether,
   {~monda} worldwide, {super~o} overalls, {~aj^o} entirety
{tvist/o, ~i} twist (dance)

{-uj/} (suffix denoting container; see pp. 132, 187) {~o} container
{-ul/} (suffix denoting person; see p. 143)
{ulcer/o} ulcer
{Ulis/o} Ulysses
{ulm/o} elm
{ultimat/o} ultimatum
{-um/} (suffix with indefinite meaning; see p. 194)
   {~(aj^)o} whatchamacallit, thingamajig
{umbilik/o} navel
{unc/o} ounce
{ung/o} nail (finger, toe), claw (animal)
{uni/o} (politics) union
{uniform/o} uniform
{unik/a} unique
{univers/o} universe
{universal/a} universal, worldwide
{universitat/o} university
{unu} one, {~a} first, {~e} first of all, firstly, {~o} unit,
   {~eco} unity, {~eca} unified, {~igi} unite, {~ig^inta} united,
   {~ope} singly, one at a time, {~foje} once,
   {unu la alian} one another
{uragan/o} hurricane
{urani/o} uranium
{urb/o} city, {~a} urban, {~ego} metropolis, {~eto} town,
   {~(o)domo} city hall, {~estro} mayor, {sub~o, antau^~o} suburb
{urg^/a} urgent, {~i} urge, press, hurry (someone),
   {ne ~as} there's no hurry
{urin/o} urine, {~i} urinate
{urs/o} bear
{urtik/o} nettle
{Urugvaj/o} Uruguay, {~a, ~ano} ~an
{Uson/o} the USA, {~a, ~ano} American
{uter/o} womb
{util/a} useful, advantageous, {~(ec)o} use(fulness),
   {sen~a} useless, {~igi} make use of, utilize,
   {mal~i, mal~o} harm, {mal~a} harmful
{Utopi/o} Utopia, {~a} ~n
{uvertur/o} overture (music)
{uz/i, ~o} use, {el~i} use up, wear out
{uzin/o} (heavy industry) factory, mill
{uzur/o} usury
{uzurp/i} usurp
{u^at/o} Watt

{vad/i} wade, {tra~i} ford
{vafl/o} waffle, {~eto} wafer; cone (ice cream)
{vag/i} roam, wander, {~ulo} vagabond, "rolling stone"
{vagin/o} vagina
{vagon/o} railway carriage, {~aro} train
{vak/a} vacant, {~i} be vacant, {~igi} vacate
{vakcin/o} vaccine, {~i} vaccinate
{vaker/o} cowboy
{vaks/o} wax, {~tolo} oilcloth
{vaku/o} vacuum
{val/o} valley
{valid/a} valid, {~i} be valid, {~igi} validate
{valiz/o} valise, small suitcase
{valor/o} value, {~a} valuable, {~i} be worth, {sen~a} worthless
{vals/o, ~i} waltz
{valut/o} currency (of a country); foreign exchange rate
{valv/o} valve; tube (elec.)
{van/a} futile, useless, {~e} in vain
{vandal/o} vandal
{vang/o} cheek, {~ofrapo} slap
{vanil/o} vanilla
{vant/a} conceited, vain; frivolous, {~aj^o} frivolity, silliness
{vapor/o} steam, vapor, {~s^ipo} steamship
{var/o}(j) wares, merchandise, commodity
{varb/i, ~ito} recruit, {~ig^i} enlist
{vari/i} vary (intransitive verb.), {~a} variable, {~aj^o} variation
{variete/o} variety show
{variol/o} smallpox, {~eto} chicken pox
{varm/a} warm, {~ega} hot, {~eta} lukewarm, {mal~a} cold,
   {mal~umo} a cold
{Varsovi/o} Warsaw
{vart/i, ~ist(in)o} nurse
{vast/a} vast, spacious, {mal~a} close, cramped (for space),
   {dis~igi} spread (news, etc.)
{Vas^ington/o} Washington
{vat/o} cotton wool, wadding; (elec.) Watt
{Vatikan/o} the Vatican
{vaz/o} vessel (any container), vase
{vazelin/o} vaseline
{ve!} woe! {ho ve!} alas! Oh dear! {~spiri} sigh, {hejm~o} homesickness
{veget/i} vegetate
{vegetar/a, ~ano} vegetarian
{vejn/o} vein
{vek/i} wake (transitive verb.), arouse, {~ig^i} wake up,
   {~horlog^o} alarm clock
{vel/o} sail
{velk/i} fade, wither
{velur/o, ~a} velvet
{ven/i} come, {al~i} arrive, {kun~i} meet, {re~i} come back,
   {de~i} come from, derive or result from, {~onta} next
{vend/i} sell, {~ejo} store, {~isto} salesman
{vendred/o} Friday
{venen/o, ~i} poison
{vener/a} venereal
{Venezuel/o} Venezuela
{veng^/i} avenge, {~o} revenge, vengeance
{venk/i} defeat, win over, {~o} victory
{vent/o} wind, {~umi, ~umilo} fan, {~ego} windstorm
{ventol/i} ventilate, {~ilo} ventilator
{ventr/o} belly, tummy
{Venus/o} Venus
{ver/a} true, {~o} truth, reality, {~e} really, truly,
   {~s^ajne} probably, {~dire} to tell the truth
{verb/o} verb
{verd/a, ~o} green
{verdikt/o} verdict
{verg/o} rod, switch; wand, {~i} flog, take a switch to
{verk/o} (literary or artistic) work, {~i} write, create (literature,
   music, etc.), {~isto} writer, {~aro} (collected) works, {~into} author
{verm/o} worm
{vers/o} one line of verse, song, etc.
{versi/o} version
{vers^/i} pour (liquids); shed, scatter, {el~i} pour out, {en~i} pour in
{vert/o} top of head
{vertebr/o} vertebra
{vertig^/o} vertigo, dizziness, {~i} feel dizzy
{vertikal/a} vertical
{veruk/o} wart
{verv/o} verve, vivacity, {~a} vivacious, lively, {sen~a} lifeless, dull
{vesp/o} wasp
{vesper/o} evening, {~e} in the evening
{vespert/o} bat
{vespr/o} vespers, evensong
{vest/i} (transitive verb.) clothe, dress, {~ig^i} get dressed,
   {vest(aj^)o} garment, {~oj} clothes,
   {sen~ig^i} undress, strip, {sub~o} undergarment
{ves^t/o} vest
{vet/i, ~o} bet, wager, {~kuri} race
{veter/o} weather, {~informoj} weather report
{veteran/o} veteran
{veterinar/o} veterinarian
{vetur/i} travel; go (not walking), {~ilo} vehicle, {~igi} drive
{vezik/o} bladder; bubble, {~eto} blister
{vi} you {~a} ~r(s)
{viand/o} meat
{vibr/i} vibrate, {~(ad)o} vibration
{vic/o} row, rank; turn; vice-, {~e} in rows, {lau^~e} in turn,
   {~prezidanto} vice-president, {~patro} step-father, {mia ~o} my turn
{vid/i} see, {~o} sight, {~aj^o} view, {~ebla} visible, {~inda}
   worth seeing, {~punkto} viewpoint, {~bendo} videotape
{vidv/o} widower, {~ino} widow
{Vien/o} Vienna
{vigl/a} alert, keen, brisk
{viking/o} Viking
{viktim/o} victim
{vil/a} shaggy, hairy
{vila/o} villa
{vilag^/o} village, {~eto} hamlet
{Vilc^j/o} Bill
{Vilhelm/o} William
{vin/o} wine, {~bero} grape, {~berejo} vineyard
{vinagr/o} vinegar
{vind/i} wrap (in cloth), bandage, {~otuko} swaddling cloth
{vintr/o} winter
{viol/o} violet
{violon/o} violin
{violonc^el/o} cello
{vip/o, ~i} whip
{vipur/o} viper
{vir/o} man, {~ino} woman, {~a} male, {~ina} female, {~eco} virility
{virg/a, ~ul(in)o} virgin
{virt/o} virtue, morality, {mal~o} vice
{virtuoz/o} virtuoso
{virus/o} virus
{visk/o} mistletoe
{viski/o} whisky
{vis^/i} wipe, {~tuko} dust rag; dish cloth
{vit/o} (grape)vine
{vitamin/o} vitamin
{vitr/o} glass (material), {okul~oj} eyeglasses, {~aj^o} pane
{vitrin/o} showcase
{viv/i} live, {~o} life, {tra~i} experience, survive,
   {vivu!} long live! {~teni} support
{viz/o} visa
{vizag^/o} face
{vizi/o} vision
{vizit/i} visit; attend, {~o} visit
{vjetnam/o, ~a} Vietnam(ese)
{voc^/o} voice; vote, {~e} orally, {~doni} vote
{vodk/o} vodka
{voj/o} way, road, {~montrilo} signpost
{vojag^/i} travel, {~o} trip, voyage, {~anto} traveler,
   {~ema} inclined to travel
{vojevod/o} title of provincial governor in Poland
{vok/i} call, summon, {al~i} invoke, appeal to, {el~i} evoke
{vokal/o} vowel
{vokt/o} taskmaster
{vol/o} will(ingness), {~i} be willing to, want to,
   {lau^~e} as one pleases, at will, {~i diri} mean
{Volapuk/o} Volapuk, {Tio estas ~aj^o} "It's all Greek to me"
{volb/o} vault(ed ceiling)
{volont/a} willing, voluntary, {~e} willingly, {~ulo} volunteer
{volt/o} Volt
{volum/o} volume (book, etc.)
{volupt/a} voluptuous, {~o} sexual pleasure
{volv/i} wind up, roll up, {mal~i} unroll
{vom/i} vomit, throw up
{vort/o} word, {~aro} dictionary, vocabulary,
   {lau^~e} verbatim, word-for-word
{vost/o} tail
{vot/o, ~i} vow
{vual/o, ~i} veil
{vulgar/a} common, everyday
{vulkan/o} volcano
{vulp/o} fox
{vultur/o} vulture
{vund/o} wound, injury, {~i} wound

{zebr/o} zebra
{zefir/o} zephyr
{zenit/o} zenith
{zigzag/i, ~a} zigzag
{zink/o} zinc
{zip/o} zipper
{zodiak/o} zodiac
{zon/o} belt; zone
{zoologi/o} zoology
{zorg/i} (take) care (of), see to, worry (about),
   {~o} care, concern (for), {~eme} carefully
{zum/i, ~o} hum, buzz; roar (traffic, etc.), {~ilo} buzzer

Enrique Ellemberg
Fremont, CA, Usono

Aŭgusto 24a, 2005
Vokita fojoj.

Paĝo finis